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Watch An Hour's Worth of Xbox One Games, Live, Right Now

Much of the Kotaku crew is in PAX right now, and so are the good over folks at Twitch, who are streaming games from the event live, right now, starting with Xbox One titles. (Xbox One)

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Lukas_Japonicus  +   231d ago
Cool, would love to see some more Forza 5.

They are going to show gameplay right?
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Shaolin_Soldier   231d ago | Spam
malokevi  +   231d ago
If so, cool! Waiting now...
Pixel_Enemy  +   231d ago
Ryse looks pretty good but I have been noticing some technical flaws. Enemies going through objects, camera jerking around and tweaking out, AI just standing around and waiting for finishers to end to attack you etc. Still looks really impressive and promising.
falviousuk  +   231d ago
theres noithng being streamed, just an interview, no gameplay
Dlacy13g  +   231d ago
Forza 5 showed game play. Ran the McLaren on Laguna Seca. Game looks fantastic.
falviousuk  +   231d ago
yep saw that, looks like they werent able to show video for dead rising 3, only interviewed the guys
Lukas_Japonicus  +   231d ago
Man, Forza just drips class and quality. Graphics are gorgeous.

Bravo to Dan Greenawalt for saying he's excited for BOTH platforms and all next gen titles. It is indeed a great time to be a gamer.
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gamingfriend   231d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
gedden7  +   231d ago
Damn if it wasn't soo pricey and no kinect...
Dakriz  +   231d ago
My opinion price is perfect its not 700 and kinect is perfect I have it on my 360 and all it does is complement my gaming and family loves it, so my friend I don't see your logic if I may object.
gedden7  +   231d ago
Umm it's close to $700... $60 for xbl, system $500 + $40+ tax $64 for one game... Thats kinda close to $700
Dakriz  +   231d ago
I see your logic, so why don't you do the sane assertion when you offer ppl the ps4 coolaid.
PS4 399
PSN 50


Plus games and since so many want all I'd b pretty hefty price

So really I'm in no way qualified to tell you what to do with your money and you aren't either.

As a techy I like XBO but as a games I must own all 3 system cause if not I would be like preaching on my underwears. Lol
Raven722  +   231d ago
He never mentioned the PS4. In fact, taking a glance through his post history, I can't find anywhere where you would come to the automatic conclusion that he would feel terribly different about the PS4. I don't see him trying to convince people to "drink the coolaid". So he can't have a negative opinion about the Xbox One without being some type of PlayStation 4 supporter?
Dlacy13g  +   231d ago
Ryse game play incoming. This game just looks like its fun... could be mindless hacking fun...but still fun.
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gedden7  +   231d ago
Ryse' gameplay looks crappy but graphics are awesome
BallsEye  +   231d ago
There will be battlefield 4 running on real Xbox One units at ms booths. Fingers crossed it's gonna be great! After the last hands on impressions of ps4 version being equal to 720p medium settings PC I'm really scared :o
Dakriz  +   231d ago
PC tech and console tech are 2 very different monsters so don't worry in the end it will all b just fine. Look at Gta 5 and marvel at what we will see in the coming years.
tinezedw  +   231d ago
It's funny how you think it might look better than the ps4 version.if it's 720p in ps4 it'll be the same on xbox 1 too.
metalgod88  +   231d ago
The people talking is live, but the video they're showing now isn't live. =\

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