The Hipster's Guide To Hating Games

Enjoying games is so passé. While normal, lame-o players enjoy this holiday's slate of amazing titles, an elite and much cooler group of gamers will be lamenting how terrible everything about the industry is and discussing super important topics such as ludonarrative dissonance. If you want to join the cool-kids' table but don't know what to hate about this holiday's games, look no further.

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BillytheBarbarian1907d ago

So I'm a hipster because I don't like being ripped off with dlc add ons, crappy madden roster updates on a game engine from 2001, and buying games that are broken without a day one online patch to fix it?

I guess I'm a hipster to expect a decent product for $60.


Baka-akaB1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

it's the hipster guide of making fun of hipsters basically