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Digital Foundry vs. Resogun

Digital Foundry: "Head-to-head with Housemarque, plus exclusive PlayStation 4 60fps gameplay video." (PS4, Resogun)

Chuk5  +   366d ago
Drop another in the launch bucket. I'm only buying shadow fall and ps plus at launch. In doing so, I get resogun and drive club for free. All the beefy values.
vigilante_man  +   366d ago
Super Stardust was on of the best small games I have ever played. I have spent hours on that game. Simpler controls but very fast and amazing graphics.

Cannot wait for Resogun!
GiggMan  +   366d ago
This is going to be trippy in 3D. Cant wait to try it, old school gameplay with a twist.
FamilyGuy  +   366d ago
"Resogun is to Defender what Stardust is to Asteroids"

Can't believe it's free on PS+ from the start, love these kind of games.
sigfredod  +   366d ago
Really impresive title, proof that a small title could surpass many "big" games out there, the amount of effects and particles on screen is impresive
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faysal  +   366d ago
OMG thats just amazing! huge fan of superstardust so looking forward to this a lot!
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   366d ago
scott182  +   366d ago
Holy hell that looks amazing!!! This and Killzone are what I need instantly! INSTANTLY SONY......... I wish I pre ordered.
saggysack79  +   366d ago
you do know resogun if free right?
scott182  +   366d ago
Really, that's bad ass. I mean I wish I pre ordered the PS4. All good though, I will wait until they are in stock.
macethedon  +   366d ago
Thank You PS+
MasterCornholio  +   366d ago
Anyone remember this?


Physic demo starts at 1:30
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Animal Mutha 76  +   366d ago
For an old skool blaster this is looking very impressive.

We have come a long way since r-type and xenon 2 megablast :)
Sevir  +   366d ago
"...When you're developing for multiple platforms, the weakest platform basically becomes the lead platform. Essentially this version would have been a port."

That right there is why I'm excited for simply the Next gen exclusive titles over cross gen games... amd Krug says it well...

Still Its seems like housemarque is already putting the Compute heavy modified Radeon GPU to amazing use and the fact that they are doing it soo early in the lifecycle being indi devs working on the game on PS4 hardware now for about 6 months with actual work on the game being predominantly on PC for 12 months prior is just increbible. I cant wait to see all the compute heavy things Naughtydog, Santa Monica, and GG with their New IP does for the PS4.


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