Metal Gear Solid 5 Might Have A Child Psycho Mantis

Could screenshots be showing a portrait of the psychic as a young man?

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Batzi1931d ago

I agree but you're kinda late.

Mounce1931d ago observation made about a trailer that's months-old, that's pretty funny. You know, guys, I think that in the Halo 3 trailer, that Master Chief begins fighting again and returns to fight, the trailer implied it!

dcj05241930d ago

Hmmmm. Idk, I mean it must be pretty hot in that suit. That doesn't spund practical. More importantly. I saw this yellowish orange fox? In a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 commercial, it implies that he Is not trying to kill you.

Abdou0231930d ago

Is the date December 31, accurate for the release date ?!

Batzi1930d ago

Of course not. Amazon's default release date.

Abdou0231930d ago

Then we really need an official release date.

andrewsqual1930d ago

Well lets see. Metal Gear Rising announced E3 2009, launched Feb 2013. MGS5 announced September 2012 so out May 2016?
Oh and with Keifer Sutherland and a whole other wrath of US oriented changes to the franchise to kill it, just like with the once Japanese developed Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises if to name but a few.

ATi_Elite1930d ago

Cool and I guess you gotta use Kinect or PSMove to defeat him cause he can read controller port 1 and TWO!


ritsuka6661931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Incoming back slash from the media. just watch..

DarkBlood1931d ago


gaelic_laoch1931d ago

"Metal Gear Solid 5 Might Have A Child Psycho Mantis"

Once it does not have a 45min cutscence to go with it!

Ace_Pheonix1931d ago

Stay away from Metal Gear. Us Metal Gear fans like it the way it is. Stick to COD.

gaelic_laoch1931d ago

I don't play COD and I prefer MGS, but even MGS has its weak spots I would like changed! But unfortunately having an opinion on a game like MGS goes down like a lead weight with some!

THamm1931d ago

you're correct as well, especially with MGS 4. In between chapters all the talking on the plane, too much dead spots that got me really sleepy...

KillerPwned1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I personally really enjoyed the cut scenes out of MGS TS and MGS 3. Recreating the scenes in TS I thought was done excellent and still kept its originality

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