‘Dishonored,’ ‘Saints Row IV’ devs sound off on PS4 and Xbox One development

XMNR: During a Dragon Con panel Friday, Dishonored developers Ricardo Bare and Seth Shain from Arkane Studios joined former Epic Games President Mike Capps, Saints Row IV Creative Director Steve Jaros and Obsidian Entertainment’s Chris Avellone to discuss designing “awesome games.” The five sounded off on the PS4 and Xbox One game development during the discussion with the Arkane developers saying that graphics are no longer the end all and be all for video games.

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moparful991931d ago

I really don't like the music comparison when discussing digital games... its two completely different scenarios... Most people have hundreds of songs some thousands.. its much easier and convienent to store, access, and take that much content with you digitally... Games are products we sit for hours in one place and enjoy, digital doesn't offer much incentive in this environment.. If digital games were significantly cheaper cthen digital would have an advantage...

kingdip901931d ago

Also digital music is so much more versitile, outside of itunes I can pretty much transfer digital music to most devices anywhere I wanna go... including a friends house to play

Gster1931d ago

I think the way forward on next gen isn't only interactivity, although it is important from a gameplay point, being able to interact with the environment in new and interesting ways. I think its fair to say we want fidelity and better graphics too.

I mean COD has always had great graphics, but everybody wants big and noticeable improvements on next gen. Thats why some gamers aren't too pleased with COD this year, because its not on the same par with other next gen titles, in the graphics department. But as IW said themselves it's pretty awkward to make that huge leap with their first attempt. So I reckon after Ghosts they'll pour all their resources into next gen and we'll see a huge improvement with their next COD.

Septic1931d ago

' both Jaros and Capps expressed disappointment with Microsoft’s decision to roll back the initial DRM and sharing plans for the Xbox One. '

“Some of the things that Microsoft was going to try, while very unpopular obviously on the internet, nobody hits up Steam for not letting you resell your codes that you buy on Steam,” he added before bringing up the digital transition of the music industry.

I do think its a shame as well but the always-on element of it really was too much. Lets hope a digital future will be realised one day, when gamers are ready for it. Hopefully the industry can transition console gamers into it more smoothly.

stuff1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

There is one major difference between Steam and Msoft's original plan: Steam allows you a reasonable choice; buy digitally on Steam or purchase a game physical copy at retail. I know some publishers still require the use of Steam even if you have a retail copy.

The point is, the inability to resale your purchases on PC has been an excepted truth for years. That method doesn't belong on consoles. It is also part of what separates console gaming from PC. Not everyone can afford or desire to get their games at retail price. Otherwise, games don't go "on sale" until much later after release if at all.

Kayant1931d ago

The problem with MS's plans where that it wasn't an all digital console. If it was then distributed through physical copies wouldn't be needed. What MS tried to do was to control/limit the way physical content works today by converting a physical licence into a digital one which in turn meant they could control/limit how you resell or trade your physical games. Hell with their plan game renting was pretty much dead. The problem here is that they tried to attack physical copies and added "bonuses" like family sharing, no disc swapping, etc to try and cover up what they were doing.

But if you look at it closely you will see all these features can be done with digital content today as they have shown as already and family sharing may come back someday.

What they should have done is either launch the Xbox one with no disc drive meaning it's all digital or launched it with an option of physical and digital like they are doing now after the 180s.

eman3d1931d ago

The video game industry is full of too many fanboys, too many wanna be tech people who don't have a clue, and just too many living at home with mommy in the basement gamers. It pains me when all these fanboys were compaining about Microsoft when it was all based on a biased attitude instead of objective thinking. No one gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and no one even took the time to question Sony or realize Sony was going to do the same thing but turned their back at last minute just to make Microsoft look bad..... and it worked- again, gamers are like sheep and Sony played it to a tee.
Gamers think playing games and spending all of their money on building a PC for games makes them a computer engineer/ game designer! Wow! They run around and use misleading terms or benchmarks such as 60fps as the gold standard when it's nothing more then a determining factor on looks, whether a game looks cinematic or video broadcast resolution.
I could go on but hopefully some of you get the point. To you guys who are truly gamers because you love video games, I consider you brethren, but you guys who act like Sony or Microsoft actually cares about you personally and you receive checks in the mail for sleeping with your Xbox of Playstation, don't use protection the next time you make love to your systems- hopefully the shock will cause your nutz to burn off and you'll have something more important then gaming as part of your life.

Kayant1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I agreed with most of what you said expect when you say Sony where going to be doing the same thing. How was Sony doing the same thing when it was confirmed you don't require a internet connection at all and used games would work even though it was worded weirdly.

The only thing Sony could do is let publishers choose which they have done by letting them continue the online pass business which they have also dropped as they are charging for online now... Without an online check there is no way the same style DRM MS was doing would work.


All these articles are from after their reveal event.

Well said on everything else the wannabe tech spec wars is close to home sometimes ;)

eman3d1931d ago

What you and a lot of video game lovers lack is a business perspective, you see everything through the glasses of a video game lover not a business man.

For you, and a lot of other teenage kids out there, to not realize the WHOLE video game industry was behind Microsoft and Sony (at the time) to introduce DRM restrictions you are highly mistaken and need to stop being driven by your fanboyism.

Even in this article, the developer expressed how he wished Microsoft stayed with the DRM, why? Because all of the developers were behind it INCLUDING Sony!!!! It had NOTHING to do with them LOVING you as a gamer!

What changed everything is Sony's obvious desperation to beat Microsoft this time around. Sony, as a WHOLE company, doing really bad and can't afford to have the PS4 stumble out the blocks like the PS3.

How are they doing this? By being cut throat. They turned their back at the last minute with the DRM fiasco and left Microsoft as the bad guy and they are cutting the prices on all their gear! Something Sony has NEVER done in their entire history as a company. Has anyone even stopped to realize this and wonder why???

It's not because Sony LOVES you!!! Sony is desperate and are now doing whatever is necessary to win, even if it means 'stab you in the back' tactics which they did to Microsoft at E3 with the DRM initiative.

Stop being fanboys and start studying business people.

Kayant1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Wonderful so you are attacking me and calling my a fanboy well done well done. Ofc I know no business loves me as a consumer and all they want is my money for the right to use their product. But some business are more consumer-friendly and give you more value than others in their product and in my eyes Sony is that while in regards to the Playstation division not Sony as a whole.

Also i don't need to be a businessman to see when a company is trying to screw me over.

Yes we know developers want DRM and the digital age because they will be taking back control over ownership and how we consumers can use their product and they won't be losing as much money. But the thing is every market has a second hand front why gaming should be treated any different is beyond me considering they all cope well.

Yes there is know denying Sony is desperate they wouldn't have made the PS vita memory cards proprietary because this no reason maybe expect to limit piracy.

So Sony highlighting the fact they won't supporting MS's DRM practices at E3 is them shooting MS in the back when the above statements I posted earlier showed they couldn't do what MS was going to do in the first place so how they were shooting them in the back is a misery to me. They did it because people thought they were going to follow suit even thought they have already confirmed they weren't doing they same thing because they couldn't. No online connection required means no DRM like MS. Simple as that.

moparful991930d ago

You need to stop with this holier than thou art attitude.. You are sitting here throwing around conjecture acting like you have this whole thing figured out..

Why don't you try posting some actual proof that Sony is doing all of the things that you are claiming instead of attacking people that are loyal to the brand that has proven time and time again that they truly do care about their fanbase..

Yes it all centers around money, I get that I'm not stupid. But Sony has, for the most part, always had a gamer centric business model. They sold the PS3 at a loss for years, If they were as greedy and underhanded as you claim why didn't they charge more for the system? Why didn't they leave out wifi, an hdmi port, made you use AA batteries, made the Blu-ray player an add on, not allow you to swap in an off the shelf hard drive etc like Microsoft did with the 360? Not to mention the RROD FIASCO that MS tried to sweep under the rug.

Sony is FAR from perfect but when it comes to gaming they are the only company that I feel comfortable spending my hard earned money with.. Microsoft is laying in the bed that they made by constantly patronizing its fanbase by telling them what they want instead of listening to them..

Microsoft's ONLY concern is money and they have proven this sentiment most notably with the DRM nonsense on the ONE.

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