Disney Infinity Review [Capsule Computers]

Andrew Day from Capsule Computers wrote:

I don’t think its too much of a stretch to think that all of us played with toys as a kid. On top of that I’d imagine that many of us played with all of our different toys together, not caring if they were from the same movie or series. Barbies danced with Power Rangers, and Hot Wheels raced against remote control cars. That magic and wonder is what made play great, and Disney Infinity is a game that aims to capture that feeling, and replicate it in video games. Disney has succeeded in their quest to capture the magic of play, and by bringing together characters from their past, present and future, have created experience that despite its technical shortcomings, is as memorable as it is endearing.

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coaidant1927d ago

Sort of seems like a Skylanders knock-off does it?