Top Ten Games Of 2013 So Far (According To The Critics)

With delightful platformer Rayman Legends receiving rave reviews, it seems an apt time to take a look at the highest-rated games of the year so far.

From mainstream blockbusters to colourful indie titles, FMV have compiled the ten most critically-acclaimed titles of 2013 to date. But you may be surprised at the results.

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DanJenkoFMV1931d ago

Rayman Legends is every bit as good as it's cracked up to be - amazing how much it's adapted from Origins considering in demos it looked pretty similar. Can't see anything topping The Last Of Us this year though, not even GTAV.

christian hour1930d ago

If anyone could knock the Last of Us down from the throne it would be Rockstar, although I can see critics leaning on a new experience rather than a 5th installment when handing out that GOTY award.

The thing about game journalism though is there are no official rewards, every damn site, mag and show can give a GOTY award to whatever they want, so it doesnt really mean anything at the end of the day :P

skydragoonity1930d ago

GTAV hasn't even been released yet so....

weekev151930d ago

It sure is a good time to be a gamer and with the autumn/christmas line ups the way they are the only thing thats complaining is my wallet. Bioshock, the last of us, fire emblem, animal crossing and rayman, what a year so far.

My fav game so far is still Lego City Undrcover but thats cos im a bit weird.

Xof1930d ago

2013 has too many good games.

Not only are we witnessing the birth of a new CRPG rennaisance with games like Divinity: Original Sin and Wasteland 2, we've also got hugely-anticipated strategy games coming--Total War Rome 2, Europa Univeralis 4--partial remakes of classic golden-era games--Homeworld, Homeworld 2, Baldur's Gate 2--some serious love for the JRPG crowd in the form of Tales of Xilia, Bravely Default and Disgaea--and, of all things, TWO different Zelda games.

2013 is the single best year for gaming I've seen since around 2002 or 2003. Absolutely phenomenal. And I didn't even have to mention the plethora of good-but-not-great games we've gotten, like Dragon's Crown, Ys, Dragon Commander, etc., etc.

And, perhaps best of all, 2014 and 2015 look to be equally fantastic, thanks in part to the rise of crowdfunding.

jcnba281930d ago

Fire Emblem: Awakening is a masterpiece!

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