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PS4 and Xbox One – Your Choice?

Which console are you going to buy? 6aming's Jamie would like to know in his newest article. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Hatsune-Miku  +   333d ago
I choose common sense so ps4
golding89  +   333d ago
Both eventually :-p
darthv72  +   333d ago
While i will have both eventually as well....if i must chose one then i will take whichever one comes out first.
black0o  +   333d ago
☻ PlayStation 4 ☻
shoddy  +   333d ago
It's only logical to pick the cheaper yet more powerful console.
True_Samurai  +   333d ago
Xbox One hell yes.... Ps4? Naawwwlll
FATAL1TY  +   333d ago
PS4 + Killzone Shadow Fall + inFAMOUS Second Son

ShinMaster  +   332d ago
I'm going for the one that offers powerful hardware at a good value.

The console with the largest community of gamers worldwide.

But most importantly, the one that has great first party studios that will provide continued support with awesome games all through the console's life cycle.
j-blaze  +   333d ago
PS4 here too, then Wii U
as for XB1..not soon but gonna end up buying it anyway lol
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donman1  +   333d ago
PS4/WiiU is all I need.
VforVideogames  +   333d ago
XBOX-1 has one of the best game line up ever on any console, so XB-1 for me and ps4 maybe in 3-5 tears
Patrick  +   333d ago
3-5 tears? So... When Xbone makes you cry, then you'll buy a PS4? Heck, save yourself the grief and just start with Playstation 4. I guess some people just love being victims....lol As for me, I'm going PS4 day one. I don't like being sad.
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ZHZ90  +   333d ago
Weren't you worried about Deep Down, Persona 5, IRR and extra content of MGSV to be exclusive for PS4?
Cueil  +   333d ago
I choose.... BOTH... haha mother fackers
Pixel_Enemy  +   333d ago
You have more money than sense.. I have about $20,000 put away in my bank account and I am not going to waste any of it by buying both consoles at launch. There's not enough time in the day to learn both OS's and play games on both at the same time for me. I will buy the PS4 at launch and the Xbox One down the road when I see more reason to get one.
sincitysir1  +   333d ago
Thanks for sharing how much wealth u have!
VforVideogames  +   333d ago
Theres no reason to buy a ps4 now , the XBOX-1 has one of the best launch line up ever on any console so XB-1 for me on day ONE and ps4 maybe in 2-3 years.
FlameHawk  +   333d ago
@VforVideogames, a majority of people are going to do the opposite, PS4 first, then XBO.
Cueil  +   333d ago
I've accumulated a ton of Xbox 360 titles that I also got for pennies on the dollar on Steam and GoG So I traded them in for nearly my whole PS4 purchase at GS
donman1  +   333d ago
I second that. PS4 is the smart choice.
IRON883  +   333d ago
PS4 day one and maybe just maybe down the road Xbox one
Jazz4108  +   332d ago
I choose xboxone for my ps3 was slow ane update city constantly so I will go with the smmothest experiece and ms has already shown theyknow software.
The_Infected  +   333d ago
I choose PS4 easily. Price, hardware, and no camera included.
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Cueil  +   333d ago
there is only one reason you choose one over the other and that's game preference... any other reason is just borderline mental
mafiahajeri  +   333d ago
Playstation 4... I choose you!!!
ovnipc  +   333d ago
X1 Day 1! Mid next year PS4. Wii U I had one and sold it i didnt like it. Xbox one has a best line of game for now. If Titanfall was CONFIRMED for PS4 I would had gone PS4. DR3, KI, DLC first for CoD and BF4 Xbox all the way! Ufff drones are going to down vote me.
Xsilver  +   333d ago
PS4 because i fell in love with the franchises and it feels good to be back.
ovnipc  +   333d ago
Omg!!! Ps4 the best console everrrr! More specs lots of indies f2p lots of them that's my console. Y1.
Outsider-G  +   333d ago
PS4 without a doubt.
Majin-vegeta  +   333d ago
PS4 Sony has been hitting every sweetspot from the price to the games.
MariaHelFutura  +   333d ago | Well said
Completely agree. The choice isn't that hard, my reasons......

Preorders: Sony
Specs: Sony (link is not needed)
Launch Games: Sony 33>23 (link is not needed)
Countries: Sony 32>13 (link is not needed)
Restrictions: Sony 1>81
Price: Sony 399>499 (link is not needed)
Backflips: Sony 0>5 (link is not needed)
Polls: Sony (link is not needed)
Recording time: 15>5 (link is not needed)
The Last 3 Years: Sony 64>12
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pedrof93  +   333d ago
Ps4 recording time is actually before you press the button, so you won't miss a fail or a win moment.

The recording time may actually be virtually unlimited.
Benchm4rk  +   333d ago
Troll harder next time. A simple I choose PS4 would of been suffice but you always have to try and stir the pot
MariaHelFutura  +   333d ago
dub post
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slimeybrainboy  +   333d ago
PS4 - ND are the best developer in the world IMO. Theres more reasons than that, but there is no way I would miss out on TLoU 2 or new IP or U4.
XboxFun  +   333d ago | Well said
Xbox One, the best launch line up I have seen since the SNES. Love the features packed in and just the overall look of the UI.

Not to mention I am really excited to see what their franchises will look like down the line.

Yes, i'll be getting the Xbox One for sure.
sincitysir1  +   333d ago
What happens after launch? Like the next 5 years?
alb1899  +   333d ago
Wait and see!
TheFutureIsBlue  +   333d ago
People waited on the 360 and guess what they saw? Halo and Gears. Laf. PS4 ftw
WarThunder  +   333d ago
"best launch line up I have seen since the SNES"

X1 has 4 launch games Ryse,Ki,FM5, DR3 and WOTanks.

PS4 has 9 launch games,

- KillZone SF
- Knack
- DriveClub
- Blacklight: Retribution,
- PlanetSide 2
- War Thunder
- Warframe
- Resogun

You most be one of the people who thought every game was shown at MS E3 conference was X1 exclusive lol....

On topic:
PS4/PC is the best gaming combination, PS4 exclusives and PC multiplatform.
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Jazz4108  +   332d ago
That would be sony with destiny and watchdogs, kingdom hearts etc. All mp all made to believe exclusive to sony when its not.
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BlueBlood17  +   332d ago
What? Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza?

Nah, sorry. Killzone, Driveclub and Knack is easily on par with that.
kingxtreme81  +   333d ago
Both 4 me on day One.

Both will offer excellent gaming and entertainment experiences that I won't want to miss out on.

After all, the best way to be sure that one doesn't miss out on any gaming experiences is to own all of the consoles, so that's what I do.

11/15 and an undisclosed date in November cannot come soon enough for me.
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JackStraw  +   333d ago
yeah right. i love people who say "both for me on day one" like they have tons of money to blow on consoles + games. yet they're here posting on n4g. just stop.
kingxtreme81  +   333d ago
Uh, so because I post on n4g that means I can't afford to buy 2 gaming consoles?

You're making no sense at all, JackStraw.
JackStraw  +   333d ago
tell us more.
creatchee  +   333d ago
I won't buy both on Day One because I want to enjoy each on their own merits. It's like you have to marry one woman, but you get your mistress later after the sex isn't as exciting anymore.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   333d ago
PS4 first and foremost. XB1 when TF comes out, or, at the latest, Halo (I'm fluctuating between those two timeframes).

Can't miss out on ND, SSM, QD, MM, etc., etc. Or Halo, or Forza.
SonyNGP  +   333d ago
Both. PS4 at launch though.
1OddWorld  +   333d ago

I cant pass up the value in the system. Its cheaper more powerful and comes with quite a few games saving me money.

Outlast = $60 saved
DriveClub = $60 saved
Don't Starve = I have no clue but maybe $15

These are all going to be great games for me. And a possible savings of $135

The system literally pays for itself with PS+
HeyImBen1  +   333d ago
Outlast is an indiegame so its probably not that expensive :). Just saying.
Eddie20101  +   333d ago
Outlast is $20.00 but that is just the start of the free games with PS+. There were four or five other indie games that are going to be free day one for plus members.

Drive club will not be the full game. it's seven of the tracks and some of the cars for free but you can add tacks and cars to the game through micro transactions.
pyramidshead  +   333d ago
All eventually, PS4 then Wii-U for Bayonetta 2 then kinectless sku Xbox One(hopefully)
Jaqen_Hghar  +   333d ago
Or a user could simply get Xbox and sell the Kinect on Ebay eventually. Like when someone breaks theirs though it would be a saturated market possibly.
Kayant  +   333d ago
PS4 eventually because of Value, PlayStation Devs, PSN+, F2P games, less features behind a paywall..... I would get the XB1 also because I think XB1 is great console and has some nice features and games (excluding forced kincet) but I don't have much faith or trust in MS after owning a X360 this gen for 3+ yrs and them showing me their vision at their initial reveal which doesn't interest me. Also will build a PC down the line.

Next-gen Gears done right can win me over though :)
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ape007  +   333d ago
both in time
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theWB27  +   333d ago
X1 first then we'll see what Sony's big guys release...but hopefully end up with both this gen again.
ExPresident  +   333d ago
hazardman  +   333d ago
PS4 1st then Xbox One next yr. God willing....
sincitysir1  +   333d ago
God doesn't play video games.
ErryK  +   333d ago
Not on Xbox One he doesn't.
hazardman  +   333d ago
Sure has alot to do on whether I get to next yr. One day at a time my dude!
ceedubya9  +   333d ago
Supermax  +   333d ago
Both at launch bro brah
No_Limit  +   333d ago
XB1 all the way first. PS4 when Naughty Dog drop their game.
latincooker214  +   333d ago
understandable and respect videogames FTW:)
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BlueBlood17  +   332d ago
Grave  +   333d ago
PS4. At this point you'd have to pay me to take an XBONE.
Kingthrash360  +   333d ago
4 fingers up !( 2 twisted in the middle).
Kingthrash360  +   333d ago
or 4 fingers up (like spock)
boya3gob94  +   333d ago
Why no wii u? Isnt it next gen? Rofl
Kingthrash360  +   333d ago
yes but its soooooooo "meh"

lol okokokokokok sorry. Nintendo fans are ruthless when truth is heard but when they do the "meh" its ok.....go figure.
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boya3gob94  +   333d ago
Well said they are the most who are in denial ... Heck i can barely fire a gun effectively with the non analog shoulder button on splinter cell but thats the smallest thing i can mentiom
C-Thunder  +   333d ago
Already got one. I like it a lot, just needs some more games.
Kingthrash360  +   333d ago
I agree....I dont have one because of price and games.....now its just games. Nintendo IMO slipped up on the wiiu with confusing name and lack of games and lack of new ips 1st or 3rd party it had a decent head start...if they had heavy hitters like mario kart or a true zelda or a true mario things would be different....instead we get zelda remake 2d mario a 3d lackluster looking mario 2d donkey kong and pikman which looks amazing btw. but thats it...plus donkey kong comes after ps4 launch. I love zelda wind waker but this is supposed to be a next gen console gimme next gen zelda or fu*k off. I can play wind waker on the wii....I wont buy A Wiiu until they truly make steps into next generation...period. dont tease hd zelda and then put out a remake of a very old zelda..it just disrespectful not only to you customers but to the brand of Nintendo.....

fanboys can disagree below........I love Nintendo I hate what they have done so far with wiiu.
duducus  +   333d ago
It's already out though...
n4rc  +   333d ago
Both if I had the time... Money isn't the issue..

Choosing Xbox as it suits my preferences.. I like my fps games and stick to online mostly.. But when it comes to single player games... I like achievements more then trophies.. Don't really know why but I never felt the need to complete games on ps3 but would for Xbox..
HALOisKING  +   333d ago
xbox one i dont like ps games or the controller the last ps i enjoyed was the ps2 i have a ps3 but i dont use it but i hope the ps4 sales good.

xb1 › ps4 imo
C-Thunder  +   333d ago
You might want to get your hands on the new controllers before making the call on which is better.
ShwankyShpanky  +   333d ago
"I don't like the controller but the last one I enjoyed had a pretty much identical controller."
C-Thunder  +   333d ago
I choose PS4, but since I'm getting the One free, guess its both for me.
jaren92  +   333d ago
Xbox one
warewolfSS  +   333d ago
As muh as everyone argues on here, we all know we will all end up with both eventually.
_LarZen_  +   333d ago
I am going for both as I want to play the exclusives on both systems. But if I had to pick just one I think I would go with the XBO.

There are a number of reasons for that. I like the exclusive launch games on the XBO better then the PS4. I just could not miss Forza 5 and Titanfall...just no way.

Next part is that I have more faith in Microsoft in regards with servers and online functionality. Sony has always been bad at that part.

And I think the XBO will be a more multimedia hub friendly device, I am not a super hardcore gamer anymore. I am someplace in the middle of a casual to core gamer. I want more then just the best looking games from a console this coming gen.

And I think that the touch pad and the speaker on the PS4 controller is just a gimmick. The rumble features on the XBO triggers I believe will add a new level of immersion to games. Every Youtube clip I have found with people talking about it after have tested it are in love with it.

That said I know the PS4 will get some insane good games. Two of the best games I have played this gen are on the PS3. So it would be a hard decision to take..but it would in the end be the XBO.

Luckily I can buy both so I will not miss out on anything this gen either.
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HeyImBen1  +   333d ago
Ok your opinion, but tellme how xbox one has more multimedia. You can watch TV on ps4 too, you have twitch and ustream, and sony has a lot more filmapps as example or free movies from sonypictures. The Ps4 has everything that the xbox one has in terms of multimedia.

And why do you think was Sony so "bad" at online things? If im playing online on PS3 and 360 there's almost no difference. PSN was free and Xlive not. Now you have to pay for online on PS4 too and Sony will obviously invest this money in a better serverstructure.

Can't see any reason for X1 except you are a hardcore Forza/Halo fan. Titanfall as example is with a very high chance timed exclusive (and on PC btw) and the other games are it just not worth it. Im maybe going to buy X1 in 5 years to play some new games, but until then i choose the Ps4, because everything i want are games, and Sony delivered high quality exclusives the last years, Microsoft didn't. Easy choice.

Too many people are just blind of this launchlineup. You can clearly see that almost every launchgame is Thirdparty, and MS pays a lot of money for timed exclusives. Since when had Microsoft any 3-Party exclusives that were real exclusives? Mass Effect went multiplatform, Bioshock went multiplatform, Ninja Gaiden 2 went multiplatform and a lot more. People need to realize what MS is doing and that they can't use money the next 2 years to buy exclusives, because third party studios just want to make more fans and money so they are going multiplatform.
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n4rc  +   333d ago
Its not "you can watch TV too".. You can stream TV now with 360/ps3..

Its the cable integration.. Ps4 will never have that.. Wanting it or not is another story.. But i certainly do.. Not to mention the hotchips papers showing how capable thr one is at video.. Complicated stuff but they go in depth.. Multimedia will be a huge strength

And online services are no comparison... At least as they stand today.. Psn is incredibly slow and unreliable compared to live.. But you get what you pay for..

Sony talked about improving their online services... And im sure they will... But the azure cloud is a huge step up so thr discrepancy may still exist next gen... Time will tell

And games are youe opinion... Why cant he have his? The way your talking is like your trying to convince him that his preference is wrong..

And seriously? Microsoft funds game development and holds it for a year (the most important time for any game) then shares it with the world.. I see that as good for all.. You should be thanking Microsoft for BioShock etc.. Their money is the reason the game existed at all
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Patrick  +   333d ago
Ha, ha ha....oh thank you mighty MS for your generosity. You give so much and yet ask for so little in return. You gave us a knowingly broken console just to beat a competitor to market, but then you gave us an extended warranty cause you got caught. You gave us a pay wall which to lock apps behind, some that should be free and some that we already paid for. You gave us a camera that literally plays games for us requiring little to no interaction to actually beat . And you tried very hard to give us no control over the physical media we purchased in the future. After all your giving nature, it's no wonder some of us trust you like we do. ;)
n4rc  +   333d ago
I see a block of childish nonsense that has nothing to do with any point I made..

But congrats on your ability to copy and paste the same tired argument..
_LarZen_  +   333d ago
I did not write it would have more multimedia, I wrote that I think it will be a more multimedia friendly device.

With that I mean that in the way that the graphic user interface is built up. How I can interact with those features with just my voice and not having to pick up a controller. Something that is important for me as other people living in here look at a game controller like it's some alien device.

But other then that I like that I can connect mye cable/satellite device to the console or any other device with HDMI. It makes the console more diverse for this house uses.

And after so many years since the PS3 came out we here in Norway have not to this date gotten the Sony Video store. No video on demand for us, a country that is mainly a Sony Playstation nation.

On the X360 we have had the possibilities to rent movies for years now, and different apps for streaming services come first if not only on the X360 here. The PS3 is not far behind anymore as it has improved allot.

It also comes down to the user interface, from what I have seen from the XBO compared to the PS4 I see the XBO as a better solution for games and multimedia. The PS4 seams to have focused entirely on the gaming part and is quite boring to look at imo.

Then we have the horrible quality on voice chat on the PS3, the X360 is better in all ways. This will probably improve on the PS4. But Microsoft has demoed the improvments they are doing and it's really good.

When it comes to gaming I find the servers that Sony have to be ok but most games either on PS3 or X360 are P2P. On XBO there will be a huge serverpark with dedicated servers for games like Call of Duty, there is nothing to little information from Sony on this part.

When it comes to the games I find the launch and launch window games on the XBO to be better AAA games then on the PS4. And I do not care much for all the Indie game focus Sony have. That is not the type of games I play.

So I see the XBO as a more living room friendly device, I know Microsoft will have servers to back up any service or game. I know there will be games I like. And I know that if there is anything wrong they have a superb costumer service.

All this said I am glad I am getting both systems. For all that I know I can be wrong and the PS4 ends up being what is the best overall device...I doubdt it after what Sony has shown tho.

A next gen console has to do and be more then just a game machine.
iMixMasTer872   333d ago | Spam
Scatpants  +   333d ago
Im getting both but the only thing I want on cbox is Dead Rising 3 right now. Oh well Titanfall is going to be awesome. Buying killzone and multiplats on PS4
PositiveEmotions  +   333d ago
I choose the ps4 :).

gamertk421  +   333d ago
No you didn't.

Kingthrash360  +   333d ago
me tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ABeastNamedTariq  +   333d ago
Congrats! I put the last $174 down on it a good while back. It's a good feeling lol.
HALOisKING  +   333d ago
@cthunder. the ps4 controller is a upgrade for ps gamers not xbox gamers like me i still dont like the joysticks on the ps4 its in the same positions as the ps3
Kingthrash360  +   333d ago
halo is king.......so hard to take your comment seriously with that name.......o.O
iMixMasTer872   333d ago | Spam
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