Current-Gen Series That Should be Repackaged for PS4 and Xbox One

Some of the best games of the current generation which deserve to be revisited on next-gen platforms.

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cell9891872d ago

this should be more like, PS2 games that should be remade for next Gen consoles. Like Shadow of The Colossus, or Snake Eater, what about the first God Of War

levian1872d ago

Every remake or remaster should be ported to the PS4. With Final Fantasy games especially, the remasters will be split between the PS3 and PS4, completely missing the point of remasters - to have all the older games on one console.

JunioRS1011872d ago

I want a Mass Effect series reboot fresh on next-gen almost as much as I hope everybody else feels the same way.

Let's start another will-go-nowhere petition!!

jackanderson19851872d ago

thought they were doing such a thing?

FrightfulActions1872d ago

Would be nice. PC gamers have been able to enjoy a HD retexure mod for Mass Effect for a while now. Looks so, so, so much better. If one person could do something like that, I see no reason why such a big studio couldn't HD the game even farther. A redesign of its menu interface would be nice too, but that may be hoping for too much.

Pintheshadows1872d ago

To be honest I just want Syphon Filter out of retirement.

cell9891872d ago

I loved that game back in the PS one days, thats one game it deserves a reboot or sequel

AO1JMM1872d ago

I'd like to see The Last of Us on PS4.

Roccetarius1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Can we please have some new games? I know this is the case, but i really don't want too many HD collections of Sub-HD games this gen.

bjmartynhak1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

It is a good thing for newcomers,

I got late this gen and had skipped the PS2
(Atari, Mega-drive, PS1-limbo-PS3)

So I could play catch up with the HD collections

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The story is too old to be commented.