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Sony says CoD DLC going to Xbox first is ‘not the end of the world’

And I would argue that that stuff has been platform enhancing to the extent that a thirty day window on some DLC that’s quickly caught up by the competitor platform can’t be. (PS3, PS4)

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NateCole  +   383d ago
lol!. I have not bought a COD since COD MWF1 so not been an issue for me.
badboy776  +   383d ago
I'm curious how much does Microsoft actually spend on the 1 month timed DLC?
slimeybrainboy  +   383d ago

It's probably a cross marketing thing + cash kinda deal.

I hate these deals. They're bad for the gamer. Look at COD:BO2 vs BF3, If you wanted to play both DLC's when they came out you had to be on Xbox for COD and PS for BF, and for what? So these companies could have a little exclusive bulletpoint on the box? If you like both games you have to wait longer just because these two companies are trying to win you over when most people have already made a choice.

bjmartynhak  +   383d ago

You sounded like it is a big deal waiting one or two months for a DLC. I really don't mind waiting, and it would never influence my console choice.
finbars75  +   383d ago
I agree would love to know as well.MS spends to much money on timed dlcs in my opinion.They should really focus it some weres else.I mean they have timed dlc with BF4,COD Ghost and I think the Division.Its called desperate marketing.When you have nothing else to play on your console except 2-3 games and thats all then it tells me they are trying hard as hell to sway gamers to them over dlc which in my opinion is just silly.Sony has ever done this with BF3 I think but thats because BF3 is mostly played on the PS3 which makes sense but MS is just a try hard.Focus on what your nconsole needs most and dlcs arent one of them.
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ZodTheRipper  +   383d ago
Those timed exclusive DLC's were a big deal with MW2 and Black Ops but since then the hype for them dropped significantly as people realized that there are way better things to spend 15 bucks on than for a handful of maps and weapons.
NateCole  +   383d ago
I am sure a shitload of money. Sad to think that they could use it to fund new ip's or help buy new studios lol!.
iamnsuperman  +   383d ago


I totally agree. It is a pain in the arse for us users. The thing is I don't think the success of it could be looked at the last generation because Microsoft took a big foothold in western regions (USA/UK and a few parts of Europe where COD is most popular). It will be the next generation to see if these tactics really work for the console manufacturers because they are releasing at the same time. It will be interesting to see (I suspect it doesn't make a huge impact and just a waste of money)
CaptainFaisal  +   383d ago
millions probably!
DARK WITNESS  +   383d ago
while i have bought the last few cod games, it's always been in the hope that in magical way they would actually be "good" after playing and finding that each one has got worse, i have sold them all back within a few months if that.

DLC I have not bought since mw2. my hope of cod ever being at the same level of fun I had playing cod4 has long gone now.

it really is not the end of the world.
jackanderson1985  +   383d ago
300M was the rumored deal last time around dunno if they changed it though but it also included any COD related events to prompt the xbox first and foremost
kayoss  +   383d ago
I totally agree. $15 for a DlC is too expensive. I could buy a Burger with Bacon and Chees, A drink, Fries, and a milk shake and probably have money left over to donate to the homeless. There are like 3-5 DLC pack for a cod game, each one about $15 bucks. When all said and done, you will be spending $60 for the game and approximately $75 for 5 DLC (DLC varies from game to game). You are spending about $135 on a freaking game.
ZHZ90  +   383d ago
Xbox One's Timed Exclusive whther in Games and Extra Contents doesn't matter at all.

I am surprised that MS paid 50 million dollars on GTA IV DLC timed exclusive for just a week because with that huge money they could've made a great game instead.
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neoMAXMLC  +   383d ago
Eh? GTAIV Episodes didnt come to PS3 and PC for like a whole year.
Death  +   383d ago
Yeah, it was 14 months. If you are a Sony fan though, that is easily remembered as a week to make it sound better.

For the record, that 50 million did go towards making a great game. It helped pay for GTA's development.
ZHZ90  +   383d ago
"For the record, that 50 million did go towards making a great game. It helped pay for GTA's development."

You are right and I agree on that, but that wasn't what I meant. I meant if MS wants to win and defeat Sony and make people like myself in PS Brand to move to Xbox brand, they shouldn't waste money like I mentioned on time exclusivity and put that kind of money on their 1st party studios and help them developed and make better games from MS's 1st party studios.

I am happy for Rockstar(I am a fan of Rockstar) not to mention GTA V, which is better than GTA IV, its PS4 version is getting exclusive content(timed) before Xbox One will.
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Death  +   383d ago
The thing is, Microsoft doesn't want to defeat Sony. They want to have a return on their investments like anyone else. The fans are the ones that want to see their team "win". Sony is a fascinating company. With all of their success in the gaming areana, they haven't really made a profit doing it. Sony and Microsoft each have sold an impressive amount of consoles this gen, but only one has managed to make money doing it. Sony is "winning" the console war, but losing money doing it.

For any true Sony fans here, buy as many games at launch as you can. If Sony manages to sell as many systems as preordered, they are going to have a very bad quarter if they are losing anything on the hardware with their $100 lower price. Games will offset the losses. So will the new bundle that has a higher profit margin. The inclusion of the accessories and game reduce retailer profits.
DA_SHREDDER  +   383d ago
Agreed Nate. Don't forget the gamesharing aspects of all the games. Its basically 50% cheaper on the psn cause you get two copies of everything. Now day one except dlc. There's like so many games out now it don't even make sense to buy COD day one. Like who cares if someone can play dlc sooner than me when theres better games out?
thekhurg  +   383d ago
I have never once spent any amount of money on any type of DLC.

I don't believe in micro-transactions, I don't believe in paying for content already on the disc, and I sure as hell don't believe in paying for multiplayer maps that are usually just sections of the single player that have been walled off while being packaged as "new" and asked a premium rate for.
-GametimeUK-  +   383d ago
Not all DLC is bad and I honestly think it's a great idea. It's a shame I can barely support it since most DLC is garbage, but the Dark Souls DLC was money well spent and I think a lot of people can agree it was done right.
j-blaze  +   383d ago
same goes to Sony, Battlefield DLC going to PS3/PS4 first is ‘not the end of the world’
Death  +   383d ago
I think someone above said it was desperate marketing.

Just kidding. We all know when it's Sony doing it, it's called a good strategy.
kenshiro100  +   383d ago
Except that Sony also spends money on new IPs instead of relying on just DLC.
dragonyght  +   383d ago
actually if you miss e3 you probably don't this Battlefield DLC also goes first on xbox one
NateCole  +   383d ago
But seriously guys. This is what some gamers are reduced to this gen. Hoping for exclusive or time exclusive DLC's. God Dam DLC's!!!.

Very disappointing.
Xsilver  +   383d ago
Im never buying a COD game again i stopped at black ops.
kenshiro100  +   383d ago
That's what pisses me off about Microsoft. They just spend their money on DLC instead of using it towards refreshing IPs.
alejandroelputo  +   383d ago
I really dislike Microsoft and everything they always do :/ they should know how to handle the gaming market and make gamers happy with their choice.
3-4-5  +   383d ago
BF it is.
RyuCloudStrife  +   383d ago
haha me too I don't even play CoD anymore.
Majin-vegeta  +   383d ago
Mehh COD is dead and has been dead since MW1.But ill admit WAW was awesome with its weapons.
mario19  +   383d ago
What are you talking about? Look at how many people play call of duty. Did it ever cross your small mind that CoD is not dead. Go play Resistance and then you see dead. Logon Socom for the PS2 to see what dead is like. You people should be ashamed to say things that simply are not the truth.
Salooh  +   383d ago
I think what he means that cod is not dead in sales but great vision is dead after world at war . Every time they release a sequel it's worst then the before it . I already convinced all my brothers that call of duty won't get better , except for the little one and guess how old is he , he's 16 years old lol . I'm shocked of how people continue playing it . They will wake up eventually .
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N2NOther  +   383d ago
Maybe someone who is older than you can explain why I still play it. Brace yourself...

Because it's fun. I love the controls, the pacing, the game modes, the map sizes, the movement more than any other competitive game on the market.

I play it every single year and enjoy the hell out of it.

Hope that helps.
Skips  +   383d ago
Agreed about WAW! That was an awesome COD... As for it being dead, it's far from it according to sales. But as for exclusive DLC, would rather have The Last Of Us DLC... :D


"Go play Resistance and then you see dead."

Or Halo 4? http://www.cinemablend.com/... : /
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DA_SHREDDER  +   383d ago
I don't know, my son showed me some stuff on bo2, its really good compared to all the last games since COD4.
laijka  +   383d ago
Your definition of "dead" is weird.
Snookies12  +   383d ago
It's far from dead, but good on Sony for not buying timed exclusive crap for CoD (which I'm sure cost a fortune). I hate that more than anything. They can put that money to better use funding actual games.
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j-blaze  +   383d ago
MS has timed exclusive content for CoD
Sony has timed exclusive content for Battlefield
Spoons  +   383d ago
Just because you don't think COD is good doesn't mean it's dead. It really isn't, it has a massive player base.
THC CELL  +   383d ago
Do people still play cod, spec after seeing parcel bf4 trailer, cod died for me. That double shotgun stunt made me throw the game in the bin not trade it bin it
ZodTheRipper  +   383d ago
Battlefield has became the same cash-grabbing machine as CoD in recent years ...but at least they are still trying to improve their games.
QuantumWake  +   383d ago
"Do people still play cod"

Yes, millions still buy and play COD. It's a big game with a very big community. It also helps that COD is also in the MLG circuit (being the primary FPS for MLG) and attracts even Halo players to switch over because that's where all the money is.

If you also take a look at some twitch channels (e.g. Optic Nadeshot) he pulls almost 10,000+ viewers playing league play. Yes I know most of them are probably kids but my point still stands.

COD is never going to die. As long as it remains competitive and teams are allowed to compete for big money it's only going to keep growing bigger.
finbars75  +   383d ago
Hes a pro thats the different.He brings in alot of people ,Plus look at that type of people who watch him and the immature comments that comes with it.Im sorry I do follow him and he doesnt bring in no 10,000 people your way off bud.usually its a few thousand yes but not 10,000.COD wont die agreed but the COD is taking the hits in how many people actually play the game compared to 5 years ago.Its decreasing alot.I play occasionally but theres not millions online either.Plus theres a difference between watching and playing.COD will never die because the parents now a days allow there 6 yeaold kids to play stuff there not suppose to because im sure they would have sissy fits like I see on a daily basis at Gamestop.Just silly as hell.
QuantumWake  +   383d ago
I'm usually on twitch most of the time and when he's scrimming it's definitely at 10000. It was a little bit of an exaggeration but he still pulls in thousands of viewers nonetheless.

Sure COD does pull in so many young kids but I still believe that as long as it stays competitive it will stay big. One of the biggest reasons why Halo 4's population has had a big decrease is because no more pros want to play a game that isn't supported by a major esports organization like MLG. Now we have to rely on AGL events which doesn't have as big as a payout as MLG does. That and also various other reasons I don't feel like getting into.
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iMixMasTer872   383d ago | Spam
Lone_Man  +   383d ago
deal with it everyone...
ZodTheRipper  +   383d ago
I don't think you'll find many people who care about timed CoD DLC these days, so yeah ...we deal with it without dealing with it.
Lone_Man  +   380d ago
i wrote it in a sarcastic way....
animegamingnerd  +   383d ago
if the sony cod fans can survive it this gen they can survive it the next gen
DigitalRaptor  +   383d ago
I've dealt with not having priority on timed exclusivity for years, and it doesn't bother me one bit, because:

1) I can enjoy a game as it stands immensely without DLC.

2) I sit safely in the knowledge that the DLC will arrive at some point in the future anyway.

3) I have immeasurably more games to fill the void on PlayStation as that company consistently provides games of their own and has better relationships with second and third party developers/publishers on a grander scale.

4) Sony has exclusive DLC of their own and it is VASTLY outweighing what MS can muster, with all those billions of dollars. 21 major publishers in deals with Sony to provide exclusive content. http://www.vg247.com/2013/0...

Microsoft's major advantages have been rescinded across the board.
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Angerfist  +   383d ago
It certainly is a bigger Deal than they want to admit, BF4 will also ne DLC first on Xbox. Those Games atrract Millions of Gamers.
dboyc310  +   383d ago
but getting map packs first isn't all that great. Believe it or not people are able to wait.
solidworm  +   383d ago
TPSou  +   383d ago
Where do you get your figures from? In a quick google search the only one I can find is vgchartz.com and on that Cod Ghosts is just over 10k higher on PS4 then Xbox One (so about 4%) but you're right about the ps4 version of Battlefield, that's on about double what the Xbox One version is, The Xbox 360 is leading on that with 40k more than the ps4, then ps3 then Xbox One.

Is there another place to get data for pre-orders?
Death  +   383d ago
There is no chart tracking service for pre-orders. This includes VGC, they simply make up their numbers based on nothing.
MysticStrummer  +   383d ago
360 had CoD DLC 1st for the whole generation, and ended up third place anyway...
solidworm  +   383d ago
Will be too busy playing KZSF AND bf4 TO GIVE A FCUK about the latest copy and paste COD.
jay2  +   383d ago
The only way I'd play cod is if I pirated it. Which I don't do. Doesn't affect me in the slightest
skydragoonity  +   383d ago
lol of cus its not the end of the world.
_FantasmA_  +   383d ago
LOL @ people who can't wait a month to get ripped off for 5 similar maps for a game they got ripped off on because they've been buying it since 2007.
iiwii  +   382d ago
agree. i don't buy COD dlc. Its all the same and all rehashed crap. But I do still enjoy the series somewhat.

What I find even more "end of the world" is Activision telling PS4 players they dont get dedicated servers. That makes this one an automatic non purchase for me.
Avernus  +   383d ago
CoD at this point is almost irrelevant to me. There's so many other games on PS4 (and xbox one) that are more enticing. Same engine? Really? Same everything basically for next gen. Unbelievable. Other companies taking advantage of new hardware. Activision / IW / 3Arc? nope... copy paste the previous CoD, add a few percs, a few maps, a couple extra game modes, and voilà! Instant success.

If it works, why change it. Sadly that's the way they think, and it's making them billions of dollars.
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USMC_POLICE  +   383d ago
I'm kinda upset Sony lost the battlefield dlc deal.
HeyImBen1  +   383d ago
Nobody cares, really. We have GTA V and Destiny on our side and they are obviously better than Cod, lol.

And on Ps4/Ps3 we have exclusive content on many games like batman, ac4, watchdogs, which is even better than earlier DLCs.
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llMurcielagoll  +   383d ago
To be honest, it is not much of an issue to me as well. I I stopped playing CoD all together since MW2 and I do not see myself buying any CoD DLC at all let alone buying the upcoming ghosts lol.
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sly-Famous  +   383d ago
I'll be playing KZ, thank you very much.
SynestheticRoar  +   383d ago
KOOL. I'm looking forward to getting killed by invisible players, or maybe players who shoot thro walls. That game is a joke. The only thing that gets better in COD are the glitches.
_LarZen_  +   383d ago
For the millions that play COD it maters, and that's why most COD players play on a X360.

And if Sony do not have dedicated servers for Ghosts like on the XBO it sure as heck will mater.
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TKCMuzzer  +   383d ago
Do you not think that's a worry? That peoples perception is that gamers only buy a 360 for COD?

On another note, I think it will take more than dedicated servers to sort out CODs online issues.
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_LarZen_  +   383d ago
I don't think that they buy the X360 only for the DLC but it's one of the reasons. It makes a choice of a console easier.

I am a COD player on PC and I have no issues with the online part, what I have a issue with is P2P.

Dedicated servers will be a huge thing for COD. No more latency issues.
TKCMuzzer  +   383d ago
Latency is only part of the problem with cod, there are far worse issues, weapon balancing, line of sight issues, hit detection, material thickness (shoot through 2 walls but not thinner material's) and the list goes on.
I'll take a bit of lag if they would sort all the other crap out.
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JunioRS101  +   383d ago
They say that because it's really not the end of the world.

Now what IS the end of the world, is Xbox kids won't get the instant access to Destiny content like PS kids will.

Now THAT seems more devastating than silly CoDogs.
TKCMuzzer  +   383d ago
As a gamer I would never consider buying a game or console based on timed dlc. I certainly don't think third parties should have timed dlc as they are supposed to be about every gamer. I get quite annoyed about all the third party dlc announcements at game shows etc, especially when it comes to promoting a system. Its your system let your games do the talking not third party timed dlc.
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pyramidshead  +   383d ago
It seems we share the same attitude to timed COD DLC Sony. ;)
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ghostrider32  +   383d ago
Their fans say the game is for mindless idiots anyway.
Red_Devilz  +   383d ago
Thats typical MS. They don't want to cultivate their own studios. Rather, they are much happy to pay huge money to get stupid timed exclusives, which, IMHO has no real value. I mean how can you ever compare a Sony-owned studio making an amazing new IP like TLOU to a stupid timed exclusive DLC (not even game) by a franchise who's next-gen leap is f*king intelligent fish!
Kayant  +   383d ago
Well it's not like any timed exclusive... You still getting the content on the platform of your choice at the end of the day.
Kayant  +   383d ago
Edit - Mean to say *That's like any timed exclusive"
kenshiro100  +   383d ago
Hated the CoD series so it doesn't bother me one bit. I'll be playing better shooters on my PS4 either way.
strigoi814  +   383d ago
Well actually i could care less coz i know for sure a week or two i will get those timed exclusives DLC, and Sony didnt even pay that huge ton of amount to get things done...its just sad video game developers are like this nowadays
KontryBoy706  +   383d ago
Of course it's not the end of the world. More and more people have stopped falling for that overpriced crap anyways. We want expansions not 5 maps and some of them recycled for $15
Lykon  +   383d ago
COD ? Are people still bothered about that?
elda  +   382d ago
MS can keep COD including its dlc as far as I'm concern,I like shooters like Resistance,Killzone,Borderland s,MLL etc.
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jjb1981  +   382d ago
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