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GameSpot: "The strange and delightful Rayman Legends offers a dizzying adventure whose only low point is in the few touch-screen stages."

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Thatguy-3101932d ago

lol so much for the touch-screen advantage. Picking this up for the ps3

Venox20081932d ago

I have just played it on PC with joypad (so its just like on ps3) I can clearly say now that it was made for Wii U..especially you can feel on those Murphy scenes, after some time I will buy it for my Wii U also, its much better there, gamepad makes it much more enjoyable

CFDTBone1932d ago

Some people prefer just mashing a button over creative interaction. Like training wheels.

AusRogo1932d ago

Will be getting it for Vita. Ive got Origins too but haven't gotten around to it yet.. too many games and no time :(

HarryMasonHerpderp1932d ago

Same here, loved Origins on my Vita it just felt great on a handheld and the graphics are gorgeous.

AusRogo1932d ago

The little I played of it I noticed how good it looks on Vita! Actually going to finally start playing it more now.. do you know if it has co op for vita, mate?

HarryMasonHerpderp1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It's a great game.
Rayman Origins doesn't have co op for the Vita unfortunately.
(the only bad thing about it)
but they are including it in the Vita version for Rayman Legends.

weekev151932d ago

I think playing as a lone wolf makes the touch screen not as fun. Ive just completed the main game with my wife playing as murphy and its probably the best local coop ive ever played.

Especially love the 8bit levels at the end. I wont spoil it but those levels alone make it an essential purchase IMO.

DivineAssault 1931d ago

lol that sucks that the gamepad is pretty much a distraction instead of innovation but whatever.. Is there a head2head on the graphics for wiiu vs 360 vs ps3 vs vita anywhere? i would like to know the differences