The Best (and Worst) of Online Multiplayer

On this week’s episode of Caffeine Corner, Mona and Maie delve into the abyss of online multiplayer, debating the best (and worst) of online games that we’ve played, and discussing some of the weirder experiences we’ve had in these online arenas.

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black0o1126d ago

i like to be creepy online .. since i cant be creepy in real life

cyguration1126d ago

It's sad most people in real life are the opposite.

black0o1126d ago

except the 8-13 years old kids .. they are much worst

badboy7761126d ago

These 2 chicks need a man.

MRIBNthewind1126d ago

Gave me a headache watching the 1st 45 secs.

theWB271126d ago

I went this whole gen with PS360 and maybe logged 10 hours of online (mainly Killzone2) maybe I'll get with the times this upcoming gen.

overrated441126d ago

Audio is all blown out...makes it hard to watch.

XBone4Casuals1126d ago SpamShow
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