Nvidia Following AMD’s Lead – Batman Arkham Origins Bundled with Select GTX Cards

Nvidia is apparently going the AMD Way and starting game bundles. Batman Arkham Origins will be Bundled with Select Nvidia Cards - Details Included.

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xharrypotterx1335d ago

About time Nvidia started bundling imo :P

mistertwoturbo1335d ago

I know, that's a huge reason the Radeon cards are worth it

RyuX191335d ago

They've BEEN bundling. I just got Splinter Cell Blacklist free with the GTX 760.

@mistertwoturbo LOL Radeon.

Plagasx1335d ago

and don't forget Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light.

ATi_Elite1335d ago

FREE PC GAMES.....can't beat that!

Raf1k11335d ago

To be honest I'd prefer them to lower their prices. Cards these days seem to cost way too much.

TurboGamer1335d ago

Nvidia have been doing this for years.

Pain_Killer1335d ago

They recently did this with Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

You hear this first here, next NVIDIA GeForce bundles will include Watch Dogs and Witcher 3.

MrMacheesmo1335d ago

I concur. I got GR Future Soldier with my 670 and Borderlands 2 with my 680.

MegaMohsi1335d ago

Starting? Huh? AC3, Metro Last Light, Borderlands 2 and Splinter Cell Blacklist have Ben bundled with Nvidia cards. Please do your research next time.