Double Fine working on DLC for 'The Playroom'

Double Fine is working on DLC for PS4 tech demo, The Playroom. The DLC will be available to all PS4 owners free of charge.

Majin-vegeta976d ago

Sony is on freaking fire baby!!!

Sarobi976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

I just noticed there was 3 another announcements by the time I posted this. Tons of content is coming.

sinncross976d ago

Yeah man, seemed like they had new info for PAX.

Now we have the SCEJA conference in 9 days, a nearly 2 weeks later its their TGS conference.

Goodness... the info from Sony just does not stop.

aceitman976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

sony has more games cumming the ps4 announcements are making me->

Eddie20101976d ago

I'm Sure it will be something really cool and funny, I'm very kinda interested.

PirateKing976d ago

Ok Sony I give up, I'll buy the PS4 camera.

r21976d ago

I will too, maybe sometime after a few impression and or months. With DF making this game and the DLC FREE, I can bet fun things to be expected!

ElementX976d ago

I'm also going to buy the camera. People say Sony is about choices however I think they should charge a little more for the PS4 and include it with every console. My Move collected dust because there weren't many quality titles which used it. I hope more people buy the camera this time around.

ZodTheRipper976d ago

I'm sure they will once Sony supports it properly. I think it's only missing some killer apps for Move, the hardware definately has potential but I'm not buying it for facial recognition or voice commands lol

mario19976d ago

Pirate I give up... You are a bigger fanboy than me

PirateKing976d ago

That was sarcasm. I probly won't even buy the camera in the long run.

Stabward976d ago

I was skeptical about the PS4 camera at first, not usually into the whole motion gaming shiznit. But since they're bundling it really cheap, we might as well give teh playroom a go.

ElementX976d ago

As of now the bundle isn't available in the US but even if it were, I'm not sure I'd want to risk losing my day 1 console because I "got out of line".

yellowgerbil976d ago

not buying the camera till can get it bundled with whatever the next MediaMolecule game is comes out. Hopefully will get word of what that will be by TGS