Titanfall Hands-On Preview - PAX Prime 2013 (GameRevolution)

GR: "We got hands on with Respawn Entertainment's mech-vs-infantry first-person shooter at PAX Prime."

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Maddens Raiders1936d ago

Interesting review to say the least. I didn't know Titanfall was as fast as the author makes out, not that that would bother me at all. Does anyone think those soldiers look a little like the ISA?

Fireseed1936d ago

I get what you're saying but ISA designs generally have more "home town" flare like scarves, undershirts, bandanas, and baseball caps. Not to mention fingerless gloves... fingerless gloves as far as the eye can see.

Maddens Raiders1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Yeah I know what you mean. The Alpha squad guys look like that in the SP but the MP skins look all standard fare for their respective classes. No biggie I just noticed that in some respects the battle dress on the "good guys" looks a little similar in some respective.

Bigpappy1936d ago

Yep! moisten those lips and start the butt kissing.

FrigidDARKNESS1936d ago

MaN i can't wait to buy this game day one.

Cueil1936d ago

It'll release before the June of next year

Dlacy13g1936d ago

The last part of that preview made it seem like the author was trying to say this game wouldn't be out before the next E3 (Or did I not catch his meaning correctly?)... I say that because Respawn was clear this was coming out spring 2014.

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