PAX: Xbox One and PS4 face off on show floor, sorta

GeekWire: Whoever laid out the show floor at the Penny Arcade Expo has a sense of humor, or at least a taste for competition.

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Dragonborn3121906d ago

Sounds like a lot of fun for the attendees, as they get to try out both consoles and play some games.

Interesting tidbit from the article, not that it means much: "Actually, the PS4 itself isn’t technically being played. The console is under glass at each station, but the actual games are powered by a dev machine hidden in the case. Microsoft, in contrast, is letting gamers play actual Xbox Ones."

slimeybrainboy1906d ago

I saw that BF4 was not being played on XB1 consoles, nor dev kits but PC's. I wouldnt know whether this is just for BF4 but I wouldnt be suprised if both consoles are not actually there.

Consiering both consoles are yet to complete the UI's, and software I'm not sure why either console at this stage would be running on retail units. I would expect both to be running on PC/devkits.

Septic1906d ago

So then why is everyone making a big deal on this thread about the BF4 Xbox One Demo running on a PC at PAX?

Dragonborn3121906d ago

Very good point. I was only pointing it out because I was stating that it must be fun for the attendees to get to try out the next-gen consoles. Regardless though, they get to try out the games which is what matters.

iamnsuperman1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

A tiny question but how does he know. If the dev kit are hidden in the case how does he know they are not running on PS4s. He said they were hidden :/

Not saying they aren't but pictures dam it otherwise the quote comes off as a fanboy side comment

isarai1906d ago

yeah i mean he provides no form or proof or even validity for that matter. i mean it's entirely possible but the least you can do is prove it.

HammadTheBeast1906d ago

Dev Kit = Console

Windows 8 running PC =/= Console

ZBlacktt1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I'll be there tomorrow ( Saturday ). Can't wait! I will ask everything and take picture's of everything.

Gamescom just last week at the AC4 BF area:


AceBlazer131906d ago

That last paragraph smelt like fanboyism.

mario191906d ago

So do your comments from history

AceBlazer131906d ago

First things first I'm not writing articles for anyone so I can show my bias.Secondly I don't think of myself as a fanboy, if Microsoft does something good I'll commend them for it but I prefer sony.Finally, looking at my comment history dude? Kinda creepy.

mario191906d ago

Based on my disagrees not only are you a fanboy but you also have multiple accounts

Angeljuice1906d ago

Or maybe some people just disagree with you?

theWB271906d ago

You know how silly it is to point that out as if it's Microsoft's fault. This is pretty much the only release game on each console that's still not being shown running on actual consoles.

But here ya go anyway...

"I'll get the big one out of the way: the framerate is highly variable right now. I'd estimate the range was 20 to 60 depending on where in the map I was and what kind of action was happening. Most of the time it seemed to stay at 30. There's severe aliasing issues and horrible dithering on all foliage. Worse than Witcher 2 shadow dithering."

This...BF4 not running well at all on PS4.

It's DICE...not the X1 at this point.

iamnsuperman1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I agree. It is DICE but we have a problem in the industry with those (journalists) type of people. Looking for a scandal here and there but putting the blame in the wrong place. The blame should be directed at DICE not Microsoft or Sony. It isn't up to them if the game runs on PCs or consoles or the game looks crap. It should be all on DICE yet people forget that

n4rc1906d ago

Did you guys happen to play the bf3 beta?

Its was brutal.. Absolutely full of graphical bugs and glitches...

But the game ended up quite good when it launched.. Nothing new for dice really

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