PS4′s Dualshock 4 vs. Xbox One controller

The Dualshock 4 is much more comfortable than the Xbox One’s controller, especially when it comes to playing first-person shooters. Here's why.

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pat_11_51907d ago

I'm still surprised I felt like this. I mean, I've been a huge fan of the 360 controller for years. It just feels slightly too small now with the Xbox One.

pedrof931907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

The author is old Xbox fanboy, I remember back at e3 he made an article between the 2 consoles and totally demoed the Ps4 by saying something like" Why do I bother getting a Ps4 if I always a Xbox user ?".And now on his last 2 articles he is a pro Sony.


GribbleGrunger1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Why do people have to polarise every damned author? Why is he suddenly pro Sony just because he prefers the Dualshock 4? If anything, this gives him more credibility because clearly he isn't closed minded or blinded by brand. Up until the PS4/Vita, Sony's marketing was terrible. Oh look, I must be pro Xbox now! I'm sure he's still going to enjoy his 360 and X1 ... Jesus.

@tokugawa: I don't see your point. I could understand it if someone was just annoyed at him for saying the Dualshock 4 was better but to call him 'pro Sony' after all those years of supporting MS is ridiculous. I recently went into a sales thread and expressed the view that the Vita would never catch the 3DS and that Nintendo was the king of the handhelds. I promptly got disagrees and two PMs accusing me of being a Nintendo fanboy! LOL. I was just being honest, as was the author of this article.

We need to stop throwing these accusations about like confetti. Sometimes you can just respectively disagree you know.

tokugawa1907d ago

gribble.. i wonder if you was there when everyone was questioning kojimas intergrity when he said that xbo was a great machine??

come on, how many times do authors or devs get called out on here for saying something positive about the xbo??

xHeavYx1907d ago

Welcome to the PS family ;)

pat_11_51907d ago

Just to make things clear, that's not at all what I said.

I explained that for me it comes down to games. The Xbox One has more franchises I'm personally interested in playing than the PS4 does.

In no way does that hinder my ability to judge a console's controller though.

I really don't pledge allegiance to either console. I think both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Like I said, for me, it all comes down to software.

pedrof931907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )


You can't deny that you were a bit biased back at E3 ? Can you ?

I'm actually going to buy Knack over your critic on the game.

Gster1907d ago

Not to take anything away from the xb360 controller, as I know many people like it, but I personally don't like it all. I had a ps3 for years, and I eventually got an xbox 360, but I wouldn't have got it if I couldn't have used my PS3 controller with it, through an XCM cross fire converter. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered tbh.

The simple reason for me being the position of the analogue sticks. I love the parallel position as your left thumb is in a much more natural position than it is on the xbox 360 controller. On the 360 I felt I had to force my thumb into an upright position, this provided me with less accurate responses, because there was always a very slight strain on my left thumb. Whereas on the PS3 my left thumb felt no strain and it just felt a lot more relaxed giving me the freedom to make very tiny adjustments with great ease.

That was the only thing I didn't like about 360 controller. If it had had the parallel sticks I would have had much harder time making a preference.

badboy7761907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

This dude on youtube does a review of the PS4 and Xbox one controller. Watch both videos in the links below and you can't tell me he's not a Xbox fanboy?

hqgamez1907d ago

its said if the dualshock is foreign. ps1-ps3 is all similar. everyone knows square, circle, triangle, & x
if you haven't grace a ps2 before its a shame

Cerbus1907d ago


Since when does Xbox have more franchises than Sony?

Dlacy13g1907d ago

@GribbleGrunger I agree would be nice to not try and pigeon hole everyone.

I also wish people would learn to write opinion articles as "their opinion" not fact as this article comes across as.

darthv721907d ago

On topic in regards to the comfort of the controller....I like that sony went back to the dual analog (precursor to the dual shock) and took the concave sticks and longer hand grips and brought them forward into this new DS4.

That will make the controller much more comfortable to hold. I have large hands and the dual shock (and subsequent follow-ups) always felt small to me. The original xbox controller (the duke) was certainly bigger but the button layout was a bit off until MS released the Controller S design.

The 360 controller is the proper follow-up to the controller s but i dont know about this new XB1 controller. It fixes many issues that the 360 controller had (mainly the d-pad) but it looks to have things closer together (button placement) making it almost appear a tad smaller than the 360 one.

I always preferred the offset twin stick design so that is still a plus but until i feel it for myself i have to give my nod to the new DS4. I have the original dual analog and can tell just from the pics that the DS4 will be more comfortable and fit more natural in the contours of my hands.

Anyone who never felt the dual analog size and only knows of the dual shock will tell a difference right away. Thankfully i have a dual analog and can already feel what the DS4 is going to be like (minus the touchpad of course)

gaffyh1907d ago

@hqgamez - Exactly, he said:

"I’ve just never clued into the whole triangle/square thing on Sony’s consoles."

That shouldn't be the case unless you started gaming in the Xbox generation (which I'm guessing the author is part of as he says he's been gaming for 12 years), and completely missed out on PS2, arguably the best console of all time. Even PS1 had the same button layout.

I actually had issues with the Xbox 360 controller for the first few months, as I had to look down to remember where the ABXY was, but got used to it eventually.

strifeblade1907d ago

This is just someone's oppinion and the beta versions of the conttrollers. When games utilise what they have to offer and when we get our hands on them and see how games use the special features then we can talk. The biggest thing is the rumble triggers in x1- the guy said he barely felt them- or the fact the ds4 touch pad was not in use- we have to wait for the final build lol

pat_11_51907d ago

If only I had enough comment bubbles to reply to everyone who's commented on this article.

@pedrof93 I don't think what I was writing back then was biased. I still don't think the Xbox One's DRM policies were that horrible (that's what I was mostly writing about back then). I'm glad you're going to check out Knack now though because it really looks like it's going to be a great game.

@gaffyh Growing up my family didn't have a ton of money. I went from the Nintendo to the Super Nintendo (I also dabbled with the Colecovision and Intellivision back then too) to the N64 to the Dreamcast to the Xbox and the the 360.

I wasn't able to afford owning multiple consoles during every generation so I just played what my family had. I'm 25 and I've probably been gaming since I was 3.

@strifeblade Those were the final versions of the controllers actually. I probably spent about 30 minutes with each one.

@Blaze929 I don't know what sites you follow but I've seen that opinion repeated on IGN numerous times, especially from their PlayStation team.

@Cerbus I'm not saying they have more franchises, I'm just saying they have more franchises that appeal to me. That's because I grew up playing Xbox games.

@Dlacy13g It's an opinion article, you're just supposed to assume that everything I'm saying in the editorial is my opinion. Other wise it would just be saying "I think" over and over again.

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Maddens Raiders1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Brave comment. You will receive much hate from your fellow 360 compatriots for it though, but your hands-on opinion is the core of your decision and I respect that.

edit/ Pedro I believe the OP is the author, no?

buynit1907d ago

I havnt held either one but just from both the videos you posted makes me feel as if the x1 controllr is still the better choice.

And I think the rumble trigger thing was an awesome idea. I hated the ds3 for the very reason you dont like the xb1 however I have gotten used to it because I dont game on the 360 anymore I refuse to buy another or pay to have the dvd drive replaced because it stopped reading games a yr after buying the 360s.

In the end im sure I will enjoy both controllers im glad sony made the ds4 bigger and corrected the triggers

lfPetrini1907d ago

Get ready for the disagrees.

ZodTheRipper1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

I didn't either but I never got comfortable with the X360 controller. It's just so damn bulky that I could never use it for a lenghty amount of time. Not saying that the DS3 was better, it had a lot of issues on it's own, but I always preferred it for some reason.
The DS4 although seems like the perfect evolution, I didn't read a single criticism for it yet.

buynit1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )


Yea I have been liking the xb1 a lil more lately and lost a buble over it the very bubble I got when ihated the xb1 for all the drm stuff..

Sony fanatics are just out of control in this place, its like abunch of 1st graders running around with scissors. .


Thats why a subject like this is really just a prefrence.. I didnt feel like it was bulky it felt comfortable compared to the smaller ds3 but like I said before either one never prevented me from enjoying great gamesand im glad sony made it bigger and fixed the triggers. Ithink both will be great controllers I cant wait till I get both consoles.. but I am a lil more excited for thelaunch x1 games... killer instinct! I hope I dont lose a bubble over that...

Cuzzo631906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Lol... just from the videos you came up with this conclusion without touching both. Biased? Lol

Im comes down to personal preference. Im sure both will be fine.

buynit1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Wtf am I being biased about? Good god you cant say shit positive about xbox or negative about playstation in this place its fucking ridiculous already.. you cant even be in the fucking middle it has to be playstation is the best at everything..

And yes that is whst I feel I got from the video.. imo I think the rumble trigger was a better idea than a touch pad and I liked how he went on to show how holding the controller gives you more thumb space I also like how its both a wirless and wired controller. Why dont you read beyond that first sentence. .

And get that ugly mustang out the pic!

Cuzzo631903d ago

Whoaaa there angry man. I wasnt pissing on anybody. Lol. Jus chill n smoke a joint or something. Ur raging for no reason. You made an assumption of something by a video and you have not even touched it... B I A S E D. lol. And about the ugly mustang... Lol .U Mad!

P.s. Rage much?

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Blaze9291907d ago

"The Dualshock 4 is (insert self-opinion here), ---especially when it comes to playing first-person shooters.--- "

said no one ever. But no seriously, no one is saying that lol. I haven't read one journalist report saying the Dualshock has nailed the shooter feel - especially compared to the Xbox controller.

Nick_5151907d ago

That's what I hear the most of. Do you only read things that bash the controller?

nosferatuzodd1907d ago

buynit its all opinion you're going to like x1 controller if you like x1 but saying its better is just that, an opinion i like ps controller I've bin gaming on ps since ever cant get use to the uneven xbox controller to me its like a man playing soccer with a tall feet and a short feet its not even but that's my opinion one last thing i can see people say they like Xbox for titian fall or some other big game but Keller instinct when since Xbox fans liked fighting games and a game that only have 8 characters

MariaHelFutura1907d ago

One thing completely separates the quality of these controllers.
It's not like it's a bad controller, but the fact the Xbox One uses AA's in 2013 is ridiculous. It was ridiculous in 2006 and it's even more ridiculous in 2013.

JeffGUNZ1907d ago

Funny, I just bought a 55 inch Samsung 1080P LED Smart TV a month back and the controller came with batteries. Guess I should take the thing back, huh?

You might prefer the rechargeable internal battery, but a lot of people actually enjoy fresh batteries. You'll ALWAYS have a longer life span between charge/replace and you can buy a 50 pack of durcel procells for like 15 dollars on amazon. Give me a break, you're not even trying with your trolling anymore. Gasping for straws are we?

threefootwang1907d ago

@ JeffGUNZ

Cheaper to buy an actual Lithium battery off of Ebay. Takes about 30 seconds to unscrew the controller, pop out the old battery and put in the new one. Only $5!

Thegamer411907d ago


You cant compare a TV remote to a console controller. My TV remote lasted over a year on the same batteries, you cant say the same about a console controller can you? Both use different amounts of energy, you don't see mobile phones with AA batteries do you?

Dlacy13g1907d ago

well...I just use rechargable enelopes and I never need to plug my controller in... problem solved and a better solution as I don't like having to plug in my controller.

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UnHoly_One1907d ago

Until they move the left stick into the correct position like every other controller in history, the dualshock will always be the wost controller on the market.

In my opinion, of course.

Nick_5151907d ago

I don't think anyone has ever put the joystick there because it's "the correct position." They just don't want their controller to look like a DualShock. The Xbox might be an exception, but I really doubt it. It's a talking point now, but I don't believe Microsoft put the joystick there because it was a better place.

LoveOfTheGame1907d ago

I agree with the left stick on the Xbox controller being in a better spot, but why does no one ever talk about the right thumbstck.

I'm all for making them symmetrical but put both sticks to the top of their respective sides and we have the best of both arguments.

UnHoly_One1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

I respectfully disagree, Nick.

Sony put theirs at the bottom initially because at the time most games still used the D-Pad for movement. Xbox came along in the next gen and put it in a better location.

Now, 15 years later, the Analog stick has LONG since replaced the D-Pad as the primary input for the majority of games, but Sony is stuck in their ways and still have it down in the lower position like it is second priority.

I know everyone is different, and I know the SDF will defend it to their dying breath with cries of "symmetry" and other things that don't make sense to me, but that one little difference in the controller is the sole reason my game closet at home has 181 Xbox 360 games in it, compared to 23 PS3 games. (All exclusives)

Had they changed their controller for this gen, I may well have swapped sides for my primary console, but until they make that change it will never happen.

Edit: LoveOfTheGame, that's how the Wii U pro controller is, and although I haven't used one myself, I've also never heard anyone say they liked it, either.

YodaCracker1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Long comment incoming:

The placement of the left analog stick was never my problem with the PS3 controller. That's just something I had to get used to when swapping back and forth between my 360 and PS3. But there were some glaring design flaws on the DS3 that are unforgiveable, particularly the atrocious triggers. They are so bad that many PS3 titles use R1 by default for shooting, and Gran Turismo by default uses the pressure-sensitive face buttons for accelerating. That is just crazy to me. The PS3 triggers are terribly designed. Your fingers slip off easily, whereas the 360 triggers are concave so your fingers can fit snugly into them. The PS3's L2 and R2 feel squishy and not like triggers at all. The 360's triggers depress very far and allow for very precise control, which is why they are perfect for driving and shooting games.

Then you have the PS3 analog sticks, which have a convex design with no grip that allows your fingers to easily slip off. Again, compare this to the 360 controller, where you will see a smartly designed stick with a concave surface and little nubs to grip your thumbs.

Aside from these issues, it is just the overall feel of the controller that is very important. The 360 gamepad is ergonomically designed to fit in your hands. It is just the right size, texture, and weight. It's curved to fit perfectly in your hands. When I hold the DS3, it is just striking how small, light, and cheap it feels. I'm holding one in my hand right now, and it feels like if I squeezed it and twisted it a bit, it would simply snap in half. The 360 pad feels very sturdy in comparison. Sony went completely style over comfort with their controller. It is basically the same controller design from 15 years ago, so there's no doubt it's going to be inferior to a controller designed specifically for modern games.

The only flaw on the 360 controller was the D-Pad, but considering it's very infrequently used in the games I play, compared to the joysticks and triggers which are primary to the controls for most games, I never really bothered about it. Of all the things PS3 and 360 fans fought over in these past 8 years, the one thing that was never really an argument was which controller was superior. The 360 controller was light years ahead, just from a technical standpoint, in just about every department. It's pretty bad when you dread having to play games on a certain platform because of the controller.

That said, I'm so elated that Sony finally realized that their controller needed some massive improvements. And they were smartly able to keep the classic look of the DualShock while overhauling it to meet modern standards. Obviously, I have not had any firsthand experience with the next gen controllers, but it looks like Sony finally has an ergonomic design for the PS4 gamepad. And they look to have made the analog sticks and triggers more like Microsoft, making them comfortable and appropriate for gaming. Considering the PS4 may very well be my console of choice this November, I'm glad I don't have to worry about the controller and can focus on the important stuff, like the games and the interface to make my decision.

MariaHelFutura1907d ago

Your hands are identical. How is the left stick in the wrong place on the dualshock?

THC CELL1906d ago

Yawn. I've held the ps4 and Xbox controller and guess what they both feel good. The touch pad is the edge for ps4 the rumble triggers was a bit meh

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1907d ago Replies(4)
GarrusVakarian1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

The 360 controller is my favourite controller of any console, but i love how long the handles are on the DS4 and its beefed up appearance, hopefully it will feel as comfortable as the 360 controller.

negative1907d ago

I think both controllers are going to be great!!!

Swiggins1907d ago

Yeah, I love the 360 controller as well, I've got big hands so it just fits naturally.

That said the DS4 is immediately comfortable, it's a very ergonomically designed controller with a lot of cool very features.

The XB1 controller is by no means bad though, I kinda wish the DS4 had impact/rumble triggers simply because of how cool they feel.

thrust1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Its a good opinion.

i can not see me ever liking where the DS sticks are for fps.

kneon1907d ago

Why? I've asked this many times, online and IRL and no one has a good answer.

The analog sticks are the primary controls for an FPS, so if it feels better to you to have the left stick in the top position then it's only logical that it would be better to have the right stick in the top position as well.

Either position makes sense if they are both the same, but having one at the top and the other at the bottom makes no sense for games where the analog sticks are the primary controls.

thrust1907d ago

I have big hands and my thumbs hit each other on the DS

kneon1907d ago

That's fine, but then it would be better to space the sticks further apart, it still doesn't make sense to mix top and bottom.

threefootwang1907d ago

I have a big something too, but I wont say what, hint hint my name may provide a suggestion.

Now for ON TOPIC lol

I never had an issue with placement of the DS sticks between either controller, I did however prefer the 360 controller strictly because the analog sticks were indented compared to the DS3, that for me was a game changer. Having big hands, thumbs would ALWAYS slide off.

Glad to see they corrected that with the DS4 and ever further more made the controller itself significantly bigger then the DS3 and even spaced the analog sticks further apart too. Good call on Sony's end.

Belking1907d ago

Both seem great but xbox360 controller was better so xbo-one controller will be the best one.

gaelic_laoch1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

So you thought Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was great based on the fact the other movies rocked?

MysticStrummer1907d ago

PS2 sold best so PS3 will also.

The first Star Wars trilogy was great so the second will be even better.

Coca Cola was king so New Coke will rule all.

Atari 2600 ruled the console world so any new console they make will also.

Master-H1907d ago

It's comments like this that make me wish N4G has a "Idiotic" bubble