Actor Cas Anvar Talks Assassins Creed 4

The actor behind Ezio in Assassin's Creed II, Cas Anvar, talks about adding pirates to the mix at the Assassin's Creed IV party in this exclusive interview.

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ZBlacktt1699d ago

Awh, that voice!!!! My favorite Assassin! I wish he could make a come back, lol.

Tolten961699d ago

He does not do the voice of Ezio he does Altaïr

gamerlive1699d ago

This guy is also starring in the new Diana movie.

AedanClarke1699d ago

That isn't Ezio's voice. Ezio was played by Roger Craig Smith. Aka, Batman in Arkham Origins.

Check your facts, people! It isn't that hard.

PhantomT14121699d ago

I prefered Altair's voice in the first game.