Gamecell UK: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Review

Gamecell UK writes:

"I could talk about genuine innovations to the series like the Quick Tune option or GTTV, but what's the point when the very basics are so sadly lacking behind EVERY other major driving franchise out there? With GRID on the horizon as well, unless the full version of GT5 pulls some major rabbits out of the hat, I'm afraid that the GT series will still be living in the late '90s rather than the 21st Century.

I'm not blind to the fact that there's a lot of people out there who almost treat the GT games as a kind of interactive showroom, and, for those people this is going to satisfy their needs, but for those of us who like our racing games to be thrilling as well as pretty, we'll be getting our thrills elsewhere."

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Genesis53896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

There always has to be one idiot that gives a great game a bad score. Just to try stir the pot.

jwatt3896d ago

Yea I think critics should be harsh on GT prologue, In the end it will make GT5 much better.

IntelligentAj3896d ago

I had to get skeptical once he said exciting also. I don't know what GT he's been playing but every iteration has been exciting for me but even more important is that it's been REALISTIC. If i wanted to play burnout or some arcade racer I would buy it but I appreciate realism. And he shot himself in the foot with that "mostly aesthetic damage". I don't give a damn how the car looks. I would be a little pissed if I slammed into a wall nose first and my car handled exactly the same. Everyone seems to hyped on car damage but am I only one who doesn't give a damn about it?

sonarus3896d ago

To each his own. This is a sim racer yet he brings up grid. If you are not into sim racers, why bother reviewing the game.

Marceles3896d ago

He's definitely a PS3 hater...the review wreaks of sarcasm

"“16 cars on track” boast isn’t without its drawback – most noticeably, some rather horrible slowdown on the most powerful console in the Universe"

"With GRID on the horizon as well, unless the full version of GT5 pulls some major rabbits out of the hat, I’m afraid that the GT series will still be living in the late '90s rather than the 21st Century"

"Here we are in 2008, with beauties like Forza 2, PGR 4 and DiRT all offering stunningly lit and constructed car models…but also with rather lovely (if mostly aesthetic only) damage modelling, or, in the case of Burnout Paradise (admittedly, not real world cars, but pretty nonetheless) astonishingly intricate crash physics, and then GT5: Prologue comes along with not even rudimentary damage modelling"

Genesis53896d ago

Yeah he seems to be a little biased towards the system. I'm sure if it was as bad as this guy makes it out to be. It wouldn't be sitting at the top of all the software charts.

Time Lord3896d ago

What a cunt! I got GT5 and am yet to suffer from these slowdown this guy talking about.

perils3896d ago

@2.2 hey thats one of them there sweary words!!!! lol

aaron58293896d ago

You kidding me !?!?!?

I've played this since it first released in Japan, and i have yet to see any "horrible" slow downs.. sure, it drops when 15 cars are in front of you, but not horrible.. it drops to 40-45fps... you call that horrible ?!?

yanikins1113896d ago

Yes I do.

Nah. Tis sweet.

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Fishy Fingers3896d ago

Well everyone's entitled to their opinion. Doesn't mean I have to agree with it mind.

ben hates you3896d ago

look at the other ps3 reviews uncharted got 10/10

gambare3896d ago

He must hate the racing games

meepmoopmeep3896d ago


these are different reviewers. look at who's the author not the site.

iAmPS33896d ago


flambeau3896d ago

I agree with you completely.

ben hates you3896d ago

you're both acting retarded, you're telling him to go to hell because his opinion is different from yours, you know what YOU GO TO HELL

Xlll3896d ago

Someone that don't even own a PS3 is doing a review? Yeah i think that's all that needs to be said about this.

RAF-TECH3896d ago

oh wow.
someone needs to own a ps3 to actually review it?
Is there no other way?
like... playing it at a friends house and testing it out for yourself.

The Bias is already there if your an owner and just waiting and hoping for good outcome.

It's a 6.
it aint the end of the world. More reviews will come in.
IGN, EGM, 1up, Gametrailers etc.

jromao3896d ago

Seems this article was created with one goal, very clear what, stupid in each word, it's joke for sure.

BrianC62343896d ago

Isn't this the first bad review of this game? I sure haven't seen anything about the lag. I guess I'll find out this week. I think it's just an Xbot though or his Internet connection is horrible.

power of Green 3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Would he be a PS3 lover if he liked it?.

I'v seen great scores for PS3 games from this source why do you Sony supporters see only in black or white? its almost as if folks supporting Sony are wired different.

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heyheyhey3896d ago

ever heard of Gamecell UK?

INehalemEXI3896d ago

gamewho? what, where am I?

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