Android & iOS: The Future Of Gaming

With Amazon and Apple rumored to be entering the gaming console market, does this mark a new era for video games?

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ScamperCamper1542d ago

I always worry a bit about the erosion of the "real" gaming market and games. People getting used to $5 games isn't exactly a good thing.

clearelite1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

We've been seeing these articles for years and the trend is they continue to eat their words.

Some even had the audacity to question the future of dedicated handhelds and even blame their nonsensical perspective on the rise of other portable devices.

Several years later and the 3DS is becoming one of the best selling video game devices of all time and the Vita continues to pick up momentum.

What I stated above among other things shows that the people getting used to $5 dollar games you mention and what not make up a large demographic that was possible never interested in hardcore, console or PC gaming in the first place.

ScamperCamper1542d ago

I think you might be overlooking the power behind Amazon, Google and Apple. Don't you think they know what they're doing?

JackOfAllBlades1542d ago

Lol, maybe for angry birds and plants vs zombies