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The first thing you notice is how good it all looks. Facial animations, textures, the colour palette; the whole thing is gorgeous. And if you're in the know, the second thing to strike you is that you're looking at a modified Source Engine. When Titanfall comes out next year, it will be running on a decade old engine - and it still looks the sh!t.

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pandehz1904d ago

Quake 3's AI is not good Ai.

I have had my days with Quake 3 and its just point and shoot for the ai. Its just ruthless thats all. Today its about balancing a game for difficulty tiers considering the consumer.

Bigpappy1904d ago

Do you realize that this will be an ONLINE MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER GAME. That means that you will be my AI. So if the AI is dumb... I might have to get you a mirror for you to fully get the picture.

C-Thunder1904d ago

I'm looking forward to playing this, because the hype is not lining up with what I'm seeing at all. It must play really good.

dillhole1904d ago

When people start criticising "outdated engines" they mostly have no idea what that actually means.