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Gameranx: "Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51 tell a long story about nothing."

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Winter47th1906d ago

Suda51 can't get a break.

GreatGamePlay1906d ago

"juvenile approach to sexual themes" -

Suda51, next time use "Mature approach to sexual themes".

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YoungPlex1906d ago

Great game, totally underrated outside of Japan. Famitsu gave it 9,9,8,9! I've played a few hours and am inclined to agree with them. This game is only for those who crave Japanese styled swordplay with Suda51's quirky humor. It's totally for me because I loved Killer 7, and both No More Heroes. I will say that I'm a little disappointed with the screen tearing, however the game is real fun despite its simplistic controls and technical shortcoming, and it also looks beautiful. This is nothing new, both Americans and most Westerners have a way different taste than the Japanese or Asian market. I for one appreciate how different and unique these games are from the typical FPS, totally a breath of fresh air.

ShaunCameron1905d ago

The replay value for me was getting the Ulti-Mondo costume and the Dark Booster, playing on both Hard and Very Hard modes to score bigger payouts to get them sooner.