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Kamiya Doesn't Think Bayonetta 3 Will Ever Happen, But Is Open To Okami Sequel

Bayonetta 2 isn't even out yet, but poor old Hideki Kamiya is already being forced to think possible sequels. Speaking to 4Gamers, he was asked about creating games based on existing IPs, and gave the following reply: (Bayonetta 2, Nintendo, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   730d ago
Hmmm...hint...Wii u exclusive?
awesomeabe1998  +   730d ago
Most likely. I never played Okami so I dont really know what the game is but if people liked it then Platinum should make it Wii U exclusive. Oh and the reason I think it will be Wii U exclusive is because Kamiya said that he would love Platinum to be owned by Nintendo ( I always forget that word that means to be owned by a gaming company).
GreatGamePlay  +   730d ago
I love woman.
LOL_WUT  +   730d ago
Nintendo should make it an exclusive ;)
gillri  +   730d ago
never played Okami? Its better than Many Zelda games
DeletedAcc  +   730d ago
Okami sequel on playstation

They know it will sell better on ps4 and its easier to develop
Venox2008  +   730d ago
ya, Okami sold better than on Wii.. actually sales on Wii are much better :) anyway I welcome it on any platform..

and please, pleasy Kamiya, make a God Hand 2.. I love that game and Viewtiful joe 3
j-blaze  +   730d ago
Okami was on Wii too, and Okamiden is DS exclusive...i remember Okami HD was release on psn it flopped cuz of the poor sales, so Okami sequel better be on Wii U exclusively
you wait for your next uncharted
wanieldiik  +   730d ago
@J-blaze unless you can provide a source for the poor sales you're just talking out of your ass
LonDonE  +   730d ago
Okami on the game pads touch screen would be perfect, seriously if nintendo bought platinum that would be awesome! since playing bayonetta most action games combat just feel too simple and easy, bayonetta is bat shit crazy and i LOVE IT! cant wait for bayonetta 2, that's one game which will most likely never leave my wii u drive!!

I wish konami would get off their ass and release metal gear rising on wii u, hell mgs games never sell well on xbox, so why cant they release it on a nintendo console instead?
platinum games always put rock solid game play first, and frame rate too, granted the PS3 version of bayonetta wasn't good compared to the xbox version, but sega ported that, not platinum, either way after the patch the ps3 version plays fine now!

Kamiya has said again and again that he wants to make a star fox game, and that he would love to be nintendo only or if nintendo owned them, so why has nintendo missed all this?
seriously the guy and his team are awesome and have made some of the best critically acclaimed games around, why don't nintendo snap them up?
They have billions in cash reserves, they could do with a few more development studios under their belt, that way those long droughts wouldn't be a problem!!
DeletedAcc  +   730d ago
I hope u know that okami started on PLAYSTATION

u should wait for your zelda wich still doesnt grow up like other nintendo games
And now answer with your last bubble
PSNintyGamer  +   730d ago
@sackboyboy305 so what if it started on Playstation? Third Party Exclusive games jump all the time
kreate  +   730d ago
' so what if it started on Playstation? Third Party Exclusive games jump all the time'

If it started on playstation, than there should be some fans on the playstation group.

Like if gears 4 was released on ps4, there still should be some fans on the xbox side.
Tei777  +   730d ago
The Wii U, PS4 and PSVita would all be great platforms for Okami 2.
Deadpoolio  +   730d ago
Nothing will ever really stay a Wii U exclusive keep those delusions going....Remember when Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's edge was a Wii U exclusive and wasn't going anywhere...How did that work out again? Unless it suddenly becomes crazy profitable which it wont CAPCOM the owners of the IP wont make anything exclusive
ritsuka666  +   729d ago
Just look for the agrees of first post man... this is getting annoying people, in all articles of Nintendo haters coming for troling.
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awesomeabe1998  +   730d ago
gaelic_laoch  +   730d ago
:) Goodluck with that!
R00bot  +   730d ago
An FPS made by Nintendo could be great.

But they've got Metroid, and they could add in FPS multiplayer in it (the prime games are more adventure than FPS).
miyamoto  +   730d ago
... and spoil their clean kiddie friendly image? nope. Ninty will never get their hands dirty with that. Metroid is as far as they would go.
Fierce Musashi  +   730d ago
If that was ever was the case, they wouln't have released or be bothering with games such as the Fire Emblem franchise (and it's upcoming collaboration with Shin Megami), Xenoblade (along with X), Bayonetta 2, etc. Consider it spoiled.

Hell, even the latest Zelda's prologue that told of the Ancient Battle wasn't all that "kiddie friendly".... nor was Demise's story or Ghirahim himself.

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reploidmega  +   730d ago
And yet they've bought and paid for every last sexually aggressive little curve of Bayonetta 2.
Gee, I'm sure little 7-year-old Timmy's parents are really going to love getting THAT game for him!
Oh, wait...
Concertoine  +   730d ago
Anyone else remember that creative fps nintendo published way back on the gamecube?? I remember it flopped but it was a good game and rated m.
WPX  +   730d ago

I think you mean Geist. As you say, sadly, It didn't sell well but it was a very good game.
Not sure if it was N-Space who made it back then.
miyamoto  +   729d ago
LoL at disagrees. Nintendo will pay 3 rd party devs & pubs to so it for for them but their 1st party wont or cant.
Even Metroid fps debelopment were outsourced.

I reckon Iwata really wanted a piece of HD CoD and BF money hence the move to HD

But it did not work out well for Ninty.

PS at musashi

you call Fire Emblem mature gaming?
get back at me when I see a hame as ultra violent God of War III on Wii U.
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WPX  +   729d ago
yeah, the Metroid deVelopment was outsourced to an studio WHOLLY owned by them, Retro Studios.
miyamoto  +   729d ago
LoL at disagrees. Nintendo will pay 3 rd party devs & pubs to so it for for them but their 1st party wont or cant.
Even Metroid fps development were outsourced.

I reckon Iwata really wanted a piece of HD CoD and BF money hence the move to HD

But it did not work out well for Ninty.
miyamoto  +   729d ago
LoL at disagrees. Nintendo will pay 3 rd party devs & pubs to so it for for them but their 1st party wont or cant.
Even Metroid fps development were outsourced.

I reckon Iwata really wanted a piece of HD CoD and BF money hence the move to HD

But it did not work out well for Ninty.

don't make afool of yourself. Retro Studio was not owned by Nintendo when they were first commissioned to make Metroid
consider yourself owned.
Fierce Musashi  +   729d ago
Way to waste all of your bubbles.

You know, this isn't the first time I'll seen this lame argument. And every time, it's always "ultra violent" or shooter games that are supposed to be considered "mature" or non kiddy. That doesn't sound like something a mature person or gamer (especially a veteran) would say. You seem like one of those gamers who would, at the first glance, call a game like Tales of Symphonia 'kiddy' because it colorful. But nevertheless, let's continue.....

So basically, forget telling a non kid friendly story with events that take place during a WAR with non kid friendly dialog (Fire Emblem). It is still in the realms of the kid friendly image simply because it lacks God of War's level of violence?...... You're a riot. Do me a favor: watch some cut scenes in Fire Emblem 13 and Xenoblade. I doubt they will convince you otherwise, ah well. lol

You're original argument was that Nintendo wouldn't make an FPS because it would hurt their kid friendly image. I've explained to you why only someone with a lack of knowledge on games under Nintendo's wing would only say such a thing by listing some non kid friendly games. And now it's about God of War's level of violence?....... Pfft I have no idea what you consider to be "mature gaming" or out of the realms of the "kid friendly image", nor do I want to know. That's barely what this is about. However, if nothing in my little list given above can classify as games out of the "Kiddy Realm" and/or not harmful to the image, then by that logic, the Uncharted & Infamous franchises are in that realm. And I know damn well you will refuse to believe such an idea, but it's your logic.

Stick to your original argument or get lost. There are enough flip-flopping fish with warped perspectives on this site.

Oh, and seeing how Nintendo owns the Bayonetta IP and is paying for it's development, you have your ultra violent game on the Wii U.
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WPX  +   729d ago
tsk tsk. sullying the game of that great man, lol.
Even though they were outsourced at first(altho for a little bit of time), Retro became a FIRST party in May 2, 2002. 6 months before Metroid Prime was published. ALL of the other Prime games were "in-house" since Retro was part of the company by then (save for Hunters, which was done by Nintendo Software Technologies (NST))
So no, miyamo-chi, only the first deVelopment (yes with that "v", nor "b") was partially outsourced. And by the way, the only one making a fool of himself is you. Do research, then argue.

Now, ahhh the "ultraviolent" topic, or more like senseless violence. Well some games can mess up your head without a single drop of blood (or maybe a bit of it) case in point, Eternal Darkness (even tho it was developed by Silicon Knights it is still a Nintendo IP), it goes beyond violent to mess directly with your head. What is more "mature" than that.
NateCole  +   730d ago
Hack and Slash do well on PS. Just saying.
Shinox  +   730d ago
Whoever Disagrees with you have no kind of mental

God of war
Devil may Cry
Shadow of Rome
Rise of the Kasai

Those games were very very successful on PlayStation platform so why not let developers know where Hack n' Slash games belong in the first place if they want to make some profit

guess its too late to say that
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Concertoine  +   730d ago
Bayonetta clearly didnt do well enough.
And okami is not a hack and slash, its an action/adventure game, in fact most people compare it to zelda.
Shinox  +   730d ago

Uh NO , Its actually sold very well on PS3 compared to 360 version


and i didn't mention Okami on my comment

Geez Nintendo fans just give up , why are you even bothering at this point lol
#3.1.2 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report
WPX  +   730d ago
But did not do well enough according to Sega and canned the sequel (and the rest is history). Even though quantity sold was respectable.
DejectedJeff  +   730d ago
LOL "its sold very well on ps3 compared to 360 ver"
are you kidding? is 200,000 more "very well?" you're calling a game that sold poorly enough a sequel was basically bought from the grave a decent seller on ps3? his point was that bayonetta didnt do well on ps3, and it didnt, who cares about how it sold compared to the 360 version hahha
geez sony fanboy give up!
reploidmega  +   730d ago
Does well on Nintendo systems too. Just saying.
For those that want proof, here's a VERY small list of examples from JUST the SNES, out of many more available across all Nintendo platforms:

Secret of Mana,
Illusion of Gaia
Soul Blazer
TMNT IV: Turtles in Time
Secret of Evermore
Super Double Dragon
Battle Toads
Final Fight series
Run Saber
King of Dragons

Give me several more hours and I could come up with a far more extensive list, but I'm a gamer; I've got games to play.
So if you want more examples, do look them up yourselves.^_-
#3.2 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Shinox  +   730d ago
Prove it !
#3.2.1 (Edited 730d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report
Shinox  +   730d ago
Da fuq !? did you just compare 8bit games with a decent 3D hack n' slash games And WTF TMNT IV: Turtles in Time LMAO at your childish list ! , do you understand the purpose of Hack n' slash from our comments or you just picking up games out of nowhere to justify your argument.

The irony of your post that most of those games you include aren't even Hack n' slash to begin with , your list is totally a joke compared to what i post on my comment , if you trying to bring a list next time try to bring a decent bloody 3D Hack n' Slash game instead of giving us an 8bit SNES games .

Can't believe your fellows blindly vote you up without looking at your list xD
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josephayal  +   730d ago
dear mr hideki, i cannot wait to play bayonetta 2 in my brand new PS4/X1
awesomeabe1998  +   730d ago
You are going to have to since Plainum may be bought by Nintendo and that Bayonneta 2 is owned by Nintendo and that they supported it.
ChickeyCantor  +   730d ago
It's official, you're what they call a sh/t steerer. Maximum troll achieved. Congrats.
R00bot  +   730d ago
Nintendo basically paid for Bayonetta 2.

You have the same chance of getting that game as you do getting Mario on your PS4.
Deadpoolio  +   730d ago
Whats your point? Nintendo also paid for Ninja Gaiden Razor's edge and how did that work out?

The ONLY thing that might stop it is their blind loyalty to a failing console...But then again Nintendo probably doesn't expect them to move millions of copies
Gemmol  +   730d ago
since no one publish this to shut people up I will do it for yall......here take a real good look @deadpoolio

WPX  +   730d ago
Kamiya replies:

"Dear mr. joseph, sit confortably. Its gonna be a VERY LONG wait, if ever. If you cannot wait buy a wii-u and play it, if not, *insert any famous Kamiya quote here*"
exfatal  +   730d ago
"do you eat shit?!"
or my personal fav
"Get rid of fucking score thing & just believe yourself !!"
NiteX  +   730d ago
I would definitely get a Wii U for Okami 2. Well I'm already going to get one when Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart comes around.
Deadpoolio  +   730d ago
Except of course for the fact that an Okami 2 will most likely never even touch him...A It FLOPPED the 3 times they have released it...And B it is OWNED by CAPCOM
mydyingparadiselost  +   730d ago
Although I'd like to see more Bayonetta games I agree that too much is too much and new ideas are more important than ever. I welcome anything Kamiya is willing to do but Okami deserves a full console sequel and the gamepad makes a stupid amount of sense for creating a sequel that can truly deliver a unique gaming experience. I remember the E3 where Nintendo first showed the gamepad and then that CGI sequence with the bird and the blossoming trees and thinking 'Okami would be perfect for this'. I would hate to see such an easy fit for a game be wasted regardless of the whatever reasons there maybe be to forgo making a sequel.
quantae06  +   730d ago
MadWorld 2!??!?
exfatal  +   730d ago
I personally enjoyed the first one quite alot..not the best game he's made, but god damn im sure the sequel would be Mad crazy
Venox2008  +   730d ago
yes please!!!
thomasmiller  +   730d ago
As along as I get Bayonetta 2, and other great platinum games, I will be happy, Besides Look at Resident Evil 4, for the wii, and game cube, the game was a master piece!! but then came Resident Evil 5 and 6, and those two games sucked highway to hell, so maybe two is enough, but then again maybe a third could work, just as ling as you have grat ideas for a game, I say go for it, look how many zelda games there have been, and all the zelda games rock, so really it depends , if you still have great ideas and gameplay for a franchise, I say do it, if you are doing it just to make for money, the forget about it.
vork77  +   730d ago
okami sequel yes
Unlimax  +   730d ago
umm .. that's sucks ~

Otherwise Okami Sequel seems legit .
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Shinox  +   730d ago
That's totally screams from Kamiya , He don't Appreciate Bayonetta Direction on the Nintendo platform and thankfully he learned from that when its too late
BlackWolf  +   730d ago
Take a break, you're trying too hard...
gamertk421  +   730d ago
Okami on Xbox One, please. We don't always play shooters. 😁
exfatal  +   730d ago
that's a lie and you know it.

I kid i kid... seriously though.. Okami 2 needs to happen on any system wii u preferred due to gamepad
DevilishSix  +   730d ago
I think Platinum Games will need to go back to multiplatform after Bayonetta 2. Wonderful 101 recently came out in Japan and only sold 10,000 units first week and that is the kind of game that should be very successful there, but instead its a huge flop.

All exclusivity bragging rights aside, Bayonetta 2 will have little to no success on Wii U because its fans game on 360 or PS3.
Concertoine  +   730d ago
Madworld only sold 3,000 in its first week in japan, then went on to sell a modest 710,000. No more heroes 1&2 both flopped in japan too. But in the end all 3 games became profitable in NA and EU. So just because a game seems DESTINED for japan doesnt mean it will sell there.
The only game platinum has made that did better in japan than NA was anarchy reigns.
To be honest i doubt they're doing any better releasing xbox/ps multiplats given it costs more to port and still sells bad.
DevilishSix  +   730d ago
OK well that is good and even though I am not going to buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2, I do enjoy this developers games like Bayonetta 1, Vanquish, and MSR and would like to see them continue making games. Having unsuccessful games is the fastest way to shut your doors.
reploidmega  +   730d ago
Its "fans" on PS360 didn't help it sell well.
Whereas I, and quite a few others I know of, went multiplatform for the sake of that game and many others.

Real supporters of the series will follow it wherever it goes, instead of denying it due to what platform its on.
Gemmol  +   730d ago
nintendo only ship 30,000
kalebninja  +   730d ago
@gillri the only zelda games okami is better than are the handheld ones and wind waker nothing touches the other four
exfatal  +   730d ago
wwoah woah woooah there... it was also better then 4 swords as well lol.
kalebninja  +   730d ago
lol that was handheld too
exfatal  +   729d ago
nah there was one on the gamecube as well which u could play multiplayer by using more gba
kalebninja  +   729d ago
....well now
BOWZER35  +   730d ago
Want to play okami.
Gemmol  +   730d ago
for all the trolls

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