PS4 and Xbox One – Your Choice?

Which console are you going to buy? 6aming's Jamie would like to know in his newest article.

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Hatsune-Miku1693d ago

I choose common sense so ps4

darthv721693d ago

While i will have both eventually as well....if i must chose one then i will take whichever one comes out first.

shoddy1692d ago

It's only logical to pick the cheaper yet more powerful console.

True_Samurai1692d ago

Xbox One hell yes.... Ps4? Naawwwlll

FATAL1TY1692d ago

PS4 + Killzone Shadow Fall + inFAMOUS Second Son

ShinMaster1692d ago

I'm going for the one that offers powerful hardware at a good value.

The console with the largest community of gamers worldwide.

But most importantly, the one that has great first party studios that will provide continued support with awesome games all through the console's life cycle.

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j-blaze1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

PS4 here too, then Wii U
as for XB1..not soon but gonna end up buying it anyway lol

donman11692d ago

PS4/WiiU is all I need.

VforVideogames1692d ago

XBOX-1 has one of the best game line up ever on any console, so XB-1 for me and ps4 maybe in 3-5 tears

Patrick1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

3-5 tears? So... When Xbone makes you cry, then you'll buy a PS4? Heck, save yourself the grief and just start with Playstation 4. I guess some people just love being As for me, I'm going PS4 day one. I don't like being sad.

ZHZ901692d ago

Weren't you worried about Deep Down, Persona 5, IRR and extra content of MGSV to be exclusive for PS4?

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Cueil1692d ago

I choose.... BOTH... haha mother fackers

Pixel_Enemy1692d ago

You have more money than sense.. I have about $20,000 put away in my bank account and I am not going to waste any of it by buying both consoles at launch. There's not enough time in the day to learn both OS's and play games on both at the same time for me. I will buy the PS4 at launch and the Xbox One down the road when I see more reason to get one.

sincitysir11692d ago

Thanks for sharing how much wealth u have!

VforVideogames1692d ago

Theres no reason to buy a ps4 now , the XBOX-1 has one of the best launch line up ever on any console so XB-1 for me on day ONE and ps4 maybe in 2-3 years.

FlameHawk1692d ago

@VforVideogames, a majority of people are going to do the opposite, PS4 first, then XBO.

Cueil1692d ago

I've accumulated a ton of Xbox 360 titles that I also got for pennies on the dollar on Steam and GoG So I traded them in for nearly my whole PS4 purchase at GS

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donman11692d ago

I second that. PS4 is the smart choice.

IRON883 1692d ago

PS4 day one and maybe just maybe down the road Xbox one

Jazz41081692d ago

I choose xboxone for my ps3 was slow ane update city constantly so I will go with the smmothest experiece and ms has already shown theyknow software.

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mafiahajeri1692d ago

Playstation 4... I choose you!!!

ovnipc1692d ago

X1 Day 1! Mid next year PS4. Wii U I had one and sold it i didnt like it. Xbox one has a best line of game for now. If Titanfall was CONFIRMED for PS4 I would had gone PS4. DR3, KI, DLC first for CoD and BF4 Xbox all the way! Ufff drones are going to down vote me.

Xsilver1692d ago

PS4 because i fell in love with the franchises and it feels good to be back.

ovnipc1692d ago

Omg!!! Ps4 the best console everrrr! More specs lots of indies f2p lots of them that's my console. Y1.

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Majin-vegeta1693d ago

PS4 Sony has been hitting every sweetspot from the price to the games.

MariaHelFutura1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Completely agree. The choice isn't that hard, my reasons......

Preorders: Sony
Specs: Sony (link is not needed)
Launch Games: Sony 33>23 (link is not needed)
Countries: Sony 32>13 (link is not needed)
Restrictions: Sony 1>81
Price: Sony 399>499 (link is not needed)
Backflips: Sony 0>5 (link is not needed)
Polls: Sony (link is not needed)
Recording time: 15>5 (link is not needed)
The Last 3 Years: Sony 64>12

pedrof931693d ago

Ps4 recording time is actually before you press the button, so you won't miss a fail or a win moment.

The recording time may actually be virtually unlimited.

Benchm4rk1692d ago

Troll harder next time. A simple I choose PS4 would of been suffice but you always have to try and stir the pot

MariaHelFutura1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

dub post

slimeybrainboy1693d ago

PS4 - ND are the best developer in the world IMO. Theres more reasons than that, but there is no way I would miss out on TLoU 2 or new IP or U4.

XboxFun1693d ago

Xbox One, the best launch line up I have seen since the SNES. Love the features packed in and just the overall look of the UI.

Not to mention I am really excited to see what their franchises will look like down the line.

Yes, i'll be getting the Xbox One for sure.

sincitysir11692d ago

What happens after launch? Like the next 5 years?

TheFutureIsBlue1692d ago

People waited on the 360 and guess what they saw? Halo and Gears. Laf. PS4 ftw

WarThunder1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

"best launch line up I have seen since the SNES"

X1 has 4 launch games Ryse,Ki,FM5, DR3 and WOTanks.

PS4 has 9 launch games,

- KillZone SF
- Knack
- DriveClub
- Blacklight: Retribution,
- PlanetSide 2
- War Thunder
- Warframe
- Resogun

You most be one of the people who thought every game was shown at MS E3 conference was X1 exclusive lol....

On topic:
PS4/PC is the best gaming combination, PS4 exclusives and PC multiplatform.

Jazz41081692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

That would be sony with destiny and watchdogs, kingdom hearts etc. All mp all made to believe exclusive to sony when its not.

BlueBlood171692d ago

What? Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza?

Nah, sorry. Killzone, Driveclub and Knack is easily on par with that.

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kingxtreme811693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Both 4 me on day One.

Both will offer excellent gaming and entertainment experiences that I won't want to miss out on.

After all, the best way to be sure that one doesn't miss out on any gaming experiences is to own all of the consoles, so that's what I do.

11/15 and an undisclosed date in November cannot come soon enough for me.

JackStraw1692d ago

yeah right. i love people who say "both for me on day one" like they have tons of money to blow on consoles + games. yet they're here posting on n4g. just stop.

kingxtreme811692d ago

Uh, so because I post on n4g that means I can't afford to buy 2 gaming consoles?

You're making no sense at all, JackStraw.

creatchee1692d ago

I won't buy both on Day One because I want to enjoy each on their own merits. It's like you have to marry one woman, but you get your mistress later after the sex isn't as exciting anymore.