Killzone: Life-Size Helghast On Ebay

Clinton from Killzoneunit reports:

" We've seen the photos of the Helghast statues that stand over 6 feet tall at past Sony events. Now is your chance to own one. That is if you have about $500 or so to spare.

I believe that these statues were also given out as prizes and promotional items way back in 2004. This one in particular was found in an old thrift shop. Now who'd abandon such a loyal solider of the Helghan army? He's made out of fiberglass and can be disassembled so that it makes for easier shipping. What's even more impressive is the detachable StA-52 LAR(Light Assault Rifle) which you can use to ward off those pesky ISA neighbors of yours."

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Tomdc3448d ago

I just cant believe how sad the people must be who buy this rubbish

Breakfast3447d ago the disagrees.

Lord Anubis3447d ago

I want pancakes!

keep the bacon!

Mr Tretton3447d ago

'I just cant believe how sad the people must be who buy this rubbish'

You mean people richer than you? lolol

Panthers3447d ago

to each his own. y do you care how people spend their money?

Tomdc3447d ago

never said I cared...

I'm pretty suprised by all those disagrees though,i thourght most people would agree with me to be honest lol. Didn't think anyone would really want it. Sorry if I insulted you... ?

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Kaz Hirai3447d ago

Now this really is a "Sony Soldier"!


toughNAME3447d ago

I wonder if the detachable Assault Rifle has frame rate issues

Clinton5143447d ago

I think you dropped your 'funny'.

3447d ago
Lord Anubis3447d ago

well you got what you wanted. You are now banned from the open zone, no?

AllroundGamer3447d ago

wow, you just desperately need some attention, do you...

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flambeau3447d ago

Now we need to get a release date for the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.