ChristCenteredGamer Dragon's Crown review

The game play is solid and had it not been for the sexual fantasy art, we would recommend this game to any RPG or brawler gamer out there.

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Abriael1933d ago

If the game is good, you should recommend it whatever art it has.

Edward751933d ago

For the most part I agree with you, but in this case, it is one of the things that could go against a persons/people's beliefs, or feelings about a certain subject. How could someone recommend the game then? The person reviewing the game didn't give it a low score, or dislike the game itself. They just couldn't recommend it because of the art. I mean look at the source? It's great to see such a score and people still expressing and telling why it can't be recommended. Kudos to this site for doing so.

dredgewalker1933d ago

They actually reviewed this game and gave it merit where it counts and that is the gameplay. Warning some people who can be offended by the character designs is a good call.

HakatoX1933d ago

because bodices and corsets were never a common article of clothing during ANY period of human history.....

Kos-Mos1933d ago

Blablabla, we understand you`re from the united states of protect our children from EVERYTHING.

Angeljuice1932d ago

Everything except exposure to guns, extreme religious brainwashing and politically endorsed murder in the form of executions.

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Godlovesgamers1933d ago

Wake up, it's not the art, OK?? Softcore pornography and the over sexualized representations of women do not constitute "art". They are the artist's depiction of women and men and frankly it's for perverts, groping mechanics? Enough said. None of that crap adds anything to the gameplay, which wouldn't change one iota if it wasn't in the game, so why is it there to begin with?

George Kamitani said he wanted to make a game he would play, apparently decency isn't part of that game.

rextraordinaire1933d ago

Actually, sex has been one of the main subjects of art since the dawn of humankind. Do some research.

Godlovesgamers1933d ago


Really? So I suppose that completely justifies things likes sexual perversion and pornography then, right? Or can you even tell the difference between a classy representation of a nude artistic depiction of a woman and one that just perpetuates her as an object of lust?

HakatoX1933d ago

okay, lets look through some good ole christian texts that depct people having orgies with demons.

do us a favor, learn from the shepard. who carries the strays with love and compassion. not bya noose or with forcefull words. but with love and devotion as we have been asked to.

rextraordinaire1933d ago

Yes, pornography and perversion is alright. Not for everyone, obviously, but there's a crowd that enjoys it. I know plenty of persons that love sexual depictions of the human body, I know many exhibitionists, voyeurs, and what have yous. And it goes much deeper than anything depicted in Dragon's Crown. Actually, the art in Dragon's Crown is pretty tame. If someone gets offended by that, it is my belief that this person really has not seen much in his/her lifetime.

For me, all of this is a alright and more than welcome. There is more than enough family friendly games, so something with a little (emphasis on little) spice is always fun. And about the classiness of it, it is my belief that Dragon's Crown is much more classy in that regard than most japanese games. For starters, there is not a single under age characters in the game, compared to the Atelier series, or Neptunia, or whatever, many other series. Those are all adults, and as adult characters, it is highly likely that some of those would enjoy sex and kink.

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