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Submitted by Abriael 894d ago | news

Shuhei Yoshida Confirms That You Can Fully Install Disc Games on PS4′s HDD

A few days ago SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida caused a bit of confusion about the installation of disc-based games on the PS4. Today he clarified confirming that you can indeed fully install disc games on the console's HD, and shared more info on the DualShock 4's 3.5 connector. (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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Majin-vegeta  +   894d ago
Sweet more options the better.
ABizzel1  +   894d ago
I think this has more to do with allowing Vita Remote Play even when you purchase disc based games.

I wasn't the one to disagree with you.
abzdine  +   894d ago
u was also wondering if it's possible to listen to what's happening on screen just from the controller but i didnt think it was possible.
every PS4 news is great news

and concerning disc install, everytime i could do it on PS3 i did it even if it was optional. I think it helps preserving the lens from intensive disc reading, especially for BIG games
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slimeybrainboy  +   894d ago
I read every one of Shuhei's tweets in his voice.

I don't know why you'd want to fully install, would it help load times?
MusicComposer  +   894d ago
I don't think this has to do with Vita Remote Play since the actual question says "Dear Shuei. Will we be able to do full game installs to HDD from disc (Disc present in tray for verification) on PS4?" If you still need the disc in you aren't going to be able to access all your other games from the Vita. Also, at that point what would stop you from selling your physical disc if you could still access it digitally.
tokugawa  +   894d ago
its a great feature. it is a shame that we still need the discs installed on both systems though
JoySticksFTW  +   894d ago
Great news. Happy for the confirmation.

I fully installed every game on 360. I think it helped preserve my system. No RROD yet.

But now I'm afraid to turn it on because I might have just jinxed myself. Oh boy...
Destrania  +   894d ago
PS4 doesn't require installations from discs, it's just an option. Considering the disc must be in the drive when you launch a disc based installed game, I'm not sure how much I'll use this feature. I'll be eating up enough space from digital downloads haha.
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Conzul  +   894d ago

if you put in an SSD (as I will XD ) then I imagine load times would be drastically reduced. Imagine....jumping to a friend's game would drop from 7-10 seconds to maybe 2-3 seconds or even instant.
zeee  +   894d ago
THANK GOD! That should help a lot to reduce the loading times. That's the only feature that I liked about my 360, that I could install the games on the hard drive.

God knows how much I hated the load times in Fallout games! I wish PS3 allowed us to install games on disk (and keep the disc in for security/verification reasons). I never really cared about cross game chats. The ONLY thing I miss on PS3 is optional disk install.
dantesparda  +   893d ago
What I'd like to know is if it's mandatory installs our optional. cuz I'd prefer optional
Kingthrash360  +   893d ago
I thought there was virtually no load times already.....was an installment needed for no loads?
minimur12  +   893d ago
Could someone PM me the reason as to why you'd do this? I mean, if you need the disc in the tray then why waste HDD space? :S
hkgamer  +   893d ago
I think it's an optional install, similar to the 360. Which is great news. Definitely not going to be like what the xbone was going to be like. So most likely no remote play on ps4 games for vita unless it is digital or disk in machine.
strifeblade  +   893d ago
Well yoshida welcome to 2008- i have been able to install games on 360 since then- yawn. Can you tell me what else is revolutionary in the ps4? lol
Destrania  +   893d ago
Considering the blu-ray drive in the PS4 is supposed to be 6x faster than the PS3's, I don't really see how handy these optional installs would be.
UltimateMaster  +   893d ago
He just said Yes, it Can be done.
But it doesn't mean that all publishers will be doing it.
Sorry to burst your bubble.
malokevi  +   893d ago
So you can fully install them, do you still need the disk?

And if not, what's to stop people from using the same disk over and over on a bunch of different consoles?

Incoming Sony DRM? I would have a chuckle.
dantesparda  +   893d ago
@ minimur

The only reason you'd want to install the game, is to shorten loading times.


PC's have been doing this since the 80's or longer, so welcome to the 80's


You're lack of getting it is showing again. You do need the disc, so no secret DRM incoming. But stupid try, keep trying kid.
PSVita  +   894d ago
VforVideogames  +   893d ago
about time for sony , I've being doing this for 6 years on my 360
PSjesus  +   894d ago
Dat Yosp
LOL_WUT  +   893d ago
Dat 500GB PS4 harddrive ;)
fattyuk  +   893d ago
500gb! Gonna need a 2TB hdd in this console.

my 1tb in my ps3 ATM is down to its last 60gb.
minimur12  +   893d ago

someone a PS Plus member? lol
dragon82  +   893d ago

My 1TB im my PS3 is also damn near full. I am sitting at about 300 digital games plus game saves and videos. I am going to need to go even bigger next time. lol
Crazyglues  +   893d ago
@ Fattyuk

See this is what I was saying your going to end up needing to put a big hard drive - that's why I designed this - but no one is voting on it -

-but yeah space is going to fill up quick on next gen... just watch..

||.........___||............ ||
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showtimefolks  +   894d ago
I will use this for most 3rd party games because they are closer to 8GB while exclusive we 20 plus

But maybe with MS also using BLURAY we will see most developers use the extra space

How long will it take on average to install 20-25 GB?

Also will installing mean faster load times? And less disk spinning?
minimur12  +   893d ago
I'm prety sure you can play while you install it buddy :p
boldstarr  +   893d ago
PS Consoles is always the leader!!!Quality games and quality products is always best!!!u xbots better shut-up, cry all u want in PS section in this site... we will enjoy ours while others cry cry cry!!! PS4 here i come!!!
andibandit  +   893d ago
pc is king
TAURUS-555  +   893d ago
PS4 once again showing off how flexible it is. best console ever ¡¡¡
negative  +   894d ago
Weren't game installations assumed at this point?????
Abriael  +   894d ago
Assuming never helps much, especially considering that Yoshida mistakenly said that you couldn't just a couple days ago.
threefootwang  +   894d ago | Funny
Wait a minute,

Don't you mean he pulled a


( •_•)>⌐■-■


Abriael  +   894d ago
@threefootwang: if you check the previous tweet carefully, it shows that just expressed himself badly.
dragon82  +   893d ago

Love the CSI Miami reference!! LOL
Coltrane_C  +   894d ago
Not Full Game installs
Deanc   894d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
user7402931  +   894d ago
ps2 sales all over again
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   894d ago
nope it missing a lot of third parties exclusive franchises that PS2 had and mass amount of Japanese games and JRPG
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user7402931  +   894d ago
once the 2.1 ratio of sales happens (and it will) you will see tons of exclusive 3rd parties hit ps4.
tokugawa  +   894d ago
lol @ dirty pimp

you actually believe the nonsense that you write dont you.

"once the 2.1 ratio of sales happens (and it will) you will see tons of exclusive 3rd parties hit ps4."

so, if say the ps4 sat at 50 mil and the xbo at 25m, you honestly think that the 3rd party devs are going to ignore the other install base??

the stupidity of fanboys knows no limits
Misaka_x_Touma  +   894d ago
I wonder where Sony fanboys be pulling these stuff from
cell989  +   894d ago
initially PS2 didnt have all those supporters, till it started selling like crazy
ZHZ90  +   894d ago
You again.

DirtyPimp is talking about SALES dominance not GAMES dominenace.

Enough with your Nintendo fanboyism.

You PMed me and told me you are Nintendo fan, but what will you own along WiiU is it PS4 or Xbone?
Misaka_x_Touma  +   894d ago

My brother and I decided to wait like we did with PS3.

So we are getting PS4 sometime late 2014 or early 2015.

Now about the he talking about sales.

Tell me. What make a Game System sell
The system itself
the software for it such as exclusives and must have games.

So if you gonna say PS4 gonna sell big number first. It need the exclusives. Why Exclusives push more units.

If KHIII, MGSV and FFXV were exclusives to PS4 like
FFX, KH and MGSII were for PS2 then yes yall can assume it gonna do remotely good as PS2.

But since it not exclusives. It won't happen.

PS2, Wii, GBC, GBA and DS have about 10 or more games within the 10m-30m gap software units.
While Wii has 3 over 30m.

Software moves Console.
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Inception  +   893d ago
"If KHIII, MGSV and FFXV were exclusives to PS4 like
FFX, KH and MGSII were for PS2 then yes yall can assume it gonna do remotely good as PS2."

Than Sony just created a new IP, just like they created Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone, Heavy Rain, LBP, Demon's Souls, inFamous, etc for PS3. They had talented people who can created franchise as good as KH, MGS, or FF. I'm sure you knew that those titles from Sony sold millions of copies and help sony sold many PS3 units worldwide.

And Sony still can work with 3rd party dev like the old time to created amazing games exclusively for PS4. Just like Level 5, Vanillaware, NIS, Falcom, SEGA, Namco, Atlus, or ArcSystemWork who don't mind to created their games exclusively for Sony console ;)

So i don't see the reason why PS4 can't sell as great as PS2. Even some title not exclusive anymore for sony console ;)
ZHZ90  +   893d ago
Just like Inception and kingrev said.

Btw games are not just FF, KH and MGS, and Sony 1st party studios can make game great as FF, KH and MGS. TLOU and Uncharted are best examples of this.

Also PS4 versions of MGSV, KHIII and FFXV will more than Xbone's versions because these series were started on PS consoles in populartiy especially KH as a whole started on PS.
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Darrius Cole  +   893d ago
Actually price would be the bigger indicator of video games sales. The cheaper consoles sell the most.

Seeing how the PS4 is $100 cheaper than the XBO and will have mostly the same games, at the beginning at least, I expect the PS4 to outsell it by a good least if Sony can keep up with increased demand.
kingrev  +   894d ago

But then again my friend games like Uncharted and TLOU have made such a massive impact in gaming that just waiting for their sequels can push a lot of sales alone.
Plus don't forget that Sony is presumed to have the most powerful console and Mark Cerny also mentioned that when it comes to developing for the console is like back with the PS2 less time and more easy to develop for, so games would look better thanks to the power that the PS4 holds within and finally don't forget that there is still many games that didn't make it to this gen like jack and daxter.

There is a lot of potential for the PS4 to become as great as the PS2 and who knows it might even surprise us and surpass it but that is just my opinion
WorldGamer  +   894d ago
This is awesome news. I wonder if this will cause any significant differences in performance. Or maybe there is another reason for this.

Either way, I can't wait to get my hands on my ps4 this November.
Nitrowolf2  +   894d ago
Load times should be slightly faster I assume, but at least it's less load on the BD Drive
threefootwang  +   894d ago
This is a no brainer, they had it on the PS3, only makes sense to incorporate it on the PS4. Installed games always run better then disc based (no installation done) games. I haven't forgotten the horror days living in fear every day while playing games on my 360 and I can hear the fans just spinning away. Thing sounded like a jet lol
KwietStorm  +   894d ago
You can't fully install games on PS3.
threefootwang  +   894d ago
Ahh thanks for the correction, didn't realize it was just partial installation.

Looks like the Xbox fanboys didn't like my little comment about the 360..they can disagree all they want, but the fact is that thing ran and sounded like a tank when games weren't installed.
KwietStorm  +   894d ago
1TB SSHD it is.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   894d ago
aren't those still super expensive?
KwietStorm  +   894d ago
A pure SSD is super expensive, but a hybrid is pretty much the same price as a regular hard disk drive.
MAULxx  +   894d ago
Me too; & I plan to take the 500Gb HDD from the PS4 & install it in my PS3. I only have a 250Gb in the PS3 right now.
Sarobi  +   894d ago
The headphones option is pretty sweet'
MasterCornholio  +   894d ago
Yeah it means that people wont have to have a long cable connected to their TVs. Heck imagine splitscreen games where each controller produces the sound from the players screen. Pretty cool isnt it?
Campy da Camper  +   894d ago
Just picked up the Sony Pulse wireless headphones. Holy crap they sound awesome.
ShwankyShpanky  +   894d ago
I got a Pulse set last month. Sound great *and* super versatile. Use them on living room PS3, pop out dongle to move to bedroom PS3, use them for conference calls, for listening to stuff on my laptop, for mixing records, will use on PS4... can't beat 'em.
JunioRS101  +   894d ago
I saw that during the Gamescom press conference, the controller that Shu was holding had a RED light lit up when he started the console...

Does anyone else think that this could possibly mean a customizeable LED configuration?

For example, make blue the second player and red the first player?

That would be really cool, and I really hope I can do that, because I wanna buy that Magma Red Dualshock 4 that Sony announced, but just for the sake of matching I might be annoyed that the PS4 light and DS4 lights are both blue while I'm holding this red ass controller in my hands...

I understand that this is probably a lot to ask considering I am not a computer expert and have no idea how hard these kinds of options would be to implement in the first place, but just for the sake of a wish list, I'm putting it on there :) a man can dream.
Majin-vegeta  +   894d ago
Actually the led light does change color depending what player you are.I would post a link but i'm on my phone.

@Below Oh,I see frankly i have no clue.
#9.1 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JunioRS101  +   894d ago
I'm saying that if I'm playing solo, as in there's only 1 PS4 controller plugged in or turned on, can I make the default controller LED color red instead of blue?

Because from what we've seen so far, Player 1 has a blue light, Player 2 has a red light, Player 3 has a green light, and Player 4 has a pink light.

I'm asking, can I change the settings so that when I'm playing by myself as Player 1, the controller I'm holding has a red light as default instead of a blue light as default?
T2  +   894d ago
that's actually great because I can just see four people sit down to play madden and one dude gets the pink "4" controller...LOL...
ElementX  +   894d ago
You'd have to tilt the controller to see the LED it can't be viewed from above unless it's shining on something or reflected on your TV
cell989  +   894d ago
good point Id like to see that option, assign the color for P1 of your choice
Gorilla_Killa_X  +   894d ago
I believe so. Move controller can so I would assume that Sony would make DS4 have that ability as well.
Deadpoolio  +   893d ago
You can't change the color on the move controller..It automatically goes to a specific color, I believe it is supposed to be whatever color suits the room best
Quicktopick  +   894d ago
u shud tweet shu and tell us =)
theWB27  +   894d ago
He answers everything else just fine, but this is a language barrier confusion..please. Even so, I thought it would've been strange for the PS4 really not be able to do this. Nice 180 though...clears things up nicely.
Kayant  +   894d ago
It's not a 180 because he already cleared it out in the first tweet -->

Also he was talking about full installs not partial like we have this gen on some games to enable faster loading.
#10.1 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
theWB27  +   894d ago
That tweet didn't clarify being able to install the full disc. He still only mentioned partial downloads for faster loading and clarified digital.

This tweet clarifies you can install the full game but still need the disc.

At first it was a no, then a yes. Thus a 180.

My bad, I forgot to apply the N4G Double Standard Stamp of Approval.
#10.1.1 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(21) | Report
Kayant  +   894d ago
Fair point.... But it's not really a 180 because he's not reversing a policy/feature that was already set in stone. It's more of a clearification than an actual 180. A 180 would involve a decision being made this doesn't.
Enemy  +   894d ago
180? This isn't Xbox One here.
LiQuiZoN  +   894d ago
A 180 is when you do one thing and then all of a sudden go in the completely opposite direction.

This is not the case here. Shu is Japanese. Tweeting in English allowed him to make a subtle mistake and not get what he wanted to say across precisely.

Geez. You people use one term and apply it for everything. You make it like he was trying to DECIEVE us? I think you should focus on Microsoft DECIEVING its customers.
Deadpoolio  +   893d ago
There is a HUGE difference between a miscommunication and a complete and total policy reversal...Nice try though Xbot back under your bridge
DigitalRaptor  +   893d ago
C'mon man, i know you're desperate for Sony to gain the same level of notoriety for policy reversal and actual backpeddling as Microsoft, so you can feel slightly better about your decisions, but this is a pretty bad attempt.
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jcnba28  +   894d ago
"Today he confirmed that users will indeed be able to fully install disc-based game on the PS4′s hard disk, but they’ll still have to keep the disc in the drive for verification."

Can someone explain to me what's the benefit of installing a game (and taking up harddrive space) if you still have to keep the disc in the drive?
Sarobi  +   894d ago
Instead of reading data off the disc, it would just read it off the HDD.. so you may see some benefits from this like faster loading times and such. Overall the system just flat out handles transfering game data better when it's on the HDD dierectly.
jay2  +   894d ago
Faster loading, smother game-play, maybe improved frame rate.
Minute Man 721  +   894d ago
Less heat generated by the disc drive
Enemy  +   894d ago
^ All of the above. Let's not forget convenience.
HammadTheBeast  +   894d ago
In my case, I scratched up my CD of GTA IV on 360 pretty bad, so I installed it, now it just checks in, but runs fine.
The Great Melon  +   893d ago
I had a similar issue just the other way around. I discovered 360's disc drive was broken when I tried to insert a new game (the clicking was horrifying). The only thing the drive could do anymore was perform the disc verification for installed games. So, I spent the summer playing Halo 3 until I had time to send in the 360 to Microsoft.
#11.5.1 (Edited 893d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Deadpoolio  +   893d ago
Why in the blue hell would any competent company on the entire face of planet earth actually let you install a game from the disc onto the HDD of the system and then play the game without the disc having to be in the tray? That would be the stupidest thing ANY company would do, idiots would install it and immediately rush out to trade the game.....

Aside from the fact that it generally gives you faster load times....AND more importantly it isn't beating the hell out of your disc drive..The damn 360 sounds like a jet taking off or a tank which is all just tearing up your tray
Kydawg  +   894d ago
Shuhei Yoshida is just the coolest person in the world! Oh yeah, so are Mark Cerny and Jack Tretton. The Three Amigos.
LiQuiZoN  +   894d ago
If you're trying to refer to Cerny's conference at GameLab when he was talking about the "3 Musketeers" then the third was Andy House.

The more you know....(ding)
Kydawg  +   894d ago
Thanks for the info, but I wasn't referring to anything. If I was I would have said 3 Musketeers. I was unaware he had ever said that. Since you brought it up though, I have increased my "Amigos" to 4.
come_bom  +   894d ago
Not new, other consoles already did that... but still a good option to have.
#13 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Deadpoolio  +   893d ago
Thats cause other consoles were knowingly released defective in several different ways...So that company got to spend at least 6 of its 8 years in existence constantly repairing the defective machines....Between knowing for a fact 55% were going to get RROD, failing to put the rubber stoppers on the disc drive and the E74 error the least they could do is let you instal the game to your jet engine
MasterCornholio  +   894d ago
You can hook up a pair of earphones to the controller. Thats really neat because in the past only voice would go through them.

But i already have my awesome bluetooth headphones so i wont be doing that.
T2  +   894d ago
yup, but I wonder then if people have sweet pc headphones with mic, would you be able to plug them in there?
I already have pulse too, but I do like my surround system for when my gf is out... the dogs hide though LOL
ShwankyShpanky  +   894d ago
If your "sweet PC headphones" have a 3-channel (L/R/voice) 3.5mm jack, they'll probably work.
jay2  +   894d ago
Good work and nice touch.
PositiveEmotions  +   894d ago
Wow this is really cool that means i can have my tv really loud and no one will hear anything because of my headphones plugged onto my ds4 :).
ElementX  +   894d ago
So now plugging headphones into the controller is cool?
Enemy  +   894d ago
Well, it's an option. Some may find it cool, some won't. Who cares?
Kayant  +   894d ago
No... Its just that its a nice feature that works for any headphone/headset since the port is not proprietary. Late night gaming bliss :)
ShwankyShpanky  +   894d ago
I'd say that turning any pair of standard headphones into wireless (via DS4) for game audio (not just voice) is pretty cool. I won't really need it since I have a Pulse headset, but if the batteries ran down in the Pulse, it looks like I could just jack into the controller and keep going.
MAULxx  +   894d ago
It is for me, for late night gaming. I have a nice set I like to use & usually run a cord across the room to my AVR. This will be more convienent for me as long as the audio is decent.
Hicken  +   893d ago
You see, I know you're not supposed to be a fanboy. But so many of your comments- particularly the Sony-related ones- seem to be aimed at nitpicking minor, nigh-irrelevant things. And generalizing, while you're at it(or if not generalizing, then being very vague).

It's as if you're looking for reasons to complain.
ElementX  +   893d ago
Well I'll be honest, I have both preordered and I find that there are a lot of pro-Sony people on this site. I feel kind of bad that the One gets so much hate. I like to comment on things that people disliked about the 360 but seem ok with if it's related to Sony such as multiplayer paywall, plugging in a headset into the controller, too much Halo (look at Uncharted series which I commented on yesterday) MS gets too much hate. Everybody spells it M$, talks sh#t about everything MS tries to do, downplays them and hopes they back out of the industry. I just think that a lot of people who complain about 360 and One never owned one and just want to be anti-something.

When people come up with retorts to anti-MS comments or pro-Sony comments, they get negged even if it's completely honest and valid.
#17.5.1 (Edited 893d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
moparful99  +   893d ago
@element. Microsoft gets flak because every thing they do has some selfish twist to it...
Evrrything on the 360 was needlessly proprietary and paywall gave you nothing but the privilege of playing your games online and some social features.. Plus actually has value and is cheaper.. plugging headsets into the 360 controller was chat only, on ps4 its chat and audio..

lets not forget the expensive wifi adaptor, hd-dvd drive, lack of hdmi port in the begining, proprietary harddrives, and rushed shoddy hardware... the slim is the console they should have made from day1.... Microsoft is sleeping in the bed they made, they deserve a lot of criticism....
Hicken  +   893d ago
moparful hit it pretty head-on.

I can't recall any Sony fan saying plugging the headset into the controller was lame. But it's hard to say that what PS4 is doing with it isn't better, since it's not proprietary, and allows for ALL the game sound, and not just chat.

This generation, Halo became an annual series. You can TRY to bring up Uncharted or God of War- as many have- but both of those franchises would require you to own multiple consoles (the PSP as well as PS3, and a PS2 as well, in the case of GOW). Furthermore, a large part of the criticism over the amount of Halo stemmed from the lack of other notable exclusives being released over the life of the 360. Halo led the same four franchises, while Uncharted was one of MANY exclusive IPs for the PS3. That means they're not in the same category.

Nobody likes the paywall... I say that, but quite a few MS fans were happy to do so, when all it afforded you was the ability to play online and voice chat across games. I haven't used Live all that much, but being a former GameStop employee, I've heard about the difference: it really ONLY amounted to cross-game chat; there were CLAIMS that XBL was faster, but never any proof, and more games had dedicated servers on PS3 than 360. Plus simply gives more value, so there's seriously no comparing it to XBLG, which means it's not so hypocritical.

Unlike Sony or Nintendo, Microsoft's actions within the industry appear solely motivated by money. As opposed to the other two, they don't seem to concerned with giving their gamers actual value, or providing them with exclusives, or even ensuring their hardware(the RROD extended warranty was essentially FORCED on them). So they get the M$ moniker.

Their criticisms ARE warranted right now. They haven't done much to instill confidence in their consumers or prospective buyers. And in lots of cases, they've actually done the opposite. I'm quick to admit I don't like Microsoft, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to play the games on their console... not directly.

It's the stupid crap they do that stops me. And it's that stupid crap that's got everybody "hating" on them right now. It's really as simple as that.
ziggurcat  +   893d ago
why you have so little bubbles is beyond me... + bub for well said.
GABRIEL1030  +   894d ago
PS4 is getting better =D
My_Outer_Heaven  +   894d ago
SSD in a PS4 would be awesome but costly.
tripper182  +   894d ago
Worth it, Lol
My_Outer_Heaven  +   894d ago
I wish they'd lower in price. I've got one in my PC but rather a large price drop before putting one in a console.
tripper182  +   894d ago
Understandable.. they aren't very cheap lol. Soon as that price drops though i'm getting one for everything. My microwave is gonna have soo much storage.
cyclindk  +   894d ago
Yay! Done deal.
Heisenburger  +   894d ago
This might sound insignificant, but the earbud option for game audio was the killer feature I was hoping they'd confirm.

I have the Sony earbuds that I use for Vita and music(great quality btw) which also happen to have a built in mic.


This is very exciting for me.

A very affordable alternative to surround sound.

SuicideKing  +   894d ago
Can you do this on the ps3? I couldn't figure this out when last of us came out. Could someone tell me how to install the disk to the hard drive?
ShwankyShpanky  +   894d ago
No, you can't.
christrules0041  +   894d ago
The only way to install it was to buy it digitally. Besides that you can't. Not many full games do that anyways. I know COD BLOPS 2 installed the textures but the rest of the game ran off of the disc.
Aztec_MC  +   894d ago
Why waste 50GB of space, when the Disc is inside? I don't why there is an install option. *Sigh*

(Don't say faster loading cuz PS4 will be constantly 'verifying' the Disc, ie READING or LOADING the disc)

I hope it's not a forced install, it's bad enough that some PS3 games require partial Installs. PSN games should be Installed, Disc games should remain on the Disc.
#23 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
My_Outer_Heaven  +   894d ago
Not all games take 50GB of space, in fact a majority of the games don't. I think the first game to need such a large amount of space was Metal Gear Solid 4 which is why they didn't port it to Xbox 360 because a game on 4-5 disks would look pretty bad for Microsoft and show why Blu-ray was a great investment for Sony. The last time games needed that amount of disks was on Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX for PS1
#23.1 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
josephayal  +   894d ago
The PS4 is doing a lot better than PC's
RankFTW  +   893d ago
R3DRAIN89  +   894d ago
i asked yoshida the same question about the installs on hdd, but got ignored.Cool to see he finally answered someone on it.
josephayal  +   894d ago
Gimme my PS4!
Codey47  +   894d ago
Luckily you can upgrade the HDD on PS4.

Hybrid SSD will be installed in my system day one!
Already got a Hybrid installed in my PS3
#27 (Edited 894d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ziggurcat  +   894d ago
good. games will just run a little smoother, and load faster that way. i always fully install disc-based games on my X360, so i will gladly do the same on PS4.
AceBlazer13  +   894d ago
As if I wasn't hyped enough for this system. One question though this "verification", will it still be possible to play a disc if it's in bad condition.I take care of my discs but just asking.
ziggurcat  +   893d ago
it'll likely work in the same way that it works on X360/X1.

you'll need to have the disc in the drive in order to play the game off of the HDD, but it only briefly runs the disc when you boot the game.
Kydawg  +   894d ago
Ummmm, people have been able to do this for years! Kudos that we'll STILL be able to do it though.
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