Five Reasons Why You Should Purchase A PlayStation Vita

With the announcement that the PlayStation Vita is dropping down to $199/€199, for the United States and Europe respectively and that memory cards are also dropping in price with it, now is the perfect time to take advantage of all the features the Vita has to offer: especially those involving the PlayStation 4!

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NatureOfLogic1932d ago

One reason, It's an awesome gaming device.

Maddens Raiders1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I watched a buddy of mine playing Killzone Mercenary on his last weekend. That took up all five of my reasons. It looks freakin' fantastic.

I'll finally pick mine up shortly after I get my PS4 in November.

Clover9041932d ago

It's amazing, isn't it. Fast paced online shooter, plays great, looks incredible, voice chat. It's all there, in the palm o your hands. I'm absolutely blown away with what this little device can do. This game is going to make the wait for the ps4 a little more bearable.

It's going to be hard going to sleep at night when I can play Watch Dogs and Infamous Second Son in bed :)

Maddens Raiders1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Yeah it was silky silky smooth man. I was actually at another friend's house already and we were playing Injustice:GAU. When our buddy walked in with KZ:M on the Vita, Injustice stopped for about 10 minutes. It was that good. Our buddy told us, "I'm about to sell you guys on the Vita". He did exactly that.

brianace1932d ago

I played the Killzone Mercenary beta, and it wasn't really for me. I'm not a big fan of shooters though. The graphics were incredible, and it is technically very impressive. Just not my cup of tea. I do hope it helps them sell a lot of Vitas.

clearelite1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I think I'm going to pick up a Vita. I've been trying to decide between another PS3, a Vita, and a PS4 preorder, but I'm just really excited about getting a Vita right now. I think its excellent/expanding game library, its compatibility with PS4, etc. pretty much seal the deal. Thanks for helping me make my decision. I'll pick up another Ps3 then the PS4 in the next couple months.

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BullyMangler1932d ago

One reason not to, its got HORRID comfort = horrid gaming experience.

Just purchase the "trigger grips" they built for it, which wont fix the fail prickly joysticks.

or just wait for the vita 2, the re-designed version coming soon hopefully cus dayummm

Clover9041932d ago

Lol, okay dude.

As someone who has actually played this on a Vita, all I can say is that Sony has done it again.

LOGICWINS1932d ago

Which ones do you recommend? I know that theres a Nyko one that makes the battery on ur Vita last longer.

BullyMangler1932d ago

yeah yeah get that one the Nyko one.

comfier than a naked vita for sure.

sincitysir11932d ago

Pdp trigger grips but just be aware the triggers feel really clunky and slow! I personally didn't like it for killzone because I reacted slower

porkChop1932d ago

I recommend the Biogenik Trigger Grip. Much better triggers than the PDP grip, and it's honestly the most comfortable grip I've tried for my Vita. It's very comfortable, I started playing my Vita all the time once I got it. The Nyko power grip is nice because of the 50% extra battery life, but I didn't find it as comfortable.

porkChop1932d ago

Here, I took some pics to show you what it looks like. It's very, very comfortable.

LOGICWINS1932d ago

Thanks for the recommendations guys. That Biogenick Grip looks cool!

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clearelite1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

You usually have bad things to say about Sony products bullymangLer.

Now your on here pushing your cynical opinions of the Vita as facts makes me think this might be some attempted stealth troll.

Nm I just usually see you posting negative things.

To each their own.

BullyMangler1931d ago

I only speak the truth, and if people think I am only trolling then i make sure to bring facts and proof .

If you are thinking of getting a Vita maybe you can wait a tad bit longer just to see If its true that the Vita is getting a re-design, if not then you should chose one of the trigger grips recommended by others on this thread.

of course the comfort grip triggers wont fix the vitas prickly joysticks, so wWwehhh

longcat1932d ago

Psplus is the only reason I'm not disappointed in buying the vita. I actually play my vita more than my 3ds because of it.

brianace1932d ago

PS Plus has expanded my Vita library fast, that's for sure. Excited for remote play, I can keep playing AC4, even if I have to take a dump.

Clover9041932d ago

Vita, taking number twos to the next level :)

porkChop1932d ago

Imagine playing an epic BF4 Conquest match with 64 players, buildings crumbling all around you, while also taking an epic shit. It's gonna be glorious.

thrust1932d ago

I have just sold mine because I think they are going to make another one!

Kind of like a relaunch of the vita to go with the ps4, which lets face it remote play looks cool if my wife want to watch TV I can switch to my vita.

porkChop1932d ago

If they were going to do a redesign I think they would have announced it at Gamescom to go along with the price drop. Redesigns are specifically used to make price drops possible, so releasing a redesign after a price drop at the same price just doesn't make much sense to me.

porkChop1932d ago

Only the black Wifi model was "discontinued", the colored Wifi models are still available, as well as the 3G version. So it seems like either A) the black is being replaced by a different color or maybe a different shade of black/grey, or B) it's an error/glitch.

thrust1932d ago

I stand corrected then, it was wishfull thinking I will pick another one up when I get the ps4 later next year.

I,would like a new model tho, with all games being remote play now I think there should be.

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