Will PS3 late hitter GTA V really affect PS4 sales that much?

Sony announced at Gamescom that they have already got over 1 million preorders for the PS4 worldwide, which is a very solid figure. One game could dent their sales at launch, Grand Theft Auto V.

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The_Sneauxman1937d ago

no... not for me at least. I got my preorder paid off before GTA V so that wouldn't detour me

Persistantthug1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I was never gonna buy a PS4 within the 1st year anyways....I prefer to wait.

1) Make sure there are no bugs and problems
2) Wait for more and better games to arrive.
3) Get a probable price drop, usually within 18 months or so.

I waited 2 years before I purchased my PS3 (holiday 2008), and my PS3 is still running well with alot of games I still have yet to play, so I imagine I'll do well to do that again.

maximus19851937d ago

Wow um ok man enjoy the wait I guess

Persistantthug1936d ago


I figure that if good games keep on launching on the PS3 like Grand Theft Auto 5, Beyond 2 souls, and other Cross gen multiplatform games like Watch Dogs.....I imagine the wait won't be so bad at all. I mean, most of the AAA games are coming on both 7th and 8th gen consoles and probably will for a couple more years.

So yeah....I prefer to wait a bit for the 3 reasons I listed previously.

Same BluRay player, same Netflix, Free online play, lots of new and old games to play.

Waiting seems like the right thing to do.

--My take.

avengers19781937d ago

Same, I'm getting GTA V, and a month after that I'll pick up my PS4. Nothing wrong with having games to play on both PS3 and PS4

sincitysir11936d ago

I'm actually not getting gtaV because of the ps4! I'm hoping it ones over!

EliteDave931937d ago

It's becuse of GTA V i won't get a PS4 on day 1. I will probably wait a year just becuse GTA V will keep me that busy.

XboxFun1937d ago

Yea Elite, you're ridiculous for not wanting a PS4 because you'll be to busy playing GTAV as you stated so clearly in your post!

Hicken1937d ago

I have like a 60-game backlog over like six consoles, most of which are JRPGs(meaning 60+ hours per), even on consoles I don't own yet.

Still getting a PS4 day 1.

So yeah, I call it ridiculous.

XboxFun1936d ago

If only everyone shared your views, opinions, ideas and the insane amount of time you seem to have on your hands.

Joe29111936d ago


Elite has something called a life, you should get one. And he has a perfectly legitimate reason not to buy a ps4, not everyone spends all their time and money on gaming.

Hicken1936d ago

Actually, I spend most of my time working, and the majority of my money on bills. What little spare time I have left is split between helping raise my nephews in place of their deadbeat father, my writing, and then some games. If I spent all my time gaming, why would I have such a massive backlog?

... sometimes, I wonder if people use their heads before they comment, and your responses tell me a lot about that.

I'll probably be playing the hell outta GT6 when the PS4 comes out, and if it's anything like GT5, I'll be playing it for a good two years+. I'm amazed I've already managed more than 60 hours in Xillia, and I expect the same out of its sequel.

But that won't stop me from BUYING my PS4. Why would PLAYING a game on one system stop someone from BUYING a completely different system?

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JackOfAllBlades1937d ago

That's a good one! Huehuehue

Sketchy_Galore1937d ago

I doubt it'll stop anybody buying a next gen console but if it even halfway lives up to the hype it'll make the wait for the new consoles so much easier, that's what I'm counting on anyway.

Phene1937d ago

Yup got my gta v and ps4 preordered lol ...don't know how im gonna pay ...but I'm a gamer, there'll be a way lol

1937d ago
king_george1937d ago

I probably wont get a ps4 right away but thats not because of GTA. Its because i have an enormous amount of ps3 games that ive yet to play or finish. Currently on Ratchet and Clank collection :) next is ni no kuni. After that, GTA of course lol

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