Xbox One Thoughts: After the changes - 3 for 5

Hello readers! We here at Spawnd are rolling out a new segment called 3-4-5’s where we will tackle some large questions pertaining to topics surrounding the gaming world. What is unique about this is that rather than have one writer voice their opinion we have decided to have a group of 3 writers here at Spawnd approach these questions without any prior knowledge of each other’s answers.

This week we tackle the…

Xbox One

1. Good move or bad move: Microsoft removing the always-online DRM to their console?

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showtimefolks1929d ago

I am a huge Sony/PS fan, but i am glad that MS changed before the launch. Fanboys on every site will tell you a lot of bullshit, but competition between sony/ms is the reason sony delivered so many games on ps3

we need to adapt/support competition, if sony goes out of gaming business than we will see MS won't even try to make their fanbase happy

I hope both xbox one and ps4 succeeds and sell 75 plus million lifetime sales, i also hope both compete for our business till the last day of next gen. We will get awesome games and services

But the way MS handled their announcement, i believe they have cost them self a lot of money, USA market was prop xbox and that may not be the case anymore

what's with 3rd console by a company? each one messes it up to a certain point

showtimefolks1929d ago

a lot of times i don't even want to read comments section on a gaming site because 99.9% of it is just trolls

i wish more sites use facebook as a comment account, just look at espn. It went from having 5000+ random comments to 100-200 intelligent ones

i wish there was more mature discussion about gaming but every time its my system is better than your and your exclusives/service are crap compare to mine

here is hoping for a bit more mature gaming community

laijka1929d ago

I second that bubble.

gaelic_laoch1929d ago

'i wish more sites use facebook as a comment account,'

2 points, firstly anyone can open a fake account and secondly a facebook linked account for commenting leaves people vulnerable to bullying and more sinister remarks from users!

inFAMOUS_KRATOS1929d ago

yes, BUT SONY has always delivered games, i gift the competition credit wheres do on the online part of sony improvement but other then that sony has always delivered great games even on ps2 uncanny list of titles, PS2 is the reason why rockstar games is exclusive and all this other third party developers, don't forget who put gaming on the map.

how can you trust a company that tried to take your rights of purchase? basically before the changes microsoft was like " go F yourself gamers this what more money brings.

if a single update can remove who says it won't comeback?

all im saying is microsoft needs to leave the gaming asap is bad for the customers.

Sayai jin1929d ago

@inFAMOUS_KRATOS - "Competition? You work for Sony or MS? WHo are you competing with. I can agree SOny consoles have always had great games. So did Ninty, but when Sony came onto the scene it made Ninty work even harder...why competition.

This gen Sony released an great, but overprice console at launched...with their exec even saying "get a second job if you want a PS3". That price point had to drop quickly to keep abreast of the other consoles.

MS should have been and was severely roasted for some of their policies. They were complete B$. Could have stayed that way, but had to respond out of fear or respond to their customers demands.

What if what if what if. By that a single update can brick a console, or Sony or MS could start a $200 monthly fee for online play, or like you said MS could reinstate DRM with a single update...and then Sony could see how successful and in one update walla DRM for the PS4. You see my point...what I said was just rubbish.

Your last sentence...oh boy. Yes lets, just have one hardcore console on the market...ridiculous!

MasterCornholio1929d ago

Yeah if it wasnt for the 360 and the early screw ups with the PS3 Sony wouldnt have done such a good job with the PS4.

redcar1211928d ago

Well said happy to see a sony fan with a brain lol

Angeljuice1928d ago Show
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Kuse1929d ago

This whole article, the way it is written and is ended is fishy beyond belief. I can't take these guy seriously in their statements.

Pisque1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Thank you for sharing your widsom showtimefolks that's a really good comment that you just made

Decaet1929d ago

In my personal opinion, the damage has already been done. I used to love Microsoft for their gaming products, but it just seems like they don't care anymore.

The fact that it was so simple to take of DRM makes me believe that it would be as simple as one patch to bring it back once the consoles have been bought and are in use.

They already tried to do it once, it wouldn't surprise me if they tried to bring it back. So it is a good move for now, but just tread carefully as i believe it could come back at any time.

chrissx1929d ago

They pretty much had no choice but to make those changes. Did u see those pre order ratios? Scary 4 them.

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