Sony factories 'running flat out' to meet PS4 demand

Sony’s factories are “going to be running flat out” to manufacture enough PlayStation 4 hardware to meet demand, Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan has said.

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gaelic_laoch1693d ago

And each and every Console made is like a little Child of Kaz looking for a loving home!

aCasualGamer1693d ago

I hope the hard workers are getting extra salory. From working on production myself i've been experiencing some nasty stress and it can have a big toll on the body. Hopefully they get some extra cash.

My PS4 is already booked. =) The main thing i'm looking forward to is down the line when Last of Us sequel comes to PS4.

gaelic_laoch1693d ago


As a fellow former production worker I totally agree!!!! Well Said!!!

Angeljuice1693d ago

So long as it doesn't affect the quality of the units produced in an attempt to make up the numbers, this is good news.

scott1821693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

As a current production worker losing his job soon, and probably going to find another production job (until I finish school). God damn right pay them more!!!

Drakesfortune1693d ago

acasualgamer...they should all get a ps4 each for helping me get my ps4

aCasualGamer1693d ago


That sucks, hope you find a better job.

adorie1693d ago

Wtf? Lmaooooooo. Heres a bubble. Lolz

stuna11693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Ha ha ha! My sentiments exactly, lol.

In old wise tales, storks delivered babies to expecting parents! But your comment made me envision Kaz with wings, delivering expecting gamer their PS4's.

UltimateMaster1693d ago

If every PS3 gamer pre-ordered the PS4, they wouldn't have been able to meet the demand.
Luckily for them, I haven't pre-ordered mine yet.
Waiting till Gaikai gets released!

AsimLeonheart1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

The Lord of the Consoles: The Return of the King! :-)

Drithe1693d ago Show
k-dillinger1693d ago

of kaz and ken hes the father of PlayStation.

cunnilumpkin1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

"And each and every Console made is like a little Child of Kaz looking for a loving home!"

more like made BY a little

dantesparda1692d ago

Well these mofos better hurry it up and get enough done to fulfill each and every single preorder plus be able to stock the hell out of the stores, not to mention Xmas to

Oh and p.s. dont mess up to quality of the system in your rush to get the numbers

Anarki1692d ago

Though don't rush MY PS4, I don't want it to break on me!!!

Tapioca Cold1692d ago

Dude just stfu now.

Oh my god that made me want to hang myself.

abzdine1692d ago

Cme on Sony bring it on guys!! The whole world is watching and the whole world wants that sexy little greatness you have for us.

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mrmarx1693d ago

yeah the games will have multi player communities at launch

KwietStorm1693d ago

I don't even know what you're trying to say here. What Ouya appeal?

Rhinoceros1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

@KwietStorm exactly.

To be honest I am most definitely going to buy a PS4. I will probably get it before I get an X1, but I still hate all of you bandwagon pissants with your grubby fanboyism; how you move the goal posts when it suits you and how you seek to discredit half of the gaming population.

f*** you i'm out

deadie1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


eh ok?

You dont make any sense.

Seek help.

nunley331692d ago

i think rhino may be refering to the ps4 indie appeal, ouya has alot of that.

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alejandroelputo1693d ago

There will always be that one or two xbone fans to disagree with those who appreciate what ps4 is achieving even before launch. Just wow.

Heartnet1692d ago

Inform me on What the ps4 is Achieving?

all this article tells me is that there slow at producing consoles...

or they made none to begin with...

or like every other company there making there products all the time...

Narutone661692d ago

To you an XB1 fan, PS4 is slow at producing consoles, but in reality, they are running at full speed to meet demands.
"or they made none to begin with.."
You see, the status of PS4 is not the same as the XB1. The PS4 already announced their release date, while the XB1 hasn't. PS4 already passed FCC, while the only FCC documents I see XB1 passed is for the wireless controller.

scott1821692d ago

The PS4 is winning over people in the US market as far as pre orders go, the same market that the 360 did so much better in. I think that alone is a grand achievement.

TheLyonKing1693d ago

And to think mine is just sitting there waiting for me to give it a hug.

showtimefolks1692d ago

i am glad i pre ordered one, i would imagine these would go for a lot on ebay

ChrisW1692d ago

Ah... Hyping the old "Supply and Demand" bit. Classic!

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younglj011693d ago

Lol damn i smell alot of overtime....

Etseix1693d ago

i will remind this when unboxing the ps4, the force of a thousand brothers and sisters who made this possible.

younglj011693d ago


awesome just awesome replies...

nunley331692d ago

no heartache though,they're made with love and sony magic

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TheFutureIsBlue1692d ago

Mix that smell with a new ps4 and we will get that new console scent we all love to smell. Breath it in fellow playstation bros!

Benjammin251692d ago

Oh my god, you guys are making me so HOT! Lets all rub lotion on each other. It's not gay if we don't enjoy it. Only one problem...we will enjoy it. :)

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_cyrax1693d ago

They better be, if not history will repeat itself

Outsider-G1693d ago

They learned from their previous mistakes that's for sure.

alejandroelputo1693d ago

PS4 is proving unstoppable way before launch. Sony is showing us again that when done right, they make the best of gaming. Remember the ps2, God that was the greatest system ever, and the ps4 will beat it. Amen.

Heartnet1692d ago

ps2 wasnt the greatest system ever... I dont see how.. it was low powered and a dvd player...

The games were good but that dont make the system any better xD

and since all those games on ps2 have been milked or wont be produced any more..

and they will try with ps4 to milk them again as its cheaper to use known IP than to create one...

Gaming on consoles will just get worse story / gameplay but with nice graphics...

It is the way.. Sad...

oh and UNstoppable? what events could be foreseen to stop a launch of a console? even if they got no pre orders or failed at e3 the launch would still happen.. Inevitable is a better word...

Withdreday1692d ago


Games don't make the system? Now that's hilarious.

Xsilver1693d ago

gotta burn that midnight oil.