FIFA 14: 5 Real-Life Footballing Incidents We Want Adding

You’d be forgiven for forgetting FIFA 14 is out next month.

The only game with a September release date that anyone is really looking forward too is Rockstar Game’s sandbox title Grand Theft Auto V.

But, just nine short days after that, the latest in EA Sport’s perennial footballing series, FIFA 14, hits the market. A lot has happened to the enduring franchise since those isometic days of 1993 when FIFA International Soccer was first released.

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Jiggins991936d ago

if i lost the final of a tournament or lost the match i needed to win to get promoted because of a goal that was offside but wasnt given or the ball didnt actually cross the line i would be so annoyed. it may happen in real life but i dont want to lose important games because of a 10% chance the linesman wouldnt call offside that time