With Microsoft Points gone, digital purchases cheaper on Xbox Live than PSN in India

Microsoft recently abandoned its universal Microsoft Points system for Xbox Live in favour of local currencies and the result, at least for Indian Xbox Live users, is cheaper games.

There are certain publisher-specific trends visible – EA’s games are priced almost the same across both, 2K’s games tend to be cheaper on PSN, and Capcom’s games are way cheaper on Xbox Live, but by and large, we noticed games are a lot cheaper on Xbox 360.

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ZodTheRipper1845d ago

"... at least for Indian Xbox Live users, is cheaper games."

In Europe & NA there are no mentionable differences, talk about attention grabbing headlines.

slimeybrainboy1845d ago

PSN prices are extortionate. We all know about EA games being £55 at launch but even still I would like to see the PSN move closer to XBL in terms of pricing.

ZodTheRipper1845d ago

What are you talking about? New releases are priced the same on both platforms and PS+ is cheaper than XBL while offering 5x the value

Sales and discounts vary of course but I've never seen that a game is significantly cheaper on XBL.

The_Con-Sept1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Not everyone on N4G lives in America dude. He is talking about the price structure in Europe.

Gamer19821845d ago

Wow in India!! Really! Then sign me up! Oh wait Xbox One isn't launching in India.. Honestly this made news? I doubt more than 10000 people own a console in india..

Sitdown1845d ago

Yeah, cause you need an Xbox one in order to purchase the cheaper content for the Xbox 360. :-/

Heartnet1845d ago

You do realise there can be news aside from the New consoles? or has that just consumed ur life and are mentioning it in every post whether its about that or not... Sorry dude

GamersRulz1845d ago

The problem that X1 might not even launch in india until sometime in 2014, or even early 2015

Sitdown1845d ago

Guess you missed the fact that this is about current items and the 360.... so tgus has nothing to do with the Xbox one at this time.

Bundi1845d ago

MCV India...don't expect them to run that headline?

3-4-51845d ago

Xbox ON DEMAND games have like 4-5 year old games selling for $50 new.

It's pathetic. I just go to GS and get them used for $10 instead.

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iamnsuperman1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

You need to put in India otherwise the title is completely wrong.

I haven't been to India in so long so how big is the difference here. My brother recently went and said 1,000 was about 10p. I guess it is a lot for Indians.

HundredProofSam1845d ago

Made changes in headline and excerpt to reflect that its for India.

Nekroo911845d ago

wow what a bargain i have to move to india

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