PAX13 – Tiny Brains Demo Preview

If Pinky and the Brain had a spinoff video game featuring a cast of genetically mutated super-mice then Tiny Brains would sorta be it. It's 4 person co-op puzzle adventure game in which 4 mice, each with their own powers, solve obstacle courses designed for them by mad scientists.

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Bigpappy1931d ago

Ok. Indie games can be fun diversions, but please show some games Sony. If they don't do something soon, people are going to NOT pickup those pre-orders.

Clover9041931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

What are you talking about! Sony has shown just as many games as Microsoft, plus look at all the exclusives on the ps3. Sony knows how to make killer games. Sony has gone on record saying that every one of their studios are currently working on ps4 games.

Sony ps4 games are being made in-house. Microsoft is throwing money at developers to make games for Xbox One (Dead Rising, Ryse). How much money are they willing to spend before they say enough? If you want big AAA exclusives, it isn't Sony you have to be worried about.