I am Sold on the 2DS

Chris writes, "So sappy family moments and price out of the way, what else is appealing to me about the 2DS? That ludicrous design. I know it looks silly, I know it will be unwieldy, I know it will probably not fit in my pocket, but I just like it."

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Abash1907d ago

With how cruel kids can be, I see a lot of unfortunate kids who receive a 2DS as a gift getting made fun of with jokes like "Haha your mom could only afford to buy you a 2DS!"

GloryEclipse1907d ago

Hahaha, you're probably right!

GenericNameHere1907d ago

Haha this reminded me of the South Park episode where Cartman called people poor for not owning an iPad.

Anyways, is that a real thing? Kids now calling other kids poor for not having the newest/most expensive technology? I know kids don't really think about the things they say and the consequences, but that seems really harsh...