Cloudberry Kingdom Review (Nintendo-Okie)

"Kickstarter has become the home of many video game related projects. Some of them have been successful, at least in terms of money, but we’re just now starting to see some of the games from the Kickstarter rush being released. Cloudberry Kingdom is one of those games. The Kickstarter campaign promised infinite levels and it delivers.
What You Need to Know
Cloudberry Kingdom is a game that prides itself on infinity. The game’s biggest hook is the ability for it to create an infinite number of levels, which would mean you could play the game every day and never play the same level twice. There is a story that features a traditional kidnapped princess with a hero who must rescue her. This story mode features hundreds of levels that get progressively harder and use the various special abilities of the hero. There are also multiple arcade modes that feature standard side scrolling platform levels, time attacks where you must grab collectibles in the level to add more time to the countdown clock. It also features a mode that gives you random power ups for every level. If that’s not enough you have a customizable level editor that will let you choose how much of each possible obstacle there can be in the level.", writes Nintendo-Okie.

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