Microsoft: No plans to include a free title for Xbox One preorders outside of EU

Examiner: "Microsoft just recently announced that everyone who pre-ordered an Xbox One in Europe would be getting a free copy of FIFA 14 when the console launches this fall. When that was announced at Gamescom, many began to speculate what the rest of the world would be received. For all of those folks, we have some tough news today as Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson, has confirmed today that Microsoft has no additional plans to include a free title with pre-orders outside of Europe."

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ABeastNamedTariq1929d ago

I guess people hoping for Madden or COD (in the U.S.) won't have their dreams come true. The U.S. is their primary market anyway, they don't really need it, methinks. It was only to increase preorders in EU, right?

black0o1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

it might happen after launch tho, when they lag behind the ps4 they'll hve to act and you may see a free COD or froza

Abash1929d ago

That really sucks, it'd make the $500 price tag much more bearable with a free game

Enemy1929d ago

No one sees why? They suck in Europe. Only way people will buy Xbox One there is with a free FIFA. Of course they won't do it in North America. They're American, and sell best here.

zeal0us1929d ago

I doubt it since the demands for the X1 is higher in the U.S than anywhere else.

I suspect MS will offer free games when they launch the X1 in Japan next year as well.

badz1491929d ago

lol this article really brings me back to the article when Jum Ryan said giving a free game is odd.

where's Death now? I wonder if he still support MS now that MS refuse to give those in NA free games like in Europe! BURN!!

slimeybrainboy1928d ago


Yeah its not about adding value for the package it's about encouraging preorders.

This shows that MS were dissapointed by EU preorders, but it also shows that they're satisfied with US preorders.


gaffyh1928d ago

@slimey - Yeah, it basically means they will sell out in the US, but weren't going to sell out in Europe before. Most of their fanbase is in the US, I think it is 2/3, so it was very unlikely that the Xbone would not sell well. The dudebros will buy it no matter what the price, what matters is what happens after that initial first rush of sales. And that goes for both Sony and MS.

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come_bom1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Europeans deserve a free game with the X1 since they pay much more for the console... 500€ = 660$

Sony should also give something to Europeans with the PS4, 400€ = 530$

Europeans deserve more the just a free game... the price diference is appalling.

Rhinoceros1929d ago

Why don't you guys grow a corporation that makes consoles and charge everybody else more? Welcome to the world market, brah.

HeyImBen11929d ago

Can't believe people disagree with you, lol. We are paying more, we deserve it.

Minato-Namikaze1929d ago

But isnt tax already included in your price? We still have to pay tax on it over here.

1929d ago
gaffyh1928d ago

@minato - What's the amount of tax you would have to pay?

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Tapioca Cold1929d ago

Nope. Its because americans live on credit and buy everything!! They know americans will buy xbox one regardless of price. Just look at where xbox live gold got us. The biggest online pass!! Now sony's doing it too. Thanks MS and the great US of A!!

TheBrit1929d ago

Does that not ring true for the play station also then? as you put it "Americans live on credit and will buy everything" ???!!!!

Grimhammer001929d ago

Actually it was only for RETAINING preorders in UK.

Irony is you can get PS4+FIFA 14 and still be cheaper than the alternative.

TheFutureIsBlue1929d ago

EA already stated it was to get more sells in Europe. Do you xbots not see how greedy that is? They only do things that benefit their pockets. Yes, I know Sony is a company too, but do you see them pulling this bullshit? Ignorance.

TheBrit1929d ago

Yes, in fact I HAVE seen SONY pull this BULLSHIT - It's called the launch of the PS3

badz1491929d ago


what makes you say that? because the PS3 was $600? do you know how much a standalone Bluray player cost at the PS3 launch? ~$1000 and Sony was offering the PS3 with the best Bluray player on the market for $600 ($500 for 20GB and no wifi model) and you're calling them BS?

no BD player from 2006 can play 3D Bluray but the PS3 does. THAT alone speaks volume about how far ahead Sony was planning the PS3 for. sure they lost money a lot in the process but thanks to the PS3, BD is now the standard for Full HD movies.

BLAKHOODe1929d ago

On the flip side, Japan is Sony's primary audience and look up the ridiculous number of free games Sony has given Japan through Playstation Plus. Sony takes care of it's own.

I don't get the American mentality of letting it's people suffer, while putting tons of money into other countries. And this goes beyond gaming, but in American politics. I guess Microsoft and the US government have the same expert that thinks this is a good idea. IDK.

medman1928d ago

I don't see how their promotion will increase preorders in Europe. Only the uneducated would preorder the Xbone, as any consumer could get the PS4, a copy of Fifa 14, Drive Club free, 3 free indie titles at launch (including Resogun), plus the instant games collection for psplus, all for less than what that Xbone preorder cost. Wow. No competition. Promotion is aimed at dum-dums. Maybe they will hook a few suckers, but isn't that what Microsoft does everywhere, considering how little they offer for live gold for what they charge?

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Stuntz1929d ago

Absolutely no reason for them to give us a free game here in America. This was strictly for them to gain more sales in Europe. Microsoft is the dominant company here in US, so it is not needed for them, since the product is selling fine.

HammadTheBeast1929d ago

Well, I wouldn't say that, according to the recent pre-order charts. They have a solid hold with 360, but how far can brand loyalty really go?

TheFutureIsBlue1929d ago

That isn't ok though. How is that being fair for everyone else? "You get a free game cause we want more money from you" No...just no

theWB271929d ago

It's not that big of a deal..would've been nice. Still feel like I'm getting a helluva system for the price.

Hicken1928d ago

Not that big of a deal, but if they'd have announced that they WERE giving away a free game elsewhere, it'd be HUGE.

I believe this is what they call sour grapes?

theWB271928d ago

It's what they call...oh well I was getting an X1 before they announced it for Euro and I'm getting an X1 after they said no to NA.

I'll play Spark for free...ya know the great looking game creator they've been showing off and announced it would be free for everyone. I'm slightly allergic to grapes anyway....stay away from that kind of stuff ; )

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