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Gameranx: "If you had asked me this morning, I would have told you that I wasn’t buying an Xbox One. It’s an expensive piece of hardware that I didn’t think I’d get that much use out of, given how much of my gaming takes place on my PC these days. None of the exclusives really jumped out at me, and the whole used games debacle had left a bad taste in my mouth.

That was before I played Forza 5, though. Today at PAX Prime, I got to play the new entry in the Forza Motorsport franchise, which happens to be a launch title for the Xbox One. I also got a chance to chat with Dan Greenawalt, the creative director of the Forza series. By the time I left their booth on the PAX show floor, I knew that I was going to end up buying a Xbox One at launch."

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Foxgod1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

It already made me buy an X1 :)

B-radical1928d ago

9 people think there is another underlying reason for your choice of purchase

CRAIG6671928d ago

lol,the sinister bar%&*rd!!! this site eh!

Foxgod1928d ago

18 by now :), i think they regret listening to their heart (sony) instead of listening to their sense (Microsoft) :)

NukaCola1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

From foxgod's comments, I gathered he would never buy a PS4 regardless if Forza 5 was launching or not.

NukaCola1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Either way F5 looks pretty good. Im curious to see the cloud in action instead of just hearing the mumbo jumbo talk.

Fox you have a lot of hateful trolling in your comments. Taking defense to MS over every other company out there that has been in the gaming industry for ages longer is not using your head. It makes people assume you are a child and know nothing about the business.

Foxgod1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Well, i own a ps3, bought it for Metal gear solid 4, it was awesome, excellent throwback at the amazing MGS1 on psx.

However, as of now, i dont see any reason to get a ps4.

And even without forza i would still get an X1, i love Dead rising, and its new direction, and KI will be great too.
And later down the line halo, Fable, quantum break, and the black tusk game looks intriguing to me too.

MysticStrummer1928d ago

"even without forza i would still get an X1"

In that case your first comment was false, there was in fact another underlying reason for your choice, and all disagrees are justified. It also makes this statement...

"i think they regret listening to their heart (sony) instead of listening to their sense (Microsoft)"

Even more ridiculous than it already was.

: )

Foxgod1928d ago

Not really, as Forza was the 1st game i saw, and it already made be decide to purchase the X1.

The other games just make me want it even more.

Picnic1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Or that Foxgod is lying about having bought an XboxOne.

Or the disagreers are saying that it might have made Foxgod buy an XboxOne but it didn't make the disagreer buy one. And yet some of the disagreers might still have bought an XboxOne, just not primarily or at all for Forza5.

The Agree / Disagree system is so imprecise and the longer the original post the more the potential for impreciseness as to what part someone agrees or disagrees with.

malokevi1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

"fox like Xbox? He must be a liar/idiot/child!"

Sounds like he's excited for a gaming machine. You've all got your heads lodged firmly and deeply inside your own @$$es.

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mcstorm1928d ago

I agree its the reason why I pre ordered the x1 over the ps4. If gt6 was a ps4 games and not a ps3 game could of been a hard decision.

Iceman_Nightmare1928d ago

You are an idiot, you went with XBOX ONE just because GranTurismo is not there at launch on PlayStation 4? You are one fffin idiot my friend, in two years from now when GranTurismo 7 is on PS4 you will have regrets... graphics that is not even possible on XBOX ONE... because clearly PlayStation 4 has more power than XBOX 1.

mcstorm1928d ago

Iceman_Nightmare are you real? Do you even have a brain I mean clearly you don't. Where on my post did I say I was not getting a ps4? I really do not care about power or who says I should get what. Try reading before you make a c**t of your self again as I clearly said I got the Xbox one over the ps4 because forza was on the one and gt6 was on the ps3 which means I already own a ps3 so I will get it for that and then when gt7 is out for the ps4 ill pickup one up.

I don't care for any games on the ps4 at the moment and only care for forza 5 and ki on the one.

Now I suggest you grow up and stop making offensive and stupid comments like the one you have put up. If you like the ps4 over the Xbox one that's fine but I think you really need to buy a poster of a ps4 and cream all over it to let out some of your frustration as you clearly need it.

windblowsagain1928d ago

You would have bought one anyway FOXGOD, Because you think MS are all that.

If you listened to your head, instead of your heart you wouldn't buy one.

Underpowered 13.1 gigapixel system, poor ram, tv gimmicks, kinect and overpriced.

The only reason your buying one is because your into XBOX. Nothing wrong with that if that is your thing.

Just be honest about it.

For me.

I know PS4 has the best hardware and software just like this gen. and the gen before and the gen before that.

Nothing has changed tbh.

Foxgod1928d ago

I am into exclusive games, if you want specs, get a pc and go for that 200% more power.

Thats where all my multi's go.

No_Limit1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Fox, You just read my mind. It is all about the games that you want to play. The fact is even though Forza 5 will be one of my launch games and I absolutely love this series, it is not even my #1 most wanted game on the system. That belongs to Project Spark. The stuff that game is bringing is absolutely ground breaking. Add in the return of Killer Instinct, the hype of Titanfall, and Dead Rising in an Opened World with the most A.I zombies ever in a game, it is a no brainer for me and many others to get the XB1.

pete0071928d ago

remind ps2 was the weakest console of its gen, just like ps1, Lucky industry needed to make the jump room/living room and sony did a great job at it, now the cards are a bit wild

Animal Mutha 761928d ago

Fox I will see you online :-)

XB1 + F5 = no social life until Jan.

ZHZ901928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

"i think they regret listening to their heart (sony) instead of listening to their sense (Microsoft) :)"

Highlighting *they*, that *they* is Sony PS fans.
Your comment is trolling Sony fans in an Xbox article.
Just get a console and games of your choice instead of backstapping Sony fans.
Btw I listened to my head more than heart, in end it was Sony.

Anyways back on-topic:
Forza 5 looks great, I might get if I end up owning Xbox One.

3-4-51928d ago

I would never buy a XB1 just for Forza, but Forza IS an amazing series and one of the MUST own games on XB1.

jessupj1927d ago

MS will have to prove they will support their console for the entire generation before I even contemplate buying one. Unfortunately, this will take most of the gen to prove, so I'll be having to wait a while for the few exclusives I miss out on.

However, assuming multiplats will be performing better on the PS4 there won't be much of a reason to get an X1.

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lastofgen1928d ago

Having skipped forza 4, I'll probably end up buying forza 5 at launch as well. The game just looks too good to pass up.

PraxxtorCruel1928d ago

I really wanna drive the Audi new dream car!

PsychOff1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Would be great if a majority of people could explain why other than "It has good graphics". Seriously out of all the racers we have now and what they all doing, why Forza 5?

Oddly I can't come to that conclusion with other games in mind that are doing much more.

I mean from everyone that is all I hear about is the graphics and nothing more, it isn't because of the available cars, the physics, the weather (none), night racing (none), the different types of racing (really limited).. Always just the graphics.

I'll be getting an Xbox One but it won't be for Forza 5. Nothing new about it that even requires me to run out and buy a system specifically for it.

K said what I want, disagree away.

PraxxtorCruel1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

What more can a racing game do? Especially one like Forza. I'd like to hear some suggestions. Forza always has a few hundred cars when launched (300-400). Hasn't Dan Greenawalt been talking about this whole new physics engine?

Raf1k11928d ago

He did mention a lot of other things people could be getting excited over about the game like 'the available cars, the physics, the weather (none), night racing (none), the different types of racing'.

Personally I think he has a point. The only thing people talk about when it comes to this game is the graphics. While I understand that's the main thing people get excited over when getting a new console I think game purchases need to be about more than simply graphics.

4Sh0w1928d ago

No after he talked about the "stunning visuals" he also talked about new tracks, new physics for surface simulation tech, and expanded stable of vehicles. Sure he drooled over the visuals for most of the article but why not if that's what really blew him away the most? Forza always drives well, has damage, so what else really can you say about a racing game?

kneon1928d ago

I tried it for a few laps, it was good but it didn't wow me, not even the graphics. Driveclub looked just as good, but I'm not buying that as it's too arcady for my tastes.

So I'll be sticking to gt. I was just playing this morning as I'm in the final stretch of my last 24 hour race. Not only does rain affect the driving but I think track temperature is being modeled as well. After a few laps with the sun out I find my lap time improving, if it gets cloudy my laps get slower.

SuperLupe1928d ago

Driveclub looked just as good ... as Forza 3 /fixed

Keep your weather effects, GT6 feeling like its going to score even worse than GT5.

Dont know what happened to PD this gen but geez they need to get their act together. Thety may as well have skipped GT6 and worked another three years to make a decent PS4 version.

Me-Time1926d ago

I have to troll SuperLupe for being arrogant and quite ignorant.

“Vision Gran Turismo cars will be unveiled throughout the year following the release of Gran Turismo 6, with perhaps one or two cars released per month. It’s a real possibility that some of these cars will be debuted as actual design concepts by the manufacturers. The DLC format and pricing has yet to be decided."

Vision Gran Turismo Concept Cars previewed

Andalucía - New Course Maker + Free Roam?
This town is only a portion of what'll be available for this new "Course Maker." The town itself - the entire part that's outlined in the map below - is about 4km x 1.1km

We've only really been shown the top part of the 4km by 1.1km area of the town with the background (which is usable) not being shown up close.

"Anyway, 100 square kilometres is large enough at 10 km on a side, for a square, or 11 km diameter for a circle:"

Since it's confirmed that this "Course Maker" location will be at least 50km x 50km in area, that bigger circle in the above picture is technically only 1/5, AT LEAST, of what's going to be available to create a track in.

Spa Francorchamps (already has weather in GT5), Daytona, and the updated Apricot Hill course will all have day/night transitions. They'll each have weather, too, possibly. Same for Willow Springs and Silverstone and has been confirmed that there will be weather and time change and are new to the series.
This is Apricot Hill, a gem of a track to the GT series.

IcicleTrepan1928d ago

One of the things that I like about it is that it's directly linked to the UK's Top Gear franchise. Just like Forza 4 was but I believe it's even moreso this time around. I believe all three of the guys from UK Top Gear are in the game this time and not just Jeremy.

jimbobwahey1928d ago

This is why I've given up on the Forza franchise now, and Forza 5 does nothing to excite me. It's the exact same game over and over again with a few new tracks thrown in. Other games in the racing genre innovate and bring new features forward, meanwhile Forza is just $60 patches.

Does Forza 5 look good? Yeah, but I've already played it years ago.

CRAIG6671928d ago

2 words PsychOff - IT'S FUN,

mcstorm1928d ago

@psychoff they have improved the physics of the cars as well as the graphics. They have also told us about the new Ai system that sounds interesting to. The one thing that keeps me coming back to Forza though is the online side as imo it has the best community out of all the consoles Sims for online and it looks like there have been a bunch of improvements on there too.

For me I have said I am having a rest of shooters for 12 months as I have played way to many over the last 7 years and im finding my self getting bored of them quickly so im getting the x1 for forza and ki and then im more interested in the Wiiu games the back end of this year as it fits in with the changes in games I want for now.

STK0261928d ago

I don't really play racing games, I rent them every now and then but rarely buy them as it's not exactly my type of games. But one reason I could see someone buy Forza 5 over other racing games would be the gameplay itself. Forza 5, if I'm not mistaken, runs at 60 FPS, that alone can make it more enjoyable to some than any other racing game running at 30 FPS (the same applies to the CoD vs BF debate, although BF4 will be running at 60 FPS). There's also the fine tuning of the controls and the general pace of the game, the balance between simulation and arcade, the general feel of the game, etc.

There are many reasons that could make someone choose one game over another, many of which can't be put in a chart and are completely subjective.

As another example, if you compare Mario Kart Wii and ModNation Racers, on paper ModNation Racers offers much more in terms of features, online, customization and graphics, yet, a majority of people will prefer Mario Kart Wii over it.

PsychOff1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

A couple words people. I never said it would not be a fun game, I am sure it will be. Again that doesn't mean I can't honestly see it isn't doing anything new.

Sad thing is you can read most the responses to my comment and again, you see exactly what I was even talking about before. Nearly all of the people still had nothing to really point out about Forza 5 other than graphics and 60fps.

Some of you all's reasoning I can understand I guess. I don't really understand the Top Gear thing, I love Top Gear also but I don't play a racing game to play as other people, that reminds me of a sports games like Madden, NBA 2K, MLB which I could understand more.

I play them to enjoy racing as much as one can inside their home. I just care about the cars and the racing. Forza has the cars part down but I can't say it does for the racing part of it.

Project Cars is doing a crap load more and these are people who started with nothing but a kick starter. That is another issue I have, Turn 10 is very successful and yet their racing game offers a lot less in its package.

You are all entitled to disagree, I just wanted to understand more. All I mainly see is talk about graphics, it being in 1080p and 60fps but any game can seriously do that. I wanted to hear more people actually describe what they liked about this and still very few of you could without talking about graphics again.

Also more people may prefer Forza 5, very true but it still doesn't mean I have to like it the best just because everyone else does or that it makes it any better of a game than any of the other racing games around right now.

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