LocoCycle from Twisted Pixel will run you $19.99 on Xbox One

VG247:LocoCycle from Twisted Pixel is an Xbox One launch title, as you know, but today the firm announced how much the game will run you when it drops: $19.99.

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badkolo1935d ago

i have to agree, while some might like this game for its weirdness, i just dont get it, but at 19 bucks then i guess some will try it.

aceitman1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

so are the indies going to try and get greedy next gen 20$ for that,4.99$, 9.99$ or 14.99$ ok not 20$, let me hear that sony and ms made them price it that way like they said this gen. if im correct indies are able to price there games.

cleft51934d ago

For $15 you can get Blood Dragon on the 360. Save your $20 and put it towards the purchase of a better looking Xbox One game.

come_bom1935d ago

I really enjoyed the Splosion Man games from these guys, but LocoCycle looks like crap.

from the beach1935d ago

Cool, probably not getting it on launch day but some point in the ensuing weeks for sure!

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