Lococycle Is Crazy Fast Arcade Fun | GameInformer

GameInformer: "Microsoft is showing confidence in Twisted Pixel and its new marketplace format by launching the console with Lococycle."

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Fyflin1906d ago

I like twisted pixel but I still don't quite 'get' this game, the combat looks interesting though. And what's with the graphics?? This isn't a stylised game (like say, 'splosion man was), the graphics are just really poor.

LoveSpuds1906d ago

I am far from a graphics whore, I prize gameplay above all else, but this game looks dreadful.

If I didnt know better I would guess this was some iOS shovelware.

The idea that MS are counting this as one of their amazing exclusives is quite baffling to me.

urwifeminder1906d ago

Love their humour since the expansion of gunstringer so I will check this out for sure.

lfPetrini1906d ago

No this game cannot be fun because it is on M$ platform!!!11!1one!