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Submitted by joeymp 2784d ago | video

PS3 60gb Fan Test

After some clever gamers figured out how to make the 40gb PS3 run a fan test, it seems someone else has found a way to make the 60gb PS3 run one too. See here in this tutorial. (PS3)
Tipsed by: Boogeyman91

Update We would like to say that this is not recommended, and that it is unknown whether this will cause damage to your PS3. We extremely advise you not to do this if your PS3 is under warranty.

Update: It has been found that this could cause damage to your PS3 and it is recommended that you must not do this. A link is provided below.

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From Crackle: PS3 60 Gig Fan Test
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alan001  +   2784d ago
just to let people know,
your not suppose to move your ps3, especially putting it upside down when theres a disn inside coz it will scratch the disc.This would be funny if after a month with people doing this to their ps3s the failure rate goes up lol
Cerberus_Hunter  +   2784d ago
the PS3 is upside down not the blu-ray.

just did it and it works, but didn't notice any dust coming out and it's a 1 year old PS3 btw
xsteinbachx  +   2784d ago
i'm not sold on this yet.
aiphanes  +   2784d ago
Dude you can not scratch a blurary disc....
But I will eject any discs and try this on my 60 gb ps3...
alcaponedya  +   2784d ago
the 360 uses last gen tray
sorry alan
Thoas  +   2784d ago
LOL.....only the xbox 360 scratches your disc to death out of the blue for no reason.
Percy  +   2784d ago
try it
have you tried to scratch a bluray its pretty hard you can take a butter knife to the back of it and it wont scratch. I dont see any way to scratch it inside the ps3 without destroying the ps3.
Bonsai1214  +   2784d ago
cleaning dust out of any electronics has no effect on performance. i have no idea what that guy said that..

besides, my 60 gb is out of warranty. i'm not going to screw it up..
crck  +   2784d ago
Its not a 360
You can move a ps3 or ps2 all you want with a disc running. Sony was smart enough even 8 years ago to lock the disc in when its spinning. This is probably why a lot of people got scratched discs with their 360 in beginning. They were expecting the disc to lock in like a ps2. I know I scratched a Perfect Dark Zero disc because I thought so.

Edit: post below. Basically turn on your ps3 and hold it upside vertically so the letters ps3 are upside down. The fans should cycle through a couple of modes then get really loud and blow the dust out.
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Lord Anubis  +   2784d ago
The video is not working :(

could someone post the procedure?
Tyler Durden  +   2784d ago
holy crap man
u think u have enough monster cans there buddy
nbsmatambo  +   2784d ago
^^^^^, lol i noticed the cans too
Utalkin2me  +   2784d ago
Wow go figure, go from a fan test to the 360 scratching disc. Where is the post police. And you know who i am talking about.

If the fan test works then great.
jadenkorri  +   2784d ago
wow alan001
i tried it and it worked, i had to play for abit before it actually worked, it was cool when i tried it the first time and it did nothing, but after playing some cod4 then trying it it worked...oh and my cod 4 cd was in there but its not scratched alan001, ur still thinking of 360 where as movement on the 360 ruins your disc...why MS built it that way i'll never know...
UnasFortuna  +   2784d ago
I would not recommend doing this for an extended period of time. If you do this too long, you can damage the electronics the fan is trying to protect. It is not a flaw in the system that allows this but a programmed response to the increased heat that is rising while the PS3 is inverted. The PS3 is simply trying to get rid of the heat and keeps kicking up the fan speed until maxxed out. I tried this (since I have two 60G PS3), and I didn't notice alot of dust coming out; however I use vacuums and compressed air cans to help keep my PS3 clean on a monthly basis. This won't however, make your PS3 run faster/smoother (not sure what that comment was about). This does prove that Sony can release some kind of software upgrade/patch that can do the same test that they put in the 40GB model since the fan itself is capable of those variable high speeds to protect the gear. It is assinine to think they wouldn't release such a fix given that there are not many replacement 60GB models out there available. Dust is a huge menace to any electronics and this is no cheap electronics investment. RELEASE THE FIX SONY... please ;) PS.... come one guys.... give the lad a break.... he obviously doesn't get out much. However, I must confess... what the heck is with the whole shelf of Monster's??????
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Lifendz  +   2784d ago
Not sure this is a good idea
If your PS3 is working fine why tinker with it? Let 360 owners do these sort of "towel trick" like things. I'm not going to mess with my PS3 when it's functioning just fine.
MUNKYPOO  +   2784d ago
ill wait for more people to do it before i try.
HeartlesskizZ  +   2784d ago
dont do it
I havent try it and I wont do it at all. this guy is burning the insides of the ps3 by making the heat go backwards... such idiot...
when you melt the system let me know
actas123  +   2784d ago
I really don't think ppl should do this. This could be harmful w/out u knowing.. I think Sony should come out and say something about this. I mean if its not good for the system i think they'll release something regarding this issue.
MUNKYPOO  +   2784d ago
yea i was thinking that it could be more harmful then good
Tony240ZT  +   2784d ago
I just tried, works just like the video, fans just cycle through their speeds and then slows back to normal when put upright. I'm surprised that it's never decided to run at some of those higher fan speeds before, reminded me of the noise an xbox makes when idle.
BSigel81  +   2784d ago
What happened to a can of air guys, I use those and it works just fine for me.
mindedone  +   2784d ago
doesn't compressed air blow dust back in though?
BSigel81  +   2784d ago
Well I had no problem with it, when I usually do it a lot more would come out then come in. You don't have to take my word for it though, It would be crazy and messed up at that, if someone would void their warranty just because they were trying to clean their console.
mindedone  +   2784d ago
It would be crazy stupid for someone to tell sony that they did this...but for an update, I tried it again and, even though I didn't see dust come out, I could smell it. And further noteI didn't move it while it was on.

update: you can buy them at RadioShack
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TradingWarStories  +   2784d ago
Where can I buy compressed air cans ?
Rice  +   2784d ago
wal mart
Storm23  +   2784d ago
So what you just blow this air can stuff into the PS3? How does that work?
EZCheez  +   2784d ago
You guys are kidding right?
Some of you make compressed air sound like a secret!

When I was on submarines working with million dollar (literally) equipment, we swore by the stuff. Don't be afraid to use it.

As far as this goes, I wouldn't recommend it. Making hardware do something it isn't supposed to do is never a good idea.
RecSpec  +   2784d ago
Anyone who owns any kind of electronics needs to have compressed air. Does wonders. Or you could try it the old fashioned way and just use your vacuum hose.
myxomatosis  +   2784d ago
compressed air...
compressed air works only for electronics that you can take the casing off of: desktop computers, amplifiers, ect. anything like a laptop or a console, it blows alot of the dust out abit also alot of it gets shoved into a corner of the casing some where and that builds up eventually and can cause major issues with the cooling system.

you best bet is some sort of vaccum. the ones at car washes are very powerful, i dont know maybe too powerful....
jadenkorri  +   2784d ago
compressed air
compressed air works fine and dandy, i use it on my cp, ps3, wii, every month or so cause its good to get the dust moving rather than sit for awhile and collect...
also found another use for compressed air, a friend had a mouse in the apartment so we sprayed it with compressed air, cept we held it upside down which would spray really cold liquid...sufficient to say, mouse was frozen...
myxomatosis  +   2784d ago
short term, using compressed air works. long term, like 2 or 3 years, it makes problems, the ones i mentions specifically
Mr_Showtime1  +   2784d ago
out of warrenty now
so theres no way im trying this lol
jadenkorri  +   2784d ago
it don't do anything
the fans just run faster to blow dust out, if you ever have a problem with ur ps3, it prob be something they'll get you to do before shipping...besides if this is not something normal, then i can only think the fans run louder to tell you somethings you have it upside down....
mindedone  +   2784d ago
I tried it
but I don't think that my PsS3 was on long enough.
Varsarus  +   2784d ago
Just did it, it works.


I saw quite a bit of dust coming out of mine so...
#6 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sangria  +   2784d ago
Did it too, it worked for me, but it takes time to launch (i didn't count but it's about 30 seconds or more). I didn't saw any dust coming out, but the fan test itself works.
thisguywithhair  +   2784d ago
I just tried it myself and nothing happened. Held it upside down for over a minute and all that happened was the fans got a little louder. Although I don't know if that is normal as I am usually far from the system while I play.

How would I clean the system with compressed air? Just spray the vents? Or open up the system itslef?
BSigel81  +   2784d ago
Just spray the vents out with quick shots of air from the can. I usually get the side, back, and the front and it usually stays clean for like two weeks at least. But, because I have my PS3 next to my a real strong light source(the sun) it usually collects more dust than it should. I know you can find the stuff anywhere be it Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, or any other electronic store.

EDIT: Do not open the system up, that would just lead to more trouble than its worth.
#6.3 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
crazy25000  +   2784d ago
Look at all those monster drinks!
w0w id be afraid to drink so many of those, heart attack in the making.

oh yeah, will try this later
Bloodshedder  +   2784d ago
yea :s poor boy probably die cuz of Monster's... what was the video abouth??
crazy25000  +   2784d ago
its a video tutorial
to show how to clean the fan out if there is a lot of dust in circulation
Bloodshedder  +   2784d ago
i saw a fat boy with alot of Monster's he might die...
MpV35  +   2784d ago
Read the Label
The Monster cans themselves say not to drink more than 2 (I think) of them a day. Now that's pretty messed up. Looks like he's set for the next 2-3 weeks.
Danielson  +   2784d ago
haha he got the Lo-carb monster too, fat ass jk ;)
Mikelarry  +   2784d ago
on the
gs forum some user said he rang sony and asked them about this. and thier reply was they dont know about it. so i wont advice anyone to try this if the makers dont even know about it.
Sangria  +   2784d ago
But if the function exists, it means that somebody placed it. I don't really think nobody at Sony's doesn't know it, maybe that person contacted the wrong Sony guy... (i hope so...)
#8.1 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Finalfantasykid  +   2784d ago
It doesn't sound like it is a feature, but rather a way to trick the PS3 into thinking it is rapidly overheating. The uploader even said that the screen may warn you that the PS3 is overheating even thought it isn't. To some degree this could be labeled as a bug in the OS.
UnasFortuna  +   2784d ago
It is not a hidden function. Simply a safety mechanism. When placed as shown in the video, the heat rises to a place where there are fewer vents... the fan kicks in to high gear to try to dispell the heat to no success... If you try this, don't do it for long or you will damage the electronic components even though I am sure the PS3 can stand a "little" heat for a limited time. This is why Sony stated that this is not a hidden "function" that they are aware of. Kind of surprising that they did not warn of the heat buildup from this process. Way to go Sony for protecting your investors.
Marceles  +   2784d ago sounds like you're not supposed to do that, like it was saying "turn be back around plz!"...I guess I'll try it though
ChefDejon  +   2784d ago
look at alll
those monsters in the background on the shelf!!
No FanS Land  +   2784d ago
I wouldn't believe the advice of a guy that lives on monster cans, look the shelf you'll understand. theres gotta be another way than turning upside down the ps3.
krisq  +   2784d ago
C'mon... just overheats your console :) Whoever called this trick 'a fan test' is a moron. You don't have to flip it, just cover ventilation holes with a hand and it will jump to a highest gear. 40GB has a fan test, 60GB don't.
Dpa  +   2784d ago
Yeah, heat rises. hence putting it up side down your trapping alot of the heat, so the fans go into overdrive mode. I am willing to bet that if you left it doing this for too long your PS3 would break.
kingOVsticks  +   2784d ago
umma try that my ps3 has gotten been making some noise while reading disc s o this may clean out most of the dust
Ali_The_Brit  +   2784d ago
i have my PS3 horizontal (laying down) so theres no real way for dust to get inside in the first place just lie ontop of it so theres no real reason for me to do this
Buubar  +   2784d ago
Your PS3 "sucks" dust in, it doesn't just fall in. ;)
Area_51  +   2784d ago
That is pretttty Funny!!
myxomatosis  +   2784d ago
you do know that the air intake with also intake dust even if it the console is sideways. dust follows air movement, getting sucked into your ps3 from the sides.
Marceles  +   2784d ago
Damn it really works...once the highest fan level turned on a big cloud of dust shot out of the was quite a work out holding the system long enough for it to turn on too. But still I wouldn't recommend doing this all the's probably the last time I'll do it

Edit: And as far as the system running so amazingly faster after doing, that was a big overexaggeration. It cleans the dust out of your system and that's it.
#15 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
alcaponedya  +   2784d ago
It does run
Marceles  +   2784d ago
I don't even notice it running first time noticeably hearing the fan for a long time was when I did this test, but I could see it running quieter for people with alot of dust in their systems and the fans going faster from the dust
Swat20  +   2784d ago
anyone know if this works for the 20 GB haha yea thats right im a sucker with a 20
xsteinbachx  +   2784d ago
Oh we still love you.
Storm23  +   2784d ago
I don't. (Just kidding...but
aftrdark21  +   2784d ago
i got a 20 gb too
Well it's a 120gb now (thanks ebay) but I love it.
Hagaf22  +   2784d ago
i did it with my 20, works just like the 60
LiquifiedArt  +   2784d ago
I did it.
no dust came out. Kinda useless. Just get canned air. Also make sure you hold it steady. I did it with a disc inside, but you really shouldnt. As long as your not on the bluray icon yoru disc wont spin.
OJ_juice  +   2784d ago
Yours is probably clean already. It depends where you put your ps3. I put mine in a glass inclose space where dust barely gets in. I tried this test and no dust came out.

the guy on the video has his standing up in an open area, where dust can easliy go in the system.
#17.1 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sir Ken Kutaragi 4  +   2784d ago
It's SOOOOOOOO QUIET didn't know it had a Fan!!! ;-D
The xBox360 sounds like a washing machine!!! ;-D

p.s Sorry to all you washing machines out there didn't mean to insult you!!! ;-D
#17.2 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
brothersimon  +   2784d ago

Ugly fat american is fat.
#18 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
Danja  +   2784d ago
Can you imagine what would happen if there's a 360 fan test...

it would seem as if an Atomic Bomb was
OJ_juice  +   2784d ago
that's hilarious. Don't let the military know. They'll use it and It will be apocalypse as we speak of.
jke82  +   2784d ago
you fail
the ps3 can clean itself through a small flaw in the os....the 360 can kill itself because of its huge flaws with everything
juuken  +   2784d ago
You fail for even posting here. :D
Obama  +   2784d ago
If the military knows it will start dropping 360s intead of bombs in Iraq. The horror.
Kaz Hirai  +   2784d ago
Ugly Xbot PIG is ugly.

Xlll  +   2784d ago
you know if we let the 360 heat up enough then drop them like bombs that could save a lot of money and still do the job. What else besides burning down a house and cooking a steak this the 360 good for?
DrPirate  +   2784d ago


By turning it upside down you allow the heat to congregate to the very top of the PS3 melting the friggin processor and GPU. The fan was not meant to push air against it's intended direction.

It senses it's overheating BECAUSE IT IS. All you idiots trying this ARE hurting the PS3, it cycles the fans because it detects air is not flowing to the processor and GPU.

Report this story now before more people get stupid ideas.
#19 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
captainpwn  +   2784d ago
What if
you only do it once?
DrPirate  +   2784d ago
Then I guess it's fine.

This kid in the video sounds like he did it a couple of times, thats why he got those overheating messages.
ReBurn  +   2784d ago
What if once is all it takes to kill your PS3?
xplosneer  +   2784d ago
My 20GB started it's fans to a certain point, but I held it for 3 minutes and wouldn't go any faster. However, when I turned it back on, the fans were normal.
xplosneer  +   2784d ago
I am going to KILL this guy. My PS3 now kicks into third gear while folding, and fans in front seem to be blocked by something except on the bottom!!!
captainpwn  +   2784d ago
Will this make it quieter?
I've noticed that my launch PS3 manufactured in October 06 has been getting a bit loud lately...
Skerj  +   2784d ago
Holy Sh*t!! It DOES work, my PS3 kicked out so much freaking dust out the back and bottom it was crazy. Then when I put it right side up, it kicked out more dust in my face, we had some words.
Danja  +   2784d ago
Just tried it...but no dust came out , maybe it's cuz I normally just used compresed blow it out

is there ne difference in speed that dude was mentioning ?
Skerj  +   2784d ago
Not that I can tell, it's quieter though right now but then again it was always quiet. I was just amazed to see how much dust shot out though, it was crazy.


Ok it is quieter by one level at least during folding.
#22.2 (Edited 2784d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
INehalemEXI  +   2784d ago
Marceles  +   2784d ago
hehe the same thing happened to me, but only I got a disagree lol...nice to see i wasnt hallucinating
viperman240  +   2784d ago
This is not a fan test....
By flipping your ps3 and putting it upside down, all the heat is going up tricking the sensors into thinking the Ps3 is over heating, thats why the fan keeps getting stronger and stronger cause more heat it traveling up the system.

So this is not a fan test....and thats why many of you don't see dust coming out the system, please don't do this, it can mess up the fan in the long run, if your ps3 is dusty clean it simple as that.
Sangria  +   2784d ago
Sure, but can we clean completely it without opening it and breaking the warranty?
Spinner  +   2784d ago
Use a nice powerful vacuum to suck up the dust through the vents.
yanikins111  +   2784d ago
Cant a high powered vacuum cleaner damage the fan or something?
Spinner  +   2784d ago
No ...

What's it gonna do? Make it spin?
jke82  +   2784d ago
yeah it really doesnt seem like a good idea people
for all the above reasons and then some just go get a cheap can of air and spray dust it out, vaccum the hell outta it, get an air compressor (like me) with a air sparayer and boom same thing (just try not to go full pressure on the air though) and it all does the same thing
MasterOne  +   2784d ago
Fan and Heat don't mix!!!
The fan comes on due to heat. This is a fact. I can't believe that people would be a kid hyped up on Monster. Can you imagine telling Sony Service what you did when you call for help. Think about the silence on the phone when you tell the service rep. that a kid overdosed on power drinks recommended the procedure.
Goodfella78  +   2784d ago
You are overheating ur ps3,dont believe me?,then place ur hand on the right hand side and ull find its warm/ think about gravity and how heat rises,now considering these factors,this means that your making the hot air go back into the ps3, when u do this little upside down pony trick on ur beloved ps3 ur in actuality making the air thats meant to be dispursed sideways or upwards start rising straight back into the console.,well anyway ive tryed so its up to uz what uz do,but i wouldnt.peace out.......
myxomatosis  +   2784d ago
heat doesnt exactly rise because of gravity, it rises because it is less dense than colder air.
yanikins111  +   2784d ago
For those of us that didnt fail physics, the fact its less dense means less material in the same space, = less mass/ cubic whatever = less weight/cubic whatever and yes, gravity is the force that causes movement due to weight.
Rapture333  +   2784d ago
ROFLMAO +1 zing for Danja!!!
Duckyfuzz  +   2784d ago
I did it and it worked fine it got a little bit of dust out.. I only tried it cause my room is pretty dusty, behind my PS3, 360 and my PC. It gets pretty loud i don't know if i would recommend it still but it worked fine for me
ScottEFresh  +   2784d ago
I wanna try it but I'll stick with my trusty Kenmore vacuum.
OJ_juice  +   2784d ago
The air in systems go out, not in.
ScottEFresh  +   2784d ago
Riiight but I clean my 60GB with a vacuum while it is off. It sucks all the dust out and works wonders. You should give it a try :)
Sir Ken Kutaragi 4  +   2784d ago
The xBox 360 SUCKS to!!! ;-D
OJ_juice  +   2784d ago
sorry ScottEFresh, I read your post wrong. I though you were making fun of the ps3 of bieng a vacuum cleaner because of the loud fans.
juuken  +   2784d ago
I wouldn't try it. I'm very skeptical of these things.
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