New 'Minecraft' roller coaster travels down 'The Night Rail Before Christmas'

XMNR: Another amazingly created roller coaster video for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was released Saturday from the same team that brought Beetlejuice, Minecart of Malice and Ghostbusters trips. The newest build heads to Halloween Town for "The Night Rail Before Christmas."

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ZodTheRipper1568d ago

I'm not that much of a Minecraft fan but this is simply insane, mad respect for those guys. Showed this to my little brother and now I have to buy him the game lol

Snookies121568d ago

This is freaking incredible! Wow, so awesome!

FragMnTagM1568d ago

This old and has been on here before, that said, it is still the most awesome coaster I have ever seen for Minecraft.

Nuropsych11565d ago

Not possible. We just uploaded the video to YouTube on the 31st. You may be thinking of another one of our coasters.

FragMnTagM1565d ago

It was a very similar coaster, then because I swore I have seen it before.