(WGB) Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Review

Baden of WGB goes in-depth on Blacklist, writing: "Ubisoft are revisiting the legendary Splinter Cell franchise, and this time they're aiming to please absolutely everyone with their efforts. Ubisoft made the mistake of marketing the action side of the game before the stealth during the build to launch, sowing understandable doubt amongst gamers. Essentially that's all just an excuse for me to right out this almost absurdly long review, so grab a coffee, kids, this one could take a little while."

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WolfLeBlack1846d ago

So, whose being playing as what? I began playing Panther, but have sort of started leaning towards Ghost now, with the occasional brutal return to violence :P

Summons751845d ago

I try for ghost but if I mess up than I need to do what it takes to kill their awareness.....hint hint.

Wii U gamepad totally is awesome for ghost too. Sticky cam behind me so I know when someone is coming.

KimoNoir1845d ago

Ive been ghosting as much as i can on perfectionist/no radar. I do have an itch to go panther or assault so its pretty awesome that ubi lets you play the mission again. This game is just too fun!