Dead Rising 3 Preview | X360A

Pop quiz, hotshot! Dead Rising is known best for what? NEEER! Too slow, wise guy! We'll tell you what it's known best for and that's its freedom, its zany ideas and its over-the-top crazy gameplay. E3 2013 was Dead Rising 3's first unveiling and admittedly it looked rather special, but lacked most of what made Dead Rising a Dead Rising game. There were glimpses behind-closed-doors, but still, it was very much a case of "Why so serious?"

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Drewminati1929d ago

i can't wait either.. didn't they say it has a coop mode?

greenyboi1929d ago

O yes they did that will be twice as fun !! Everything is when your with friends

thetruthx11929d ago

Yup it has co op too. It's gonna be a classic

obelix011929d ago

Just watching the videos on this is amusing. I can't wait to actually play it & be apart of that amusement.

Bigpappy1929d ago

What an exciting launch line up. It is very diverse. The only group that doesn't have something of their preference is RPG players. But their wait will not be long.

Dragonborn3121929d ago

I am very excited for DR3. Looks like so much fun.