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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – What's Inside the Return to Rapture

The ending to Bioshock Infinite opened up endless possibilities for the game series. Now, Irrational Games is exploring one of these possibilities with the upcoming release of Burial at Sea episode 1. The new content will be set in a pre-war Rapture and feature alternate-universe versions of Booker and Elizabeth. (BioShock Infinite - Burial At Sea, BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds, BioShock: Infinite, PS3, Xbox 360)

ErryK  +   816d ago
Can't wait, already got a season pass.
Kevlar009  +   816d ago
Any excuse to go back to Rapture is a good one.

Seeing how Bioshock 2 wasn't made by Irrational it will be nice to see how Kev Levine tackles his second journey to Rapture (the original is the Rapture we know and love)
Jovanian  +   816d ago
the only thing I really hope is that these DLCs are lengthy 10 hours each. I will be so disappointed if its a dinky little 2 hour adventure
gillri  +   816d ago
they wont be that long each no way, little optimistic there

I reckon about 3/4 hours each

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