GamerRevolution Claims The Oculus Rift's Virtual Reality Makes Your Head Feel Like A Spaceship

It makes you feel a little sick while playing, but not too much. Because the screens you're looking at are truly very small, there's a lack of spectacle to it (though that might have also just been the relatively dumbed-down Hawken demo)

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Kingthrash3601545d ago

why is it I think of brain explosions whenever I see a oculus? would be awsome though! lol

HectorSalamanca1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Just look at what would happen to poor grandma! (Watching two girls, one cup)

Kingthrash3601545d ago

rofl! man oh man thats exactly what she's watching! .....your a sick person .....bub+

knifefight1545d ago

When are these hitting the mass market? I'm interested to see the market response. Feels like I've been reading these kinds of teases forever.

Angeljuice1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

When it does release, there's going to be a whole lot of fraudsters jumping on it with one thing in mind...

"Using this device has given me terrible migraine headaches (never had them before in my life). Stopped playing months ago but still getting ill and had to quit my job, gonna sue for compensation".

Its a sad fact, but I guarantee it will happen, and if the first legal challenge is successful it will open the floodgates for class action suits.

Maybe I'm being cynical but if I were a dishonest person I'd be looking at it as a possible free ticket to an easy life.

cesuf1544d ago

Not so different from current 3D movies that have been going strong for several years now at movie theaters. You don't see your apocalyptic doomsday prediction of endless lawsuits going on there.

Angeljuice1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Well if you look back at previous 3d *headsets*, there have been several lawsuits. Virtual Boy made so many people sick they had to stop selling it (I know that Nintendo had lawsuits in several countries with that).
It is quite different from 3D cinema in many ways, as I'm sure you know. I hope I am wrong, I genuinely do, but my faith in human nature is obviously lower than yours.

Still want to experience it for myself though, sounds amazing.

ibrake4naps1544d ago

I don't get headaches with 3d. Just as excited for this as ps4, if they shift their focus to supporting it...

JsonHenry1543d ago

I've watched the video of grandma with the headset. She loved it. She talked about how great it was and it was just like being there in person. She never complained of headaches or vertigo.