Shuhei Yoshida Confirms That You Can Fully Install Disc Games on PS4′s HDD

A few days ago SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida caused a bit of confusion about the installation of disc-based games on the PS4. Today he clarified confirming that you can indeed fully install disc games on the console's HD, and shared more info on the DualShock 4's 3.5 connector.

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Majin-vegeta1453d ago

Sweet more options the better.

ABizzel11453d ago

I think this has more to do with allowing Vita Remote Play even when you purchase disc based games.

I wasn't the one to disagree with you.

abzdine1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

u was also wondering if it's possible to listen to what's happening on screen just from the controller but i didnt think it was possible.
every PS4 news is great news

and concerning disc install, everytime i could do it on PS3 i did it even if it was optional. I think it helps preserving the lens from intensive disc reading, especially for BIG games

slimeybrainboy1453d ago

I read every one of Shuhei's tweets in his voice.

I don't know why you'd want to fully install, would it help load times?

MusicComposer1453d ago

I don't think this has to do with Vita Remote Play since the actual question says "Dear Shuei. Will we be able to do full game installs to HDD from disc (Disc present in tray for verification) on PS4?" If you still need the disc in you aren't going to be able to access all your other games from the Vita. Also, at that point what would stop you from selling your physical disc if you could still access it digitally.

tokugawa1453d ago

its a great feature. it is a shame that we still need the discs installed on both systems though

JoySticksFTW1453d ago

Great news. Happy for the confirmation.

I fully installed every game on 360. I think it helped preserve my system. No RROD yet.

But now I'm afraid to turn it on because I might have just jinxed myself. Oh boy...

Destrania1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

PS4 doesn't require installations from discs, it's just an option. Considering the disc must be in the drive when you launch a disc based installed game, I'm not sure how much I'll use this feature. I'll be eating up enough space from digital downloads haha.

Conzul1453d ago


if you put in an SSD (as I will XD ) then I imagine load times would be drastically reduced. Imagine....jumping to a friend's game would drop from 7-10 seconds to maybe 2-3 seconds or even instant.

zeee1453d ago

THANK GOD! That should help a lot to reduce the loading times. That's the only feature that I liked about my 360, that I could install the games on the hard drive.

God knows how much I hated the load times in Fallout games! I wish PS3 allowed us to install games on disk (and keep the disc in for security/verification reasons). I never really cared about cross game chats. The ONLY thing I miss on PS3 is optional disk install.

dantesparda1453d ago

What I'd like to know is if it's mandatory installs our optional. cuz I'd prefer optional

Kingthrash3601453d ago

I thought there was virtually no load times already.....was an installment needed for no loads?

minimur121453d ago

Could someone PM me the reason as to why you'd do this? I mean, if you need the disc in the tray then why waste HDD space? :S

hkgamer1453d ago

I think it's an optional install, similar to the 360. Which is great news. Definitely not going to be like what the xbone was going to be like. So most likely no remote play on ps4 games for vita unless it is digital or disk in machine.

strifeblade1453d ago

Well yoshida welcome to 2008- i have been able to install games on 360 since then- yawn. Can you tell me what else is revolutionary in the ps4? lol

Destrania1453d ago

Considering the blu-ray drive in the PS4 is supposed to be 6x faster than the PS3's, I don't really see how handy these optional installs would be.

UltimateMaster1453d ago

He just said Yes, it Can be done.
But it doesn't mean that all publishers will be doing it.
Sorry to burst your bubble.

malokevi1452d ago

So you can fully install them, do you still need the disk?

And if not, what's to stop people from using the same disk over and over on a bunch of different consoles?

Incoming Sony DRM? I would have a chuckle.

dantesparda1452d ago

@ minimur

The only reason you'd want to install the game, is to shorten loading times.


PC's have been doing this since the 80's or longer, so welcome to the 80's


You're lack of getting it is showing again. You do need the disc, so no secret DRM incoming. But stupid try, keep trying kid.

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VforVideogames1453d ago

about time for sony , I've being doing this for 6 years on my 360

LOL_WUT1453d ago

Dat 500GB PS4 harddrive ;)

fattyuk1453d ago

500gb! Gonna need a 2TB hdd in this console.

my 1tb in my ps3 ATM is down to its last 60gb.

minimur121453d ago


someone a PS Plus member? lol

dragon821453d ago


My 1TB im my PS3 is also damn near full. I am sitting at about 300 digital games plus game saves and videos. I am going to need to go even bigger next time. lol

Crazyglues1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@ Fattyuk

See this is what I was saying your going to end up needing to put a big hard drive - that's why I designed this - but no one is voting on it -

-but yeah space is going to fill up quick on next gen... just watch..

||.........___||............ ||

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showtimefolks1453d ago

I will use this for most 3rd party games because they are closer to 8GB while exclusive we 20 plus

But maybe with MS also using BLURAY we will see most developers use the extra space

How long will it take on average to install 20-25 GB?

Also will installing mean faster load times? And less disk spinning?

minimur121453d ago

I'm prety sure you can play while you install it buddy :p

boldstarr1453d ago

PS Consoles is always the leader!!!Quality games and quality products is always best!!!u xbots better shut-up, cry all u want in PS section in this site... we will enjoy ours while others cry cry cry!!! PS4 here i come!!!

TAURUS-5551452d ago

PS4 once again showing off how flexible it is. best console ever ¡¡¡

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negative1453d ago

Weren't game installations assumed at this point?????

Abriael1453d ago

Assuming never helps much, especially considering that Yoshida mistakenly said that you couldn't just a couple days ago.