Nintendo 2DS hands-on: surprisingly not the worst thing ever | Polygon

Polygon: "Nintendo's budget-friendly new handheld, the Nintendo 2DS, made its publicly playable debut on the first day of PAX Prime. We took Nintendo's portable curiosity for a spin and found that, despite its bulk, it's actually quite comfortable to use. However, some of the cost-cutting measures have their drawbacks."

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Donnieboi1603d ago

It looks pretty good in that dude's hands in the pic. Not too big looking at all (unless that guy is the size of the Hulk)

Donnieboi1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Yep this article shows it is a little more compact (but being able to fold it is still better for your pocket of course, and to protect screen from getting scratched by your door keys)

TheFutureIsBlue1603d ago

Idk. I put my fingers on top of my 3DS where the shoulder buttons would be if it was a 2DS and it was very uncomfortable. Granted it could be smaller, but seeing that this is aimed at a younger audience could mean trouble with finger reach. Guess we will see.

DA_SHREDDER1603d ago

The fact its different and cheaper will make it sell like hot cakes, like it already has been. Incredible move Nintendo.

TekoIie1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Circle pad placement looks a bit more comfortable. I get a little strain from using it for a while on the 3DS XL. I gots long fingers :/

2DS's main market is clearly kids with the lower price and what appears to be a more durable design.

from the beach1603d ago

Tacky headline but nice overview of the system.

user74029311603d ago

keeping my 3ds and vita, but for those on a budget, its nice.

1603d ago
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