The 20 JRPGs You Must Play

Kotaku: "There comes a time when every person must sit back, think about his or her life's accomplishments, and wonder, 'What JRPGs should I play?'

Fear not. I'm here to help."

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kalkano1545d ago

For once, I read a "Top X" list, and thought it was a pretty good one. Although, I'd personally replace some on the list with the likes of Xenoblade, Shining Force 3, Final Fantasy 10, Grandia 2, and Suikoden 3.

AznGaara1545d ago

Chrono Trigger, FF6 and FF7 are by far my holy trinity of JRPGs. Chrono Trigger being one of my favorite games of all time.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1545d ago

My holy trinity of JRPG's are Xenogears,Chrono Cross, and Final Fantasy VII.

Heisenburger1545d ago

FF 6.....

Dat magitek....

CLOUD19831545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

No Breath of Fire III, no Legend of Dragoon, no Grandia I/II, no Fire Emblem, no Xenoblade, no FFX & it have Kingdom Hearts in a JRPG list can u call that thing JRPG? KH is an action platform game with light rpg elements to call KH JRPG is like call Zelda JRPG which is not... Fail.

overrated441545d ago

Is English your first language?

Heisenburger1545d ago

Opinions =/= fact bro.


Luke_fon_Fabre1545d ago

They're taking JRPG in the literal sense (well not completely). In this article JRPGs are simply Japanese RPGs. What you're thinking of its the genre of turn-based RPGs which are often called JRPGs (in a similar way that the Italian Sergio Leone-inspired westerns were called Spaghetti Westerns). Also, always remember that not all turn based RPGs (JRPGs as some prefer) are made by Japanese people (just as not all "Spaghetti Westerns" are made by Italians).

king_george1545d ago

Ni no kuni getting some love :) awesome game

TongkatAli1545d ago

Persona 4 Golden. The cast in that is a 100% a good time, Japanese version of the T.V show friends.

Heisenburger1545d ago

Soo good...

I don't want to spoil it(so I won't), but that ending.... DAMN.

HectorSalamanca1545d ago

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!

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