Analysis: Does the 2DS mean 3D gaming has failed?

With Nintendo announcing a 2D version of its latest handheld, Marcus Mac Dhonnagáin looks at whether the 3D gaming experiment has died?

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Donnieboi1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

No, the 3ds is selling faster than cocaine did in the 80's. The problem wasn't 3d, it's just that small kids couldn't enjoy the 3d portion due to it effecting their vision (or so i've been told). So I guess Nintendo thought-up of the 2ds so that families could buy the same system but for a $50 discount if their kid wasn't gonna use the 3d slidder anyway. Besides, it's a good bargain if you ever break the screen or hinges off of your current 3ds (if u own one), since you can still buy a 2ds if you don't wanna spend the money to buy a replacement 3ds.

I'm not the biggest fan of Iwata's handling of Nintendo, but I actually think that people are failing to see the simplistic convenience of the 2ds. It really is a good idea, if u don't like it, then buy a normal 3ds. If you don't like that either, then just buy a Vita, or play cell phone games, or just plain stfu. Quit hating on something that probably wasn't meant to be mass produced in large numbers anyway--it's a convenient alternative. Simple.

Cusmar3501935d ago

I agree that the 2DS is a great idea, but I also think it undermines the promised future of 3D gaming. It is no longer a core experience or necessary to function. Nintendo thinks it can reach a wider audience with it.

This isn't disregarding the popularity of the 3DS, or its strength as a handheld device. It's merely a discussion on 3D technology in general and how it is being abandoned.

Donnieboi1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

I see what you mean, but the responsibility of making 3d "the future of gaming" is not Nintendo's problem. It is a visually aesthetic "enhancement", but overall 3d games can still be as enjoyable in 2d (for example, when you turn the 2d slider on off). If it can save $50 for those who would otherwise have visual issues due to 3d comprehension problems, then there's nothing wrong with that. I don't think it's existence undermines anything. However, I DO agree that the name "2ds" undermines the thing that particularly sets the 3ds apart, which is 3d (of course). But other than that, Nintendo isn't responsible for the all encompassing validity of 3d in the world of gaming, even if their portable console is known for being the biggest supporter.

Edit: @below: yeah I know it's not an attack, and frankly i'm one of the last guys you will ever see defending the current admin at Nintendo/Iwata (although I respect the company's history, franchises, and especially like the handheld division of the company). But yeah, I see your point. It definitely looks like 3d itself is becoming less relevant to gaming, and I see what you mean when you say that the release of the 2ds isn't exactly helping 3d become any more relevant. Good article btw. I approved.

Cusmar3501935d ago

Again, I am not claiming that it is Nintendo's responsibility. This is not an attack, or downputting of any single company. It discusses 3D gaming, 3D television and 3D movies and how each format is seeing poor uptake, and is being abandoned.

The 2DS is another indication of that, because Nintendo - much like many other companies - sees that it can reach a wider audience that isn't interested in 3D technology.

Again, this is an article about the failing of the newest wave of 3D projects and is not an attack on any corporation.

miyamoto1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

All these turn of events means Nintendo has ran out of ideas to use as their next gimmick to lure the kids. T
his proves that the 3D trick is a tacked in gimmick.

Their so called innovations are in fact just riding bandwagons
Have you noticed how the next cool toy advertisement has a new cool 'feature' or gimmick just to sell to the kids?

Nintendo is riding on this same approach.

iwata has turned nintendo to become a kiddie toy company from a gaming company it once was.

Remember when Imax 3D CGI movies and iPads were the entertainment craze of the moment in 2010?

These were the days when 3DS and Wii U were being developed.

I am sure Nintendo is waiting for the next fad to free load upon.
because the gameipad did not click.

see that iPad and Gamepad name and idea ? the same free loading is being slapped on the 2DS with slate form factor.

Nintendo has no backbone. They can not back 3D up. coz they could care less driving the tech coz its not theirs.
Heh PC had 3D gaming but is not used as a gimmick to lure no one.

No creativity. No innovation at all. And no poplar trend to ride upon. No balls. No real technology of its own. Wiimote has infringed on several tech patents and even that darn 3D screen was proven to be stolen tech form a Sony engineer.

And they want to stay in Neverland and take as many man children along with them to shaft every time a new hardware comes out.
poor kids. Saw this trend a long time ago

The Wii U has proven the Wii is a fad.
And the casual voted no with their wallets.
Iwata has misjudged the casual gamers very badly.

Iwata was seriously envious of how CoD made Activision billions of $$$.
but he still thinks a kiddie friendly brand can lure the hardcore gamers...LOL!

thrust1935d ago

That's funny because that stuff you talked about is pretty much running the world right now and is selling even faster than the 80s that and oil!

OT tho the 3ds is steeling well but not alot of people use the 3d feature!

The only thing that will stop this from selling is why in hell did they move away from the clam design.

jukins1935d ago

I lol'd at that statement about the "stuff" too. console makers wish their product moved like "it"

sincitysir11935d ago

I just don't get what makes the 2ds special. It's like a ds 1.5 really

Kevlar0091935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

People are forgetting it's marketed towards young children, from around 5-8 years old. Some parents don't want to spend a bunch of money on a gaming handheld, especially if there is the concern of breakage (I wouldn't be surprised if the 2DS could survive a few hammer blows).

The 2DS is a cheap alternative to the 3DS, you can play the same games, just not in 3D. For all we know the 2DS is just a start, I wouldn't be surprised if the 2DS becomes a success and Nintendo releases a folding 2DS for older gamers down the line

dredgewalker1935d ago

The only complaint I only have with this is the form factor. Other than that I do understand the reasoning for making the 2ds. A cheap version would be more suited for kids and parents would be happier knowing that this is a lot more robust without the clamshell design. But it's still so damn ugly.........

levian1935d ago

I'd have to disagree. No one I personally know, as well as myself, ever use the 3D function on the 3DS. On a new game, I'll turn it on and go "Hey, look at that", then turn it back off. I find it unnecessary and it lowers my accuracy and in game.

Donnieboi1935d ago

Np, i'll track u so I can keep reading more of your articles. Good job.

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ape0071935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

nope it means that things that aren't always +necessary should be OPTIONAL

are u listening MS?

bigbearsack1935d ago

I think the 3DS sales speaks for it self. Fire Emblem is a Masterpiece in stereo.. 2ds is being advertised for kids. But of course theres going to be people out there that don't read or listen and get all confused.

levian1935d ago

For me, its not the 3D feature that sells the system, its the games on the system. I dislike 3D in any format and never use it, but the games speak for themselves.

dredgewalker1935d ago

It's marketed towards kids, not us. They are not discontinuing the 3DS for this ugly monstrosity so I don't see why people are making a fuss about this. Also there are people who are unable to see 3d and it would be wiser and cheaper to buy this instead of a 3ds. I'll only say they should release a clamshell version of this since I don't think any adult would be caught dead playing this thing in public.

levian1935d ago

Yea, its a great idea for kids who shouldn't be using, and don't really use the 3D feature.

If they made a 2DS that looked just like the 3DS, and if I hadn't already shelled out for an XL, I'd grab one right away.

EXVirtual1935d ago

3DS sales speak for themselves. It's just the kids who can't use the 3D because it's not good for they're eyes.

josephayal1935d ago

Good article, 3D Gaming Sucks (sony,ms,nintendo)

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