Bugbear's "Next Car Game" now available for pre-order, grants early access

Bugbear Entertainment have today announced that pre-orders are now available for Next Car Game.

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Duddy1011930d ago

So there not showing any gameplay till they reach 100,000 pre-orders? Concept of the game sounds decent but im not paying money for something there not willing to show early footage of. tut tut tut

Kaze881930d ago

Uhm the video is made of ingame graphics sooooo i dont see a problem here. U wont believe that it looks like that if the camera isnt behind of the car and theres no HUD...really? If they had shown CGI bullshit i would be saying the same youre saying now. But this is ingame graphics that they are showing and they made Flatout 1-2 so i have faith in them bringing awesome game with awesome destruction.

isarai1930d ago

There's a shit ton more to a racing game than it's visuals, like oh i don't know, GAMEPLAY!? what kind of car game it is? how the tracks are designed? what kind of cars will it feature? you know something that actually says more about the game other than that it has cars and they can hit each other.

Kaze881923d ago

@isarai if you have played their games before you should be familiar what to expect. Crashing is the main thing in their flatout games and so it is in this one. This is the best crash physics that ive ever seen in a game and i love it.

Forceh911930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

They are releasing a playable sneak peak at 10,000, not just a video. The current video on the website is actually all done with in-game footage.

The article has been updated to clarify that.

isarai1930d ago

OH! sweet, thought it was a dick move at first, hopefully this makes its way to PS4 and XB1 or maybe even current gen if possible. Bugbear are the only studio that do car physics right in my opinion