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Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a terrible Splinter Cell game, or an alright cover shooter. Pick one.

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Knightshade1907d ago

Completely and entirely disagree. Just, no.

sinclaircrown1907d ago

Haters gonna hate.. Potatoes gonna potate.

OT, Splinter Cell is back to its best.

Thank you.

starchild1907d ago

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and it is my opinion that this review sucks @ss and is full of bias and irrationality. Blacklist is the best Splinter Cell game since Chaos Theory and is simply one of the best games I have played in years.

4logpc1907d ago

Not sure what game this dude played...

SoulMikeY1907d ago

Lol, what an idiot. Having played every Splinter Cell, this is the best. This corn dog probably played lame ass Call of Duty and reviewed it as Splinter Cell.

starchild1907d ago

Yeah, it's like he got mixed up and was playing a different game because a lot of what he said simply doesn't accurately describe this game.

I agree that it's the best Splinter Cell ever. I was tempted to say Chaos Theory is better, but I really thought about it and I think that is mostly nostalgia talking. In objective terms, Blacklist is a better game in nearly every way.

WarThunder1907d ago

Pretty much... Nothing special about this game...

starchild1907d ago

Oh go somewhere else. You already proved how biased you were when you commented on this game before. You hate it because you hate Americans and you despise the game's plot. You can't leave politics out and just enjoy the game.

RogueSmurf1906d ago

"Everybody is entitled to their opinion" he says a few comments up.
"Oh go somewhere else", he says here.

Amicable approach.

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